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Liverpool Lose Out

Liverpool continue to be one of the strong competitors in the race for top four. However, with the unpredictability of the Premier League, it is never too good to get too comfortable.

The reds have won all their matches since the beginning of 2018, putting pressure on Chelsea to win and stay ahead, and on Arsenal and Tottenham to win and catch up. They even managed to defeat the leaders, Manchester City, who until then had gone unbeaten all season!

However, when it came to playing against the lowest team on the table, Swansea, they just could not manage it. The Reds lost to Swansea 1-0 after conceding a goal from Mawson in the 40th minute. 

This was a vital win for Swansea which keeps their hopes of escaping relegation alive. However, for Liverpool, it meant the inability for them to go level with 3rd place Chelsea.

The good thing is that they are still in top four, currently hugging the final fourth spot. However, the competition is fierce and every game matters as much as the last.



Manchester City began the week on a high after defeating Barcelona 3-1! However, by this weekend they had been brought down a notch. Luckily, the opposite was true for Manchester United.

Messi gave Barcelona the lead against Manchester City in the 21st minute. However, three goals from Gundogan (39′, 74′) and De Bruyne (51) silenced the team known as the best in the world!

Perhaps it was the energy needed to secure this win that caused City to underperform in their match against Middlesbrough. Although Aguero managed to net a goal for his team in the 43rd minute, de Roon scored the equaliser for the opposition in extra time. By this point, it was too late to make amends.

Manchester United did the reverse of what Manchester City did. The Reds lost their Europa League match against Fenerbahce 2-1. They began losing from the second minute of the match, and Rooney’s late goal in the 89th minute couldn’t save them from defeat.


Fortunately, United had a better fate this weekend. They defeated Swansea City by only conceding one goal and by netting three. That’s more like it!

Manchester City are one win away from securing their entry into the next round of the Champions League. However, they are down to third place on the Premier League table.

Manchester United still have a chance to reach the next stage of the Europa League, however, they are going to have to perform a lot better in order to do so. Despite this, they seem to be on the up as they are now sixth place on the Premier League table.

Nothing is ever clear cut in football. As more games are played, the clearer things will become. Soon it will be evident which teams are strong and which ones are not.




The Great Gunners

Arsenal, even in the most testing of times, find a way to procure success. They score goals, they concede goals, and in the end they win.

Walcott gave Arsenal the lead by scoring two goals in the 26th and 33rd minute! It was too bad that they let Swansea back in the game as Sigurdsson netted a goal before half time.



The second half gave birth to even greater shocks and horrors! Ozil thankfully netted the third goal for the Gunner in the 57th minute. However, within the next 15 minutes, Swansea City scored another goal and Xhaka was shown a red card!

It was a good thing that the Gunners were able to show resilience in the face of this and hang on to their lead until the final whistle was blown! Nothing ever comes easy for Wenger!

Arsenal are now level with Manchester City on the PL table as both teams have 19 points. The title race has only just begun, but the competition is already hightening!

Two In One Out

Both Manchester City and Manchester United won their Football League matches to continue their chase for a trophy. However, despite these successes, only one club will be able to continue to excel.

Manchester City defeated their opponent, Swansea, 2-1. Clichy netted the first goal for City in the 49th minute and Garcia Serrano scored the second. The only moment in which Swansea earned recognition was in extra time when Sigurdsson netted a consolation goal.

It didn’t take much for City to grab the win they needed. Sometimes, there is just no competition!


Manchester United had a greater win, with a scoreline of 3-1, however, they did appear to struggle a little more. Carrick netted the first goal against Northampton Town in the 17th minute. Sadly, a penalty awarded to the opposition a few minutes before half time meant that the game was level at the start of the second half.

Luckily enough, United were able to gather the strength to score two more winning goals! One was scored by Herrera (68′) and the other by Rashford (75′). If United are able to take the lead twice in one game, then who knows what else they could do…

The good news is that both Manchester Teams will feature in the fourth round of the League Cup. Hooray! However, the bad news is that in this round the two teams will be facing one another! Oh no! Now only one of them will be able to make it to the quarter finals.

There is only one question that remains: will it be City or United that proves to be the better, bolder and most brutal Manchester club of all?


One Is Not Enough

The London clubs both suffered this weekend at the hands of their goalkeeping errors. However, Arsenal managed to use two goals to recover completely from their mistake; whilst Chelsea’s two goals only allowed them to level.

An own goal by Cech in the 18th minute of the game gave Southampton an early lead against Arsenal. The Gunners had used their ammo against themselves!

Luckily, they didn’t leave things as they were. Koscielny netted the equaliser just over 10 minutes later and Cazorla went on to secure a win for the Reds by converting a penalty in extra time. They mastered their fate perfectly.

Chelsea similarly scored two goals simply to make up for what they’d lost. Like in Arsenal’s match, the first goal was netted in the 18th minute. Diego Costa gave the Blues the lead and sadly he also watched it disappear.

 After a rough tackle by Courtois, Sigurdsson converted a penalty to equalise for Swansea. Then, just three minutes later, Fer gave the Swans the lead they wanted. The Blues most certainly did not see that coming. 

It was a good thing that Diego Costa was able to find the strength to net another goal in the 81st minute. Although this didn’t gain Chelsea maximum points, it meant that they avoided defeat once again!

Arsenal is 6th on the PL table and Chelsea is 2nd. As each game goes by the league table changes, and they can only hope that it’s for the better.

Three: It’s a Magic Number

Three is a number that many people associate with luck. Luck was on Arsenal’s side today. Three goals were netted to secure an away win against Swansea.

The first goal came from the one and only Olivier Giroud. He gave the Gunners the lead in the 49th minute of the match! This opened the second half into a wrath of gunner glory…


In the 68th minute, Koscielny doubled the lead. As if that wasn’t enough, Campbell made another extension to the scoreline just five minutes later! The Swans were sinking and Peter Cech wasn’t going to allow them to come up again.

There have been countless matches that have ended with three goals being scored and no goals being conceded. This match was one of them. Such scorelines are keeping Arsenal on their toes and on the tail of Manchester City!

What’s The Mata?

Manchester United failed to overpower Swansea in today’s Premier League match. They saw themselves rising before rolling down in upset.

No goals were scored in the first half of the game. However, a goal did come early in the second. Mata netted the first goal in the 48th minute to give United the lead!


Mata had caused a problem for Swansea and they weren’t about to take it lying down. Ayew equalised for the Swans in the 61st minute. Then Gomis drifted them to victory just five minutes later!

Manchester United has suffered their first defeat this season. Let’s hope that their wounds don’t take too long to heal.

Shaky Start

Chelsea’s first season game was against Swansea. They gained one point from an action-packed 2-2 draw!

Oscar scored the first goal for the Blues in the 23rd minute. This was soon cancelled out by A.Ayew’s goal in the 29th. At such an early stage, the small teams have just the same amount of, or even more, energy as the big clubs!


Just a minute later, the efforts of Swansea were tarnished. Fernandez scored an own goal to put Chelsea back in the lead! However, this was soon disrupted again as Courtois, the Chelsea goalkeeper, received a red card. Gomis converted a penalty to balance the scoreline once more.

Being faced with a red card is never the best way to start. Chelsea were lucky enough to still grasp a single point from the match. We can only hope that this does not set the tone for the rest of the season.


Manchester City continuously produce results which are simply pleasing to the eye. This time round they double Swansea’s score count.

Yaya Toure scored the first goal for City in the 21st minute. Milner then doubled the lead in the 36th!

Sigurdsson pulled Swansea back out the mud in the 45th minute. Before anyone knew it, Gomis has fully recovered the team by the 64th. The Swans were swimming once again!


Manchester City didn’t take this shock with a pinch of salt. Instead, they retaliated.

Yaya Toure netted another goal for Manchester City in the 74th minute. Bony then extended their lead in extra time to make sure the Swans were fully sunken under the water!

Yaya Toure has scored his 50th Premier League and has helped to raise his team to one of the highest positions in the League. The Premier League cup may not be theirs this season, but there is clear eveidence that they’ve won it before and may win it again!

One Loss

Arsenal has a minor setback after being beaten by Swansea. It may have only been a minor loss but, either way, three points were still lost.

One goal was all it took for the Gunners to go down. Their fate remained unknown for a while as the first half remained barren.


In the second half, destiny took its toll. Gomis netted a grand goal to mark a win for the Swans!

Arsenal aren’t worrying about finishing in the top four, they do it every year. However, the result of this game may mean that they don’t set their eyes upon second place.