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Your Welcome

Arsenal were fortunate enough to win their game against Newcastle. Newcastle did all the work and the Gunners took all the credit.

The game was off to a bad start for the hosts, Newcastle, from an early stage in the match. Mitrovic was given a red card in the 16th minute of the game. That gave a red signal to their chances in the rest of the match!


The visitors were not able to take advantage of Newcastle’s dismay, so the home team did it for them. Coloccini netted an own goal in the 52nd minute! Arsenal was handed three points on a silver plate.

Arsenal got away with this one, but they’ll need to score goals if they wish to continue to rise. No major signing has been made in the transfer window yet, and it might just be what they need…


This Is Where It Starts

Arsenal faced Crystal Palce in their second game of the Premier League season. Although they may have lost the first game, they made sure to make a fresh start with this one.

The first goal of the match came from Giroud in the 16th minute. The Gunners had the lead, but what came next was not at all glorious and that was crystal clear!

Crystal-Palace-vs-Arsenal (1)

Ward equalised for Palace in the 28th minute. Although this may have staggered Arsenal a little, they were put back into a sanctuary as an own goal from Delaney in the second half cancelled out the efforts of Crystal Palace!

West Ham failed to win this weekend, which made the Gunners even more chuffed with their win today. The first game wasn’t the start for Arsene Wenger’s side; this one was. The winning goal may not have came from their own team, but they’re ready to take what they get and run with it!

First One

Manchester United opened up the Premier League with a simple win against Tottenham. Only one goal was needed to put the game to rest.

The winning goal came in the first half of the match. Surprisingly, it came from the losing side! Walker scored an own goal in the 22nd minute to bag three points for the fiery opposition. Atleast he got cheers…from the opposing fans of course.


The possession in the game was split 50/50 and the shots at goal were also equal at nine. However, Tottenham had more shots on target. It’s just a shame that when they did score it wasn’t a goal to be spurred on.

Manchester United succeeded in their first match of the PL season. Nevertheless, it is no excuse to lay back as their win was not self generated. Can Man United carry themselves higher up the table this season?

Terry’s Terrible Tricks

20140329-052259 pm.jpg

Chelsea versed Crystal Palace today and it was a game that they should have won with ease. Instead, Terry decided to do them a favour by putting in an own goal. Chelsea dominated with 67% possession but didn’t manage to get a result from it. You would have thought that they would have been booming after their outrageous victory over Arsenal.
Chelsea appear to be tumbling: Man United beat Aston Villa 4-1 today and that was a team that Chelsea failed to beat!
Does Mourinho really want the title or he subtly trying to hand it over?