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The title is very much still Chelsea’s for the taking. Tottenham is crawling up behind them, however, considering the great football the Blues have been able to deliver this season, the trophy is likely to end up in their hands.

It is true that Chelsea finished 10th place on the Premier League table last season. However, that doesn’t seem to have affected the team’s mentality. They have renewed their image by winning matches over and over again. 

They won all their Premier League matches in January, except for their 1-1 draw against Liverpool. They also won all their February games, including their 2-0 win against Wolverhampton for the FA Cup quarter finals, except for their 1-1 draw against Burnley. At this point they were still undefeated.

The Blues soured through March without any mishaps, and it was safe to say that they were on a high! However, April wasn’t so soft-hearted.

Both Crystal Palace and Manchester United defeated Chelsea this month, causing the gap between the leaders and second place Totenham to reduce to only four points. With only six more game to play, the pressure is definitely on!

Chelsea are set to face Tottenham for the FA Cup Semi final this weekend and, considering the tension between the two clubs in the Premier League, it might just be the most intense game to be played this year!


Blue Bellows

“Semi-final here we come”! Those are the words that Chelsea should be screaming after their beautiful peformance against Derby. Mourinho may not have won a trophy for Chelsea last year, but it looks as if he’s ready to restore blue to the sky by claiming the Capital One Cup!

Hazard opened up the scoreline in the 23rd minute! Perhaps he should start wearing flashing lights on his shirt just so that people know the danger that he brings! Filipe Luis then doubled the Blues’ lead in the 56th. In the eyes of many, the game had been won from this point.


Derby regained a bit of pride and passion as Bryson scored a goal in the 71st minute. However, this was short-lived. Their hopes were quickly booted as Buxton soon recieved a red card and Derby were down to ten men. Oopsy daisy.

This may have saddened Derby, however it boosted the Blues! Schurrle went on to score the final goal of the match in the 82nd minute!


Mourinho’s men are marching into the next stage. Bring it on! They’re ready for it!

Chelsea Conquered

20140430-104220 pm.jpg

Chelsea faced Atlético Madrid for the second leg of the Champions League semi-final. Mourinho was a happy lad after his team tampered with the brilliance of Liverpool; today, it was a different story…

Torres scored in the 36th minute to put Chelsea ahead. However, Adrian then scored in the 44th minute to stop the blues in in their tracks. Diego Costa put in a penalty in the 60th minute to further churn the stomachs of Chelsea. Then Turan wrapped up Atletico’s win.

Chelsea are out of the Champions League and now the Premier League is all they can desire. Does Mourinho have the mentality to help his team go for the Premier League title?

Costly Comfortable Chelsea

20140422-112712 pm.jpg

Chelsea faced Atletico Madrid for the first leg of the semi finals. The game ended 0-0 which means that Chelsea can play at their home ground with a bit more confidence.
However the game did have a bit of troubles…
The game started with an injury to Cech who was taken off and replaced; he’ll be off for the rest of the season. Later on, Terry had to be removed for an injury also. The yellow card came out on quite a few occasions as if it was a revolving door!
Chelsea may have the advantage but was it worth it for the price they’ve had to pay?

Chelsea are known for their great European victories. Who knows, may be its time for them to take the limelight again!

Man United Marvel At Bayern’s Brilliance

20140409-103528 pm.jpg

Manchester United drew 1-1 with Bayern Munich in the 1st leg of quater finals. From this result, many thought that Man United had the will power to see themselves through to the semi-finals of the Champions League. However, they were unable to sustain the admirable image and so tarnished their hopes,chances, and public appreciation.
In the second leg that took place today, Bayern battered Manchester United with a 3-1 victory! Evra scored for Man U in the 57th minute, but within two minutes Mandzukic fought back to put them level. Bayern went on to win the match with a goal from Muller and Robben. Well, the results were expected with the way Man United have been playing this year.
How low can Manchester United drop before being able to pick themselves back up again?