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Flamin’ Five

Manchester City love high rankings and they also adore high scorelines. They battered Bournemouth with a total of five goals!

The game took off with a high tempo: Sterling gave City the lead in the 7th minute. Four minutes later, Bony doubled the scoreline! The alarm clock was sounding early!

In the 22nd minute, Murray scored a cancellation goal for the away team. However, any hope of revival was soon whisked away as Sterling scored another goal in the 29th!

The game had started well and Sterling was especially keen that it ended that way. Before the half time whistle was blown, he netted a fabulous hat-trick for his squad! 

At the end of the second half, Bony finalised City’s win. It was a vicious victory and the pace of the Premier League was dearly felt.

Manchester City have made it crystal clear once again: the title is theirs to claim. Anyone who wishes to take it away from them will have a hefty battle on their hands!


Ready. Set. Go.

Chelsea started the season without wins. However, their game against West Brom was the lighter that has set the Blues on their victory path.

Pedro, Chelsea’s new signing, has already made an impact. In the 20th minute he netted a goal to give the Blues the lead!


10 minutes later, Diego Costa doubled the scoreline. Mourinho’s team were off to a great start and on their way to their first victory of the Premier League season!

A penalty awarded to West Brom may have been caught by Chelsea’s returning goal keeper, Courtois, but Morrison made sure his team wasn’t left barren in the 35th minute.


Azpilicueta made it three for Chelsea soon after, however, Terry was soon given a red card. Chelsea and their fans had an agonising wait to see if they could win the match with a man down!

The last goal of the match was scored by Morrison, again, in the 59th minute, which wasn’t enough to deter the Blues’ win. Chelsea have won their first match and are now ready to run with it, up the Premier League table!

Little Victory

Many people say that it’s all about the little things in life. This was definately true for Liverpool in their game against Stoke City!

Liverpool won the match and they only needed one goal to do it. The ball covered just over 30 yards in just over a second! One kick, three points!


The winning goal was scored in the 86th minute by Coutinho. He bagged victory for Liverpool just in the nick of time! Patience is a virtue which the crowd was forced to adopt.

Liverpool are off to a great start in this season’s Premier League. The greatest hope for them is that they manage to maintain a steady point-gaining way of play. One step at a time, ay.

City Conquest

Manchester City were in celebratory mode after they defeated Southampton. Two goals were more than in enough to secure a win for the club.

Lampard scored City’s first goal in the 31st minute. He has a made an excessive contribution to both the club and the Premier League throughout his football career.


In the dying minutes of the match, Manchester City showed their face once again. Aguero scored for the club to double their lead!

Manchester City have finished in second place on the Premier League table with six straight wins. Southampton have finished in seventh place, and with Arsenal chasing the FA Cup title again, the Saints could possibly find themselves in Europa next season.


The Blues have at last got their hands on the Premier league trophy! Today was a day of triumph not just in their match, but for the entire season.

Chelsea’s match against Sunderland had a rocky start. Fletcher gave the opposition the lead in the 26th minute!

However, the Chelsea fans were soon given some reassurance as Diego Costa equalised with a penalty in the 37th minute! Normality was restored.


As the second half began to close Chelsea slowed down the time. Remy gave the Blues the lead in the 70th minute. He then extended it in the 88th!

Mourinho has lead his team to victory! A stunning, brilliant and absolutely breathtaking victory!

Chelsea have won the title this year and they’ve won it in style. Who knows what the next season could hold for them…

Simple Success

Arsenal were triumphant in their game against Burnley. Although it was only a small victory, it still brought home the same boastful points.

There was only one goal in the match and it came quite early on. Ramsey scored the winning goal in the 12th minute!


The rest of the match was spent peacefully reserving the points they had earned. The Gunners were calm and collected as Burnley proved not to be a threat.

Arsenal have now won eight Premier League games in a row! They remain in second position on the Premier League table and it doesn’t look as if they’re ready to budge.

Chelsea Are Champions!

The Capital One Cup has been lifted and the Blues have been the ones to raise it! They defeated Tottenham to win the final and claim what was rightfully theirs!

The win was first introduced by none other than John Terry! He scored the first goal of the match in the 45th minute. What a way to close the first half of the game! From there a cup lift was destined!


In the second half, it all deteriorated for Spurs. An own goal from Walker extended the lead for the Blues and secured their victory! Chelsea were Champions and there was no going back!

Mourinho has at last led his blue team to a trophy, and boy has it been a exciting, emotional and uplifting day for him! What more could he ask for?


Well, the Capital One Cup is not the only trophy the Blues can raise this season. The Premier League is looking more and more likely to be theirs soon. Can they make it happen?

To read about Chelsea’s Premier League achievement press here.

Grand Gain

Manchester City faced Newcastle and had their greatest win of the season. They walked away from the game with five goals, three points and a clean sheet in their pockets!

Like Arsenal, Manchester City were awarded a peanlty at such an early time in the game. Aguero coverted it in the second minute to give his team the lead! Nasri then doubled this in the 12th minute. The first half saw three goals enter the net as Dzeko even scored a goal in the 21st.


In the second half more goals just kept coming! Where did they get the energy from? Silva scored in the 51st minute to make the scoreline hit four. Then, just two minutes later, Silva claimed another goal to make it five!

Manchester City have reduced the gap between them and Chelsea to five points and they did it in such a fashionable way! Could this outcome perhaps suggest that the title race is nowhere near over?

Away We Go

Chelsea bagged a draw against Paris St-Germain in the first leg of their Champions League last 16 tie. They played away so a draw was not a bad result at all.

Ivanovic scored for the Blues in the 36th minute of the match. This was Ivanovic’s first European goal since 2013! It was the only goal Chelsea claimed, however it was a precious away goal that could be their saviour in the near future.


In the second half of the match, PSG retaliated! Cavani scored the destructive equaliser to eliminate Chelsea’s chance of winning. Maybe at home Mourinho’s side will produce a better result than what we’ve seen today.

PSG clearly outplayed the visitors: they had 14 shots on target compared to Chelsea’s two! Why were the Blues hiding under their shell?

Chelsea’s victory was not found in the result, but in the goal they scored. Could their vital away goal see them off to the next stage of the Champions League?

Blue Battering

Chelsea remain top of the table after defeating West Ham 2-0. It looks as if they’re going to be a tough nut to crack this Premier League season.

Terry scored the first goal for Chelsea in the 31st minute. The Blues had finally got a goal after continuously dominating throughout the start of the match.


Chelsea’s lead was then doubled in the 62nd minute by the one and only Diego Costa! You might need a coffee to digest that one.


Chelsea go six points clear of Manchester City momentarily. For now, Mourinho is looking like a man who is having no trouble in leading his team to victory!