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Job done

Liverpool managed to hold on to their win against Aston Villa. Villa did try their best, but it wasn’t good enough for Rodgers’ side.

The match started at a very fast pace. Milner gave Liverpool the lead in the second minute. The next goal came much later in the match when Sturridge scored a goal in the 59th.  

In the 66th minute, Gestede netted a cancellation goal for Villa. However, Sturridge scored another goal just a moment later. Gestede did mange to score another goal, but it wasn’t enough to gain them a single point.

Liverpool are 7th position on the PL table, but they’re not yet in the top six. Can they continue their winning ways to rise into a place of prestige?


Only Just

Manchester City faced Aston Villa in a game of fight and fury. There were times of glee and there were times of gloom , but all was well in the end.

It only took Aguero three minutes to give Manchester City the lead! This was the only goal in the first half, no one knew there was more to come…

In the 66th minute, Kolarov doubled the lead for City. It was a shame that Villa soon got the will to battle on again.


Cleverly netted a goal for the opposition just two minutes later. This was followed by an equaliser from Sanchez in the 85th!

The game was thought to be done and dusted until City made a shocking return! Fernandinho gave City the lead once more with his goal in the 89th minute. Just in the nick of time!

Manchester City may not be after the title but they’re definately after 2nd place. The race is on and they’re leading it!

Better United

Manchester United were triumphant in their match against Aston Villa. This game displayed a great rise from the Reds.

Herrera scored the first goal for United in the 43rd minute. Ending the first half in such a way led to an optimistic start to the second!


Rooney doubled the scoreline in the 79th minute. However this was quickly muted by Benteke’s goal a minute later! Nevertheless, with an admirable attitude Herrera once again delivered for United.

Manchester United reaped success and have therefore passed Manchester City on the Premier League table. With an apparent stronger United team, could City have bigger threats ahead?

Striving and Surviving

Chelsea played away against Aston Villa, however, they didn’t fail to deliver the result we were all hoping for. Their win today has enabled them to begin running away with the Premier League title.

Hazard netted a goal in the 8th minute to give Chelsea an early lead. The Blues maintained their advantage throughout the first half.


The second half didn’t begin well for Mourinho’s side as Okore equalised for Villa in the 48th minute. However, this act was soon put to shame as Ivanovic gave the Blues the lead again in the 66th! Take that as a warning: Chelsea are not to be messed with.

Chelsea have moved seven points clear at the top of the table so Mourinho can now wipe away the sweat collecting on his forehead. The pressure has been reduced, but can Chelsea continue to widen the gap between them and their opponents?

Not Serious

With the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City battling for top spot, it isn’t exactly the best time to be dropping points. Manchester United, however, have done just that by drawing against Aston Villa.

Manchester United were off to a bad start as Benteke scored for Aston Villa in the 18th minute! Great. Now Man United need to aim for an equaliser before even thinking about a win.


Luckily enough, Falcao headed in the cancellation goal in the 53rd minute. They were level! This however wasn’t extended to a win as United failed to take advantage of a 10 man Villa in the second half.


Manchester United may have won a few games recently but they still haven’t showed their ability to reach top spot. Perhaps it’s just a Champions League position that they are really after this season.