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London vs Manchester

Since last weekend, a series of matches between Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United have taken place. From the match results, it has become Crystal clear which city is competing better in football this season.

The weekend before last was an utter dismay for the London teams. Chelsea faced off against Manchester United in the Premier League and Arsenal had to face Manchester City for the Carabao Cup final! The Blues lost to Mourinho’s side 2-1, despite Willian giving Chelsea the lead first. The red London team similarly faced defeat against their Manchester opponent, but to a much higher degree!

Arsenal conceded the English Football League trophy to City after being thrashed 0-3. Manchester City already had, and still have, an immense lead at the top of the Premier League table; whereas Arsenal are sitting in 6th place. This would have been an opportunity for the Gunners to claim a trophy this season and prevent City from gaining multiple. However, it was an opportunity not taken.

The most dismal thing about it all was that Arsenal had to face their conquerors once again a few days later in the Premier League. History bitterly repeated itself as the Gunners once again conceded 3 goals without scoring any in return.

The confidence of the City team had been inflated beyond belief- just in time for them to face the Premier League champions, Chelsea on the weekend! One goal was enough for City to humble the poorly performing Chelsea side.

Overall, Manchester entirely trumped London on all four occasions. It seems that this season, both Arsenal and Chelsea have been below par and the Manchester teams have happily exploited that.


The Blues face the Best

Chelsea faced off against the world-renowned Barcelona for the first leg of the Champions League last 16. They were the underdogs in this match, and they delivered!

The performance of the Blues, quite frankly, put Barcelona to shame. The Blues had the only shot on target in the first half, despite the likes of Messi and Suarez being on the pitch. The only thing Barcelona actually did dominate in was possession, and that does not mean much without a goal.

Willian gave Chelsea their well-deserved lead in the 62nd minute of the match. The joy was immense! However, one slight hiccup in the Chelsea defense enabled Messi to later equalise for the visitors. It was a great shame considering how tight Chelsea’s defense had been throughout the game. It was Chelsea that gave a goal away.

The attitude, spirit and momentum of Conte’s Chelsea gives many fans great hope that they might just be able to overcome the greatest football team and go on to thoroughly pursue the Champions League trophy!

The FA Cup is Coming to London 

The top teams battled against each other for a spot in the FA Cup Final. Chelsea faced Tottenham and Arsenal faced Manchester City and this is what came of it…

Chelsea, the Premier League leaders tore their competitor to shreds with a 4-2 victory. The Blues were quick to put to bed any false hopes Tottenham were harbouring of winning the FA Cup. This game also proved to be a big indicator of who would be the most victorious in the Premier League.

It was then a matter of who was going to face Chelsea in the final. The match between Arsenal and Manchester City was the decider.

Both teams scored a goal by the end of the 90 minutes, forcing them to play another 30 minutes of added time in order for one team to find a winning goal. Luckily, one did- and it was Arsenal!

Sánchez’s goal in the 102nd minute confirmed Arsenal’s place in the FA Cup final. Arsenal have won the cup twice in the last three years, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if they won it again this year.

The FA Cup Final will be played on May 27th. It’s going to be a big match between two great London rivals. Chelsea have already won the Premier League. Will they win another?

Manchester Mope

Manchester City and Manchester United both underperformed this weekend. At least they kept each other company in their misery.

After Manchester United defeated Zorya Luhansk in the Europa League earlier on in the week, it was thought that their good fortune would continue throughout the week. Sadly, it did not. Manchester United had quite a bland day after drawing 1-1 with Stoke. United took the lead with Martial’s goal in the 69th minute. However, in the 82nd, Allen equalised for the opposing side. 

A win never comes easy. Or sometimes, it doesn’t come at all.

Manchester City seem to have learnt this better than any team today, after losing 2-0 to Tottenham. They knew it would be a tough match to win, but perhaps they didn’t know just how hard.

The shock came when Kolarov netted a goal in the 9th minute. This was then joined by Alli’s goal in the 37th. The winners and the losers were chosen before half time!

Manchester United failed to break away from Chelsea on the PL table and, although City remain top, the gap between them and their competitors has minimised. Hopefully, next week, their labours might bear greater fruit.

Back On Their Feet

Chelsea ended 2015 with two draws against Watford (2-2) and Manchester United (0-0). These results came after Mourinho was sacked from his managerial position. His relationship with the players had soured too much for them to be able to produce any tasteful results. Of course many fans were disheartened at seeing the back of Mourinho, however, their sorrows were largely forgotten once the Blues began accumulating points!

January was a significant month for Chelsea; it was the month their season made great strides. Chelsea raced through the third and fourth round of the FA Cup after defeating Scunthorpe and MK Dons respectively. The Premier League also proved to be no trouble as they defeated Crystal Palace (0-3), drew with West Brom (2-2), drew with Everton (3-3) and defeated a ten-man Arsenal with a single goal from Diego Costa. It appears that Guus Hiddink, Chelsea’s interim manager, has brought out the best in Chelsea once again!

