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It is Not Easy

In the Premier League, there are no easy games. This is what Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United had to come to terms with this Sunday.

Arsenal’s lead against Cardiff was cancelled twice before Lacazette scored the winning goal in the 81st minute. The Gunners won the match 3-2, and many fans were happy to finally see Lacazette starting with Aubameyang.

Tottenham disappointingly failed to overcome their setbacks. Both Spurs and Wolves had won all three of their Premier League matches before their game against each other. That soon changed.

After an own goal gave Tottenham the lead in the second half, two goals from Deeney and Cathcart gave Wolves the win. Wolves are now sitting with Liverpool and Chelsea at the top of the table with 12 points.

Manchester United, however, broke their run of losses after defeating Burnley 2-0. Lukaku scored both goals in the first half of the match. It was a game completely dominated by Mourinho’s team.

Despite this, there were a few hiccups. Rashford was sent off in the 71st minute and Pogba failed to convert a penalty. At the end of the day, United can only be pleased to have finally gained another 3 points.

Big teams who have started the season poorly are starting to rack up points; while those who started well are starting to feel the sting of defeat. Nothing is straightforward when it comes to football.


Tottenham Take Over Old Trafford

Manchester United faced Tottenham at their home, Old Trafford. Despite an energetic start, United failed to gain a single point from the game.

Simply put, Tottenham thrashed Mourinho’s team. Kane headed in the first goal for Spurs in the 50th minute. From that point on, it was all downhill for the home side.

Within two minutes, Lucas Moura doubled his team’s lead! It became an embarrassing ordeal for United.

Despite Sánchez and Fellaini being brought on to the pitch, United could not change their circumstances. In fact, Lucas Moura ended up scoring another goal for Tottenham in the 84th minute.

Mourinho’s United have now lost two games in a row. How they will recover from this is still unknown.

City in Ruins

Manchester City, the Premier League leaders, have had a massive change in fortune over the past two week. After a dismaying run of losses they are out of the Champions League, and have not yet been able to officially claim Premier League trophy.

Last week, Manchester City loss 3-0 to Liverpool in the first leg of their quarter finals Champions League match. It was a fantastic display by the Reds, who had already defeated Manchester City in an earlier Premier League match this season. Many were undoubtedly left wondering what the secret was to beating the mighty Manchester team which only Liverpool seemed to know.

It was during the weekend in which many realised there was no secret. The secret was out! Manchester United defeated City too! In a spectacularly derby match, Manchester City had the opportunity to officially claim the PL title by beating their local rivals United. They went 2-0 up in the first half and had many more opportunities to extend their lead.

However, in the second half, the game changed entirely. Two goals from Pogba within the space of two minutes put the teams level! Then a final goal from Smalling in the 69th minute gave United their unexpected and uproar-worthy win! City will most likely still go on to win the Premier League as they are 13 points clear at the top of the table. However, Mourinho was simply not going to let them claim it by beating his team!

The distress at City was worsening, and matters were not made any better by Liverpool in the second leg of the CL match. City began scoring early, with a goal from Jesus in the second minute of the game. They needed to score two more goals to have a chance to progress in the competition. They actually managed to score a second goal before the end of the first half, but it was wrongly disallowed.

Guardiola was so outraged at the officials that he had to be sent to the stands for the second half of the match. This was when things took a turn for the worst. Two goals from Liverpool’s Salah and Firmino meant City has lost yet another match and were out of the Champions League. There was no mercy.

Manchester City must fight on. They will be facing another big team this weekend- Tottenham. If they win, they can put to bed their run of disastrous results and bring themselves closer to claiming the PL trophy. If not… well, let us not even speak of it.

Manchester United are Europa League Champions

Manchester United’s experienced team defeated Ajax’s juniors to win the Europa League and, ultimately, qualify for the Champions League next season.

The Reds defeated their opposition 2-0, the goal scorers being Pogba (18′) and Mkhitaryan (48′). Although Mourinho was too skeptical to celebrate the first goal, he definitely raised his hopes of lifting the cup by the time the second goal was netted.

Manchester United might have finished 6th on the Premier League table, but all that is now irrelevant. They will be joining the top four Premier League finishers in the Champions League next season, and that is what they’ll truly be celebrating.

Arsenal now remains the only top English Club to not be participating in the Champions League next season. How times have changed! Nevertheless, we wish all the English clubs the best next year.

Who knows, just like United, the Gunners could gain success outside of the Premier League. The FA Cup Final will be played this weekend, and the only thing we know for sure is that one London club will be walking away with a trophy!

All in all, congratulations Manchester United!

Bouncing Blues

Last season was a disaster for Chelsea, but they’ve bounced back better than ever. They hit top of the table the week before last and they are still there now. Here’s why…

Thanks to Diego Costa, Chelsea defeated Middlesbrough 1-0 to achieve their sixth straight win in a row without conceding. This took them to first position on the Premier League table, 9 spots higher than where they finished last year. 

They then maintained this lead after defeating Tottenham 2-1 at a Derby game at Stamford Bridge. Although they broke their streak of not conceding, they managed to win three points. That’s the important thing.

Good fortune has befallen the Blues since they’ve been under the management of Conte. The sorrowful fate they suffered under Mourinho is perhaps now being endured by his new team, Manchester United.

Manchester United defeated Feyenoord 4-0 to keep their Europa League hopes alive. However. They couldn’t produce the same result in their weekend Premier League match.

West Ham took the lead against United in the second minute, and the Reds only managed to net one goal to gain a single point from the game. Mourinho got so frustrated that he had to be sent to the stands in the second half of the match! Who knew things were so bad!

Mourinho is doing no better at United than at Chelsea. The Reds are currently sixth position on the Premier League table, 11 points behind the the leaders and eight points away from top four. The Premier League is definitely not theirs this season.

Fortunately, Manchester United was able to get their revenge on West Ham United by defeating them 3-1 in the EFL quarter- final. This is much more than what Arsenal were able to do, as The Gunners lost 0-2 against Southampton.

 But, to be fair, Arsenal were not playing their top 11, unlike United. Clearly they have their eyes firmly focused on the Premier League, the league which Manchester United can’t keep up with.

Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool all won their Premier League matches and are chasing down Chelsea’s top spot. Liverpool also defeated Leeds 2-0 in the English Football League!

It’s dog eat dog. All is still to play for and the race for the PL Cup, or any cup for that matter, is no where near over!

Stuck in a Rut

Mourinho’s team have once again failed to maximise their points in the Premier League. This weekend they played against Burnley, a small team, and still didn’t manage to claim a win.

United drew 0-0 with Burnley. They didn’t score a single goal! They had 72% possession, 37 shots at goal and only a measly point to show for it. The worst part was that Mourinho was forced to watch it all from the director’s box! What an eyesore!

What was perhaps more detrimental was the sending off of Herrera in the 68th minute. Admittedly, it was probably a little bit more difficult to play with 10 men, but, Burnley is a small team. Let’s not forget that.

Manchester United are 8th on the Premier League table. They are definitely not in the title race and they may not even be in the race for top four. They’ve had a rough start to the season; can they get any better from here?

Mourinho Dethroned

Mourinho returned to Stamford Bridge to face off against his old team, Chelsea. Although at the start of the match he received a warm welcome from his old fans, Mourinho was too humiliated by the final match result to be comfortable.

Within 30 seconds of gameplay, Pedro gave Chelsea the lead! This early blow tore Man United’s match tactics to shreds. Where were they to go next?

Apparently, not very far. Cahill doubled Chelsea’s lead with a goal in the 21st minute! The Blues were proving to be the better team in every way possible.


In the second half, Manchester United began to press Chelsea. They wanted to equalise. However, for one reason or another, they weren’t successful.

Hazard netted the third goal for the Blues in the 62nd minute and, in the 70th, Kante netted the fourth. The Blues showed Mourinho that they were a better, stronger and bolder team without him!

The Special One has now become The Broken One. Mourinho’s United has proved to be weaker than Conte’s Chelsea, who denied United a single goal.

Chelsea are 4th on the PL table, only one point away from top spot. Whereas, Manchