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The Premier League is Back With a Bang

Arsenal faced Leicester City in the opening match of the new Premier League season. Both teams were bouncing with energy, bringing action to the game right from the start.

Arsenal’s new signing, Lacazette, opened up the match by netting a goal in the 2nd minute! It was a shocking start to the match, but there were more surprises to come…

By the 5th minute, Leicester had equalised and Vardy soon netted the second goal for his club in the 29th. The Gunners had been quickly pushed onto the back foot; what a change!

Luckily for them, Welbeck managed to score an equaliser just before the half time whistle was blown.

However, in the second half, Vardy scored again, bringing more woes upon the Gunners. It seemed as if that was to be the final result until Wenger- the Arsenal manager- made an extremely wise decision.

Ramsey and Giroud were brought onto the pitch as substitutes and they both scored goals for Arsenal during the last ten minutes of the match! 4-3 was the scoreline! What an extraordinary turnaround!

It must be hard to be an Arsenal fan, with all the twists, turns and triumphs. What a way to welcome us all back to the Premier League!



Tonight there was a clash between fire and flames! Red saw Red. Arsenal faced Liverpool.

The game ended in a draw with no goals scored. Ramsey was the only player able to make the ball hit the back or the net, but this was irritatingly ruled offside.


Throughout the game there were many attempts made both ways. Peter Cech, the new Arsenal goalkeeper, put on a dazzling display that really showed the fans that he was worth every penny!

No goals, but one point awarded to each team. This was a match where points were allowed to be dropped, so the Gunners are still looking well into glory!

Red, Red, Red

Arsenal performed spectacularly in their game against Hull. For some reason, one goal is just never enough for them.

Sanchez scored the first goal for the Gunners in the 28th minute. This was then accompanied by Ramsey’s goal just a few minutes later!


Before the game was allowed to close for half time, Sanchez made the scoreline hit three. It was a shame that Arsenal weren’t able to finish with a clean sheet, due to Quinn’s goal in the second half, but it was still a very impressive result.

Arsenal have equalled Manchester City’s points on the table, but with a game in hand. Can they take advantage and claim the higher spot?

Simple Success

Arsenal were triumphant in their game against Burnley. Although it was only a small victory, it still brought home the same boastful points.

There was only one goal in the match and it came quite early on. Ramsey scored the winning goal in the 12th minute!


The rest of the match was spent peacefully reserving the points they had earned. The Gunners were calm and collected as Burnley proved not to be a threat.

Arsenal have now won eight Premier League games in a row! They remain in second position on the Premier League table and it doesn’t look as if they’re ready to budge.

Gunner Grin

The Gunners  can be seen with grand smiles on their faces after a successful match against West Ham. The number ‘3’ is considered a lucky number and it proved to be very much so in this match.

Giroud ended the first half with a bang! He scored a goal just before the half time whistle blew! We can always rely on him to provide the exciting and unepected action that we all crave.


In the second half, Arsenal showed the fans that they had even more to offer! Ramsey doubled the lead in the 81st minute. Just three minutes later, their supporters rose once again to a goal from Flamini.

1, 2, 3. Arsenal scored three goals and are third place on the Premier League table. After winning their 7th game in the last eight, they are only one point behind Manchester City! The Gunners have been rewarded with extra confidence for their Champions League match on Tuesday and perhaps to potentially even climb to second place on the League table!

Beyond Expectation

Arsenal faced Galatasaray in a game that should have been daunting and dreary for them. Surprise, surprise! They exceeded expectations.

The battering of Galatasaray began when Podolski gave Arsenal the lead in the 3rd minute of the match! This early lead was then doubled in the 11th minute by Ramsey.

Arsenal were looking for six goals and that’s where they were heading. Ramsey made it three goals to nil in the 29th moment! Half time came to a close with a confident Gunner side.


In the second half, Sneijder managed to score a goal to gain some pride when there was two minutes of full time left to play. To our amazement, Podolski managed to top up Arsenal’s goal count in the 90th.

4-1 is not bad. Not bad at all. They sure must have learnt from their match against Stoke. The only disappointment was that they were unable to top their group. Well, they shouldn’t worry to much because it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll face a team like Barcelona…Right?

Arsenal Affliction

The reason why Wenger has been attracting bad attention is becoming less vague. Arsenal faced a discouraging defeat against little Stoke.

Crouch gave Stoke the lead as early as the first minute! This must have caved an unsuccessful path for Arsenal right from the start.


Krkic then doubled Stoke’s lead in the 35th. You’de be surprised to discover that they even went 3-0 up before half time as Walters scored a goal in the 45th minute! Well that wasn’t pretty.

Despite this, in the second half, the Gunners still went forward in search of glory. Cazorla converted a penalty attempt to add a bit of pride to Arsenal’s side of the scoreline. Ramsey then made it two just two minutes later!

Arsenal fought, but it just wasn’t enough. Next time, they might want to take the match seriously from the start.


Fair Share


Arsenal versed Tottenham in a delicate derby match. First came the rain, then came the rainbow.

Arsenal had to bear the anguish of injury that Ramsey and Arteta both faced in the first half of the game! This may have disturbed them a little as Chadli gave Spurs the lead, at the Emirates, in the 56th minute. Despite getting off to a rough start, Arsenal showed resilliance. Oxlade-Chamberlain equalised for the Gunners in the 74th minute. Phew!

Both teams go home tonight with a point in their gym bag. But let’s remember, the title isn’t for sharing. Something, or someone, has to give.



Arsenal faced Everton for their second league match of the season. They were 2 teams that scored 2 goals in 2 seperate halves of the match.

Coleman put in the first goal for Everton in the 19th minute. The Toffees found it easy to pass through the Gunners defence and neither were they troubled much at the back. This allowed them to produce another goal in the 45th minute.
In the second half, it was still the same old story being told. However in the last 10 minutes Arsenal began to quicken their pace! Ramsey opened up the game for Arsenal in the 83rd minute. This was soon followed by another from Giroud in the 90th. Phew!

Another lucky last minute for the Gunners! How many more can we expect to see?

The Wait Is Over

20140517-082615 pm.jpg

Arsenal faced Hull at Wembley for the FA Cup final! It was a hellish start, but the Gunners managed to find a win in the end…

Hull bagged two goals by the 8th minute of the game. They were put in by Chester and Davies. However, Cazorla couldn’t let them run away with it, so he put in a goal in the 17th minute for Arsenal. It was not until the 71st minute when Koscielny produced a goal to put Arsenal level. This enabled extra time in which the magic happened. Ramsey, the man of the match, scored the winning goal to let the light shine on the reds!

Whilst Arsenal have been digging for gold for the last 9 years, many things have taken place…
– Over 1billion babies have been born
– Manchester City have spent around £1bn pounds on players
– Barack Obama has become the first black president of America.
– There has been 11 different predicted apocalyptic events.
– smartphones have become widely available
– Twitter was launched and apple released the iPhone and the iPad
– many, many more events have taken place

But anyway, they’ve won it now and the horrendous records have been broken. The reds are relishing their silver wear in 9 years worth of celebration.

Today really has been Gunner Glory!