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Penalty Ponder

Liverpool struggled in their League game against Carlisle. As small as the opposition was, it took more than the average 90 minutes for Liverpool to secure their entrance to the next stage.

In the 23rd minute of the match, Ings netted a goal to put Liverpool ahead. The Reds had given the match a kickstart, little did they know that Asamoah would equalise for Carlisle just over ten minutes later!

The draw was not overcome by any of the two sides and so there was only one option: penalties. Liverpool had netted two penalties before Carlisle even got their first. A later save from the Liverpool goalkeeper, Bogdan, meant Liverpool had won 3-2 on penalties. Phew!

Liverpool may just have had a stroke of luck this time, but this may not always be the case. Can they clean their boots and prepare for a better performance in their next match?