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Liverpool Lose Out

Liverpool continue to be one of the strong competitors in the race for top four. However, with the unpredictability of the Premier League, it is never too good to get too comfortable.

The reds have won all their matches since the beginning of 2018, putting pressure on Chelsea to win and stay ahead, and on Arsenal and Tottenham to win and catch up. They even managed to defeat the leaders, Manchester City, who until then had gone unbeaten all season!

However, when it came to playing against the lowest team on the table, Swansea, they just could not manage it. The Reds lost to Swansea 1-0 after conceding a goal from Mawson in the 40th minute. 

This was a vital win for Swansea which keeps their hopes of escaping relegation alive. However, for Liverpool, it meant the inability for them to go level with 3rd place Chelsea.

The good thing is that they are still in top four, currently hugging the final fourth spot. However, the competition is fierce and every game matters as much as the last.


The Battle for Top Four

It is the last day of the Premier League and a huge battle for top four will take place in a few hours. Chelsea and Tottenham have both secured 1st and 2nd position respectively, so it’s left to either Manchester City, Liverpool or Arsenal to make up the numbers.

Manchester City are the most likely club to finish in a Champions League position. They defeated Crystal Palace, Leicester and West Brom this month, moving them up to 3rd place on the table.  They are two points above Liverpool and three points above Arsenal. So, the only possible way that they could fall out of top four is if they lose their final match, against Watford, and Arsenal score 5 goals. This is rather unlikely.

Liverpool also have the fate of top four in their hands. They are currently fourth place on the Premier League table, having won two of their last three matches and drawn the other. To secure their fate, they simply need to win their last game at home against Middlesbrough, a team already relegated. That shouldn’t be too hard.

Arsenal won all four of their Premier League matches this month. However, since they haven’t been consistent throughout the season, they are currently in fifth place and their hopes of top four are sitting in the hands of those above them. Not only do they need to win a tough match against Everton, they also need those above them drop enough points and concede enough goals in order to overtake them.  

Arsenal have finished in top four for 20 years in a row! However, this run could come to an end very shortly.

The Premier League is coming to a close and all the action will be happening all at once. Whilst we try to predict what is to come, we must brace ourselves for the unexpected!

A Stroke of Luck

It would have been a draw. For once Manchester City would have taken one point home. Instead they took advantage of an opportunity which opened the doors to a late win against Norwich.

The fans were made to wait anxiously as the goals began to roll in midway through the second half. Manchester City took the lead when Otamendi netted a goal in the 67th minute! All three points were close to staying at the Etihad.

However, there were some complications. Jerome equalised for Norwich in the 83rd minute. As the goal came so late in the game, there was little sign of recovery.

Manchester City found a way, as they always do. A red card and a penalty kick. That was what they needed and that was what they got. Yaya Toure converted a penalty in the 89th minute to claim back the win that had been earlier stripped from them!

Manchester City remain at the top of the Premier League table. Arsenal have the same points as them, so it was a good thing they didn’t lose. The competition is only getting hotter!

First One

Manchester United opened up the Premier League with a simple win against Tottenham. Only one goal was needed to put the game to rest.

The winning goal came in the first half of the match. Surprisingly, it came from the losing side! Walker scored an own goal in the 22nd minute to bag three points for the fiery opposition. Atleast he got cheers…from the opposing fans of course.


The possession in the game was split 50/50 and the shots at goal were also equal at nine. However, Tottenham had more shots on target. It’s just a shame that when they did score it wasn’t a goal to be spurred on.

Manchester United succeeded in their first match of the PL season. Nevertheless, it is no excuse to lay back as their win was not self generated. Can Man United carry themselves higher up the table this season?

City Conquest

Manchester City were in celebratory mode after they defeated Southampton. Two goals were more than in enough to secure a win for the club.

Lampard scored City’s first goal in the 31st minute. He has a made an excessive contribution to both the club and the Premier League throughout his football career.


In the dying minutes of the match, Manchester City showed their face once again. Aguero scored for the club to double their lead!

Manchester City have finished in second place on the Premier League table with six straight wins. Southampton have finished in seventh place, and with Arsenal chasing the FA Cup title again, the Saints could possibly find themselves in Europa next season.

Amazing Arsenal

Arsenal left with a bang after their last game of the Premier League season. They triumphed against West Brom.

Walcott didn’t hesitate to give Arsenal the lead in the 4th minute! By the 14th, he doubled it. Walcott was well on his way to a hat trick (and so early on in the game)!


Three minutes later, the Gunners were dancing to more happy tunes. Wilshere scored a goal in the 17th minute to make the scoreline hit three! The first half didn’t end there as Walcott made sure to earn his hat trick first!

Arsenal weren’t able to get away scott-free as McAuley netted a goal for West Brom in the 57th minute. Nevertheless, Arsenal still maintained a very credible victory.

That’s it. Arsenal have successfully ended the season at third place on the table. If they continue with the same attitude next season, who knows where they might find themselves…


Manchester United and Arsenal went head to head this weekend. It was a level playing field and they both came out with one goal for one point.

The first goal came in the first half. Herrera netted the goal in the 30th minute to give United the lead. Boo yah!


In the second half, their lead continued to hold power. This was up until Blackett equalised for Arsenal in the 82nd minute. Sadly he scored the goal for the wrong team. Oops.

Arsenal were able to maintain their hold on third position on the Premier League table and United continued their walk in fourth.

Red, Red, Red

Arsenal performed spectacularly in their game against Hull. For some reason, one goal is just never enough for them.

Sanchez scored the first goal for the Gunners in the 28th minute. This was then accompanied by Ramsey’s goal just a few minutes later!


Before the game was allowed to close for half time, Sanchez made the scoreline hit three. It was a shame that Arsenal weren’t able to finish with a clean sheet, due to Quinn’s goal in the second half, but it was still a very impressive result.

Arsenal have equalled Manchester City’s points on the table, but with a game in hand. Can they take advantage and claim the higher spot?

Minor Mayhem

Chelsea were almost silenced by Queens Park Rangers in their weekend game. Good things come to those that wait and that was clearly the case in this match.

The first half consisted of no goals. QPR had a strong hold on the Premier League leaders and they were refusing to let go.

During the second half the Blues still did not have a single shot on target. Their first and only one came in the 88th minute when Fabregas scored the winning goal! Hurrah!


The goal may have been celebrated by Chelsea but it wasn’t celebrated by QPR. Ivanovic was even hit by a missile from the fans! I’m pretty sure he did not see that one coming.

Chelsea are now seven points clear at the top of the table and there are no current threats. Can the title be already considered theirs?

QPR on the other hand have fallen deeper into the relegation battle. Time is ticking and the battle is only getting bolder.

Gunner Grin

The Gunners  can be seen with grand smiles on their faces after a successful match against West Ham. The number ‘3’ is considered a lucky number and it proved to be very much so in this match.

Giroud ended the first half with a bang! He scored a goal just before the half time whistle blew! We can always rely on him to provide the exciting and unepected action that we all crave.


In the second half, Arsenal showed the fans that they had even more to offer! Ramsey doubled the lead in the 81st minute. Just three minutes later, their supporters rose once again to a goal from Flamini.

1, 2, 3. Arsenal scored three goals and are third place on the Premier League table. After winning their 7th game in the last eight, they are only one point behind Manchester City! The Gunners have been rewarded with extra confidence for their Champions League match on Tuesday and perhaps to potentially even climb to second place on the League table!