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The title is very much still Chelsea’s for the taking. Tottenham is crawling up behind them, however, considering the great football the Blues have been able to deliver this season, the trophy is likely to end up in their hands.

It is true that Chelsea finished 10th place on the Premier League table last season. However, that doesn’t seem to have affected the team’s mentality. They have renewed their image by winning matches over and over again. 

They won all their Premier League matches in January, except for their 1-1 draw against Liverpool. They also won all their February games, including their 2-0 win against Wolverhampton for the FA Cup quarter finals, except for their 1-1 draw against Burnley. At this point they were still undefeated.

The Blues soured through March without any mishaps, and it was safe to say that they were on a high! However, April wasn’t so soft-hearted.

Both Crystal Palace and Manchester United defeated Chelsea this month, causing the gap between the leaders and second place Totenham to reduce to only four points. With only six more game to play, the pressure is definitely on!

Chelsea are set to face Tottenham for the FA Cup Semi final this weekend and, considering the tension between the two clubs in the Premier League, it might just be the most intense game to be played this year!


No Team Left Behind

Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City all won their Premier League matches by scoring 4 goals. Neither team would let the other gain more points.

Arsenal defeated Sunderland 4-1, with two goals from Sanchez and two from Giroud. The single chance Sunderland had in gaining a point was destroyed with the utmost diligence as three of the four Arsenal goals came between the 70th and 80th minute. The Gunners couldn’t afford to lose or even dare to draw.

Manchester City felt the same way. However, if Arsenal were going to reach a total of 23 points then they had to do better. Man City defeated West Brom 4-0, with two goals from Agüero and two from Gündogan. This allowed City to be level with the Gunners in terms of points, but ahead of them due to their superior goal difference. Bingo!


With the competition heating up, Liverpool couldn’t afford to be left behind. They defeated Crystal Palace 4-2, gaining three points that would keep them level with Arsenal and Manchester City. Although they faced a bit more resistance in getting the points they wanted, they got it anyway. That’s what a big team does!

Tottenham is the only team in the title race that dropped points (drawing 1-1 with Leicester City). This meant that they only gained one point, giving them a total of 20- three less than the leaders! If Chelsea win their match against Southampton, they can waltz right past Spurs and into top four!

The race for the title is only getting more and more intense. Every game is costly and every point precious. None of the Premier League giants can afford to pay the price of failure!

Pressure Intensified

Manchester City are adamant in catching up with the leaders, Chelsea, and they will stop at nothing to do so. They viciously defeated Stoke 4-1 in an attempt to close the gap.

Aguero scored the first goal of the match in the 33rd minute. This was his first goal since the 3rd of September! Well it’s good to have him back in full swing.

Crouch soon demolished City’s lead with his equaliser in the 38th. This may have held Manchester City to a draw during the first half, but the second half was a completely different story!


Milner redeemed Man City’s lead in the 55th minute of the game. Aguero then converted a penalty, in the 70th, to claim another goal for his team. He’s back!

The final goal came from Nasri just six minutes later, claiming a grand victory for the Premier League contenders. Shockingly, this was Manchester City’s first League win at Stoke since 1999!

Initially there was the possibility of Manchester City catching up to the leaders. Chelsea were extremely close to a draw today, but luck appeared to be on their side. What a shame for City. Nevertheless, they have put fear into the Blues but they are still playing catch up. Do they have the time and the energy to succeed?

Colourful Challenges


Chelsea faced Crystal Palace in a game of goals and devilish cards! The Blues are at the top of the table, and they seem to be running a way with the title.

Oscar gave the Blues an early lead in the 6th minute of the game. His goal showed that the absence of Diego Costa was not noticed too much. The game saw a player from both teams sent off as clatter and altercation kicked Azpilicueta and Delaney off the pitch! Crystal Palace began to fight, however, their enthusiasm was minimised as Fabregas doubled Chelsea’s lead! Ouch. Campbell managed to get one back in the 90th minute, but it wasn’t enough to gain them a point…

Chelsea have secured their top position as they slither five points away from Manchester City. Can the title hopefuls continue their lead for the rest of the season?

Long Time No See

Premier League is back… And so am I.

Over the break, Arsenal won another cup by beating Manchester City 3-0 to win the Community Shield! Even though Arsene Wenger feels that the Premier League is starting too soon after the World Cup, it looks like his team will be fierce contenders for the title this season. Arsenal have also been to the bank on numerous occasions. Who knows? They could be the team to cash in on the prize.


Chelsea have let Lampard go but have brought back an old face. Didier Drogba has come back to play for Chelsea on a free transfer from Galatasaray! The Ivorian is a Chelsea legend that has won 10 trophies for the club between 2004 and 2012! Perhaps old boots may kick a little wisdom into the Blues’ attack.


Chelsea may have lost and gained, but for Liverpool it’s only woe and no woo. Luis Suarez, Liverpool’s star player last season, was transferred to Barcelona on a £75m deal. After another biting incident, he can now polish his image by playing for the best! This fatal loss has made fans wonder where they may end up this season. A hole has been placed through the heart of Liverpool, will it continue beating?


Man City are the Champions of last season’s Premier League. Since then, they have lost the Community Shield and Negredo has broken his foot in a pre-season friendly. At the moment, it’s hard to see wether déjà vu will occur this season.


Man United have a new manager: Louis van Gaal. His tactics have done miracles for the club during the pre-season friendlies. Today we will see wether the Premier League itself is a whole different ball game.


Watch, enjoy and tune in for the latest news on football action!

On The Edge Of Glory

20140507-110830 pm.jpg

Manchester City won against Aston Villa to dispose of Chelsea’s title hopes! As Liverpool only managed to gain one point from their game against Crystal Palace, Manchester City appear to have one hand on the cup…

Dzeko scored the first 2 goals to start off Man City’s marvellous night. He scored in the 64th and 72nd minute which was later followed by a goal from Jovetic in the 89th. If you thought that was a late goal, well it was not as late as Yaya Touré’s goal in the 90th minute. Manchester City have now claimed the record of being the first club in the Premier League to score 100 goals in one season; this was what Liverpool was aiming to achieve in their previous game (I guess that’s more to add to their misery)!

Manchester City are soaring and only need a draw in their final game to win the title.

One game. One cup. 90 minutes.

Chelsea’s Title Hopes Crumble

20140504-115304 pm.jpg

Arsenal may be relaxed but it’s not the same for Chelsea. Giroud scored for Arsenal in the 14th minute of the game. After that, his team sat back for the rest of the 90 minutes; they had nothing to lose as they had already secured 4th place. Glory may have struck for the Gunners but grey clouds are groaning in Stamford Bridge…

Chelsea drew with Norwich in a game that they both needed to win. Neither goals nor penalties were gained in the match and both teams went home with belittled beliefs.
Chelsea could have gone top today but instead they may have just knocked themselves out of the title race.

Man City are topping. Has Mourinho’s magic touch perished?

City Clutch The Loose Reins

20140427-064154 pm.jpg

Manchester City defeated Crystal Palace to get closer to their destination on the journey to 1st place.

Dzeko scored in the 4th minute to put City ahead at an early stage of the match. Then Yaya Touré scored before half time to wrap up their win.

Man City are 3 points behind the leaders with a game in hand. Now Liverpool will have to rely on the actions of Manchester City as well as their own.

Will Conquest be City’s…or will they be humbled?

Liverpool Lets Loose The Title

20140427-052935 pm.jpg

Liverpool faced Chelsea in hope that they would officially claim the title as theirs. However, it looked like Chelsea had other ideas…

Chelsea crushed Liverpool (and part of their dreams) with a 2-0 victory! Ba scored in the last minute of the first half and then Willian scored in the last minute of the second half…Weird right?

Liverpool were unable to make anything out of their 73% possession and their 26 shots at goal. Well, you win some you lose some. Although, this one should have been a win for them.

Mourinho showed all signs of pride and glory and perhaps the game even gave him the extra oomph to assist his team towards reaching 1st place!

Man City Close In

20140421-114936 pm.jpg

Manchester City defeated West Brom 3-1 to close in on Chelsea and refurbish the title race that’s believed to be settled.
Zabaleta scored for Man City at an early stage, within just 3 minutes! This must have disfigured West Brom as Agüero went on to score just 7 minutes later.
However, West Brom weren’t just going to take it lying down, Dorrans scored for them in the 16th minute to put hope back into his team. Man City put in another goal before it even reached half time to finalise their win. They are now only one point behind Chelsea with a game in hand.
Perhaps Manchester City might actually have a bigger chance of lifting the cup than we thought..

In other news, Manchester United might not wake up to another day with Moyes in charge. We may know if he gets the sack as early as tomorrow morning. Moyes..the chosen one? More like the undesired one.