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The Best of the Best

Manchester City have qualified for the next stage of the Champions League. To be fair, that was never the worry. What did concern them was whether they were going to beat Juventus to top spot in group D.

Today, City showed a common side of them: one of glory and success. Although Manchester City conceded two goals from B M’gladbach, they netted a total of four goals to rightfully earn the win and the right to top their table.

The four goals came from Silva, Sterling (two from him, actually) and Bony. From the first minute to the last, Manchester City put on a display for their fans and displayed English talent to Europe!

Man City have a total of 12 points, just one more than Juventus. This minor difference creates a magnitude of pride for City- a team dominating one competition to the next.


Roaming Reds

Manchester United are just one of the clubs hunting down the top spot on the Premier League table. Although they are not there yet, they have kept close to it by winning their match against West Brom.

There were two goals scored and they all came from the men in red. The first goal came from Lingard in the 52nd minute. Considering Man United dominated the game, it was a good thing that they could produce something from it in the second half!


Although Rooney remained on the pitch for a lengthy period of time, he was not given the opportunity to play for the whole 90 minutes. The second goal did not come from him. Instead, Mata converted a penalty towards the end of the game after McAuley was sent off. Bye bye.

Manchester United are fourth in the PL table. Manchester City, Arsenal and Leicester are above the Man U, but only one point seperates them. The Reds are just waiting for one of them to slip.

Head In The Game

In football, when a team finds itself in a difficult situation there are only two types of players that could potentially play the hero. Either the goalkeeper or the striker, and in today’s match it was, indeed, gloveless player.

Manchester United had 15 shots at goal, but only a third of these were on target. With a goalless first half, the fans were crying out for active strikers that would diminish the goalless run of matches.


Before the fear of a draw became too pronounced, Rooney netted the win for the Reds with a header in the 79th minute! If there had previously been a goal drought, perhaps that has been put to an end. Hopefully, for once and for all.

The win for United means that they are now topping Group B! The same can’t be said for CSKA, who are at the bottom. Whether it was his brain or his skull Rooney used today, success had been brought to the team. With any luck, the Reds will have their heads screwed on tightly for the games that are to come.

Three: It’s a Magic Number

Three is a number that many people associate with luck. Luck was on Arsenal’s side today. Three goals were netted to secure an away win against Swansea.

The first goal came from the one and only Olivier Giroud. He gave the Gunners the lead in the 49th minute of the match! This opened the second half into a wrath of gunner glory…


In the 68th minute, Koscielny doubled the lead. As if that wasn’t enough, Campbell made another extension to the scoreline just five minutes later! The Swans were sinking and Peter Cech wasn’t going to allow them to come up again.

There have been countless matches that have ended with three goals being scored and no goals being conceded. This match was one of them. Such scorelines are keeping Arsenal on their toes and on the tail of Manchester City!

A Stroke of Luck

It would have been a draw. For once Manchester City would have taken one point home. Instead they took advantage of an opportunity which opened the doors to a late win against Norwich.

The fans were made to wait anxiously as the goals began to roll in midway through the second half. Manchester City took the lead when Otamendi netted a goal in the 67th minute! All three points were close to staying at the Etihad.

However, there were some complications. Jerome equalised for Norwich in the 83rd minute. As the goal came so late in the game, there was little sign of recovery.

Manchester City found a way, as they always do. A red card and a penalty kick. That was what they needed and that was what they got. Yaya Toure converted a penalty in the 89th minute to claim back the win that had been earlier stripped from them!

Manchester City remain at the top of the Premier League table. Arsenal have the same points as them, so it was a good thing they didn’t lose. The competition is only getting hotter!

At Last

Liverpool are one of the few who have made it to the next stage of the Capital One Cup. Their new manager finally seems to be settling in well. This is clear from their victory over Bournemouth.

There was only one goal scored in the entire 90 minutes.This was surpring considering Liverpool had 14 shots at goal, just one less than Manchester City who did wonders with theirs. Well, one goal is all that is needed sometimes. It’s one more than Arsenal could manage.


Clyne netted the winning goal for the Reds in the 17th minute, granting Klopp his first win as manager! It was scored quite early on in the game; they had to work hard to maintain it.

From endless draws to a single-goal victory, Klopp is gradually building his Liverpool team. They are now through to the quater finals of the League cup. Slow and steady wins the race!

They Are Unique

Manchester City dominate at every single stadium they place their feet upon. From one match to the next, they win and win and win. As all other clubs struggle, they appear flawless. They continued to make football look easy after they won against Crystal Palace.

Bony netted the first goal for City in the 22nd minute. In double the time, De Bruyne doubled the scoreline.  The win had practically been decided in the first half. But, of course, Manchester City can’t just score a mere two goals and walk away…

The game had only begun, well atleast in their eyes. In the 59th minute, Iheanacho threw in the third. Soon enough more opportunities began knocking on their boots. Yaya Toure converted a penalty to make it four!


Crystal Palace did attempt to fight back. In the 89th minute, Delaney scored a cancellation goal for the club. However, it was all too close to the end. It was two late. They soon gave way to a huge City triumpth!

Garcia Alonso netted the last goal for Manchester City in he 90th minute. They just had to have the final word. All six goals, surprisingly, came from five different players! Their team is clearly fully built-up.

Man City have reached the quater finals of the Capital One Cup. They’ve gone further than any other Premier League club has dared to go. City are a different team, unlike any else. Does this mean that they are virtually unstoppable?

Wenger’s On Wheels

Arsenal have a team of men who are willing to go forward. Whether its forward to score, to overcome setbacks or to pass every other team in the Premier League. The Gunners made a grand advancement after their win against Everton.

Three goals were scored in the space of eight minutes! The first goal of the match came from Giroud in the 36th. Olivier Giroud is a man who wears a red shirt and wears it with pride upon each shoulder. He almost always delivers.


Two minutes later, Arsenal’s lead was extended by Koscielny. The Toffees had found themselves in a sticky situation. Everton did manage to net a cancellation goal, however, their drive and pace was not enough against the Premier League Giants.

Wenger’s team are now top of the PL table! Mourinho had called the manager a specialist in failure last season. It is true. Arsene Wenger is a specialist in failing to lose.

Nothing Is Too Big

Manchester City have been dominating the Premier League and they are now looking on to bigger things. Europe. They were successful in their Champions League match against Sevilla.

Manchester City weren’t always destined for victory, as you might have believed. Konoplyanka scored the first goal of the match in the 30th minute to give Sevilla the lead!

 Luckily, this only proved to be a minor setback. Six minutes later Rami scored an own goal to repay City for the damage his team caused. In extra time, De Bruyne then made it a winning game for Manchester City!

Man City produced the three points they needed, but without the best performance. However with a player willing to deliver in times of need, renewed confidence surrounds the team that is ready to conquer Group D!

Bayern Beaten

After two defeats in the Champions League, it was time for things to change. Arsenal became masters of their fate after scoring two goals against Bayern Munich!

Both goals came quite late in the match. Giroud netted the first goal for the Gunners in the 77th minute.


Arsenal are a well-built team: not one player succeeds alone. During extra time, although many were already celebrating a Red win, Ozil gave the fans more to rejoice over!

There’s no doubt that Arsenal are creating a successful path in the Premier League, but perhaps now also in the Champions League. They may still be at the bottom of their group, but at least now they have some points!