Chelsea drew quite a few games, but all everyone knew was that draws were better than loses. The Blues began February with a goalless draw against Watford and a 1-1 result against Manchester United, which few could complain about. They did, however, later abandon their run of draws by adding a few more goals to their scorelines. Chelsea defeated Newcastle 5-1 : the first three goals were scored within the first 17 minutes! They put up a good fight against PSG in the Champions League (losing 2-1) and they crushed a young Manchester City squad 5-1 in the FA Cup fifth round! Diego Costa has been their top scorer so far!

This weekend Chelsea has delivered once more! They were put behind against Southampton when Long scored in the 42nd minute. However, goals from Fabregas (75′) and Ivanovic (89) gave them the win they were looking for.

The Blues have wiped away their soppy days and are progressing up the Premier League table. They may have had a rocky start to the season, but they are definitely on their path to recovery. Oh, happy days!


The derby between Arsenal and Tottenham had a few fits of fustration, but no conquerer or leader. Instead, it simply had a mutual agreement.

The game ended in a 1-1 draw. The first goal, surprisingly, came from Tottenham! Kane netted the ball to secure the lead in the 32nd minute. This spurred on his team for the rest of the first half.


In the second half, it was the Gunners’ turn to prove what they could do. In the 77nd minute, Gibbs equalised for the Reds, cancelling out the previous dominance of Spurs!

Arsenal can’t win everyday. It’s not such a bad thing to drop points in such matches. The Gunners, in fact, picked the right day to draw as Manchester City also dropped points. No club is breaking free!

Crystal Clear

Crystal Palace made their presence known at Anfield by stealing three points from Liverpool. Liverpool may have put on a great display, but all that will remain in the mind of the fans, as time passes, is the result.

The first goal of the match was claimed by Bolasie. He have Palace the lead in the 21st minute. Although this was startling, Liverpool did come back from this. Coutinho netted the equaliser in the 42nd minute! They couldn’t let down their ex-captain Gerrard, who was watching from the stands.


The second half began on a level playing field. However, the scoreline soon favoured one side. In the 82nd minute, Dann reclaimed the lead for Crystal Palace!  By this time, it was obvious who would be taking all the points home.

Klopp has lost his first match as Liverpool manager. It was destined to come at some point; he did manage to hold out for quite a long time. Hopefully this defeat does not deflate the hope and spirit at Anfield!

Forgetting something?

There was a lot missing from the game between Chelsea and stoke. A missing manager, missing hope and the Blues appeared to continually miss the net.

Mourinho served his one match ban today; he was not at the stadium during the match. The fans did attempt to make his presence felt. However, It was down to the players to pull off a performance. They did, at first. Throughout the first half, the Blues dominated and, on many occassions, came close to scoring.


In the second half, misfortune fell upon them. The game changed. Arnautovic scored the winning goal, not for Chelsea, but for Stoke in the 53rd minute! Home or away, failure is never far from Mourinho! Not this season.

Football has evolved over the years. There’s more money. Teams, large or small, have grown bigger and better. Even the likes of Champions are not immune to losing. Mourinho will need some time to undertand this concept.

Roaming Reds

Manchester United are just one of the clubs hunting down the top spot on the Premier League table. Although they are not there yet, they have kept close to it by winning their match against West Brom.

There were two goals scored and they all came from the men in red. The first goal came from Lingard in the 52nd minute. Considering Man United dominated the game, it was a good thing that they could produce something from it in the second half!


Although Rooney remained on the pitch for a lengthy period of time, he was not given the opportunity to play for the whole 90 minutes. The second goal did not come from him. Instead, Mata converted a penalty towards the end of the game after McAuley was sent off. Bye bye.

Manchester United are fourth in the PL table. Manchester City, Arsenal and Leicester are above the Man U, but only one point seperates them. The Reds are just waiting for one of them to slip.

Chuffed Chelsea

Chelsea finally got the ball rolling again in their victory against Dynamo Kiev. After several losses this football season, they were able to make minor moves towards recovery in the Champions League. Baby steps, baby steps.

Chelsea claimed the first goal of the match, but it wasn’t their player that scored it. Dragovic netted an own goal in the 34th minute to put the Blues at an advantage. Mourinho may have accepted this with open arms, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that Chelsea rely on the misfortune of others to achieve their own success.


The Blues continued to hold on to their lead until the 77th minute. Dragovic netted the equaliser to repay his team for the mistake he made previously! It seemed that Chelsea would continue to wollow in their all too familiar pool of woes. Luckily, William recovered what Chelsea once had in the 83rd minute. He had done it again!

There is no denying that Chelsea are flying low in the Premier League and that Mourinho’s job could be on the line. However, their fate is in their hands in the Champions League. Will they hold on to it or will they let it fall from their hands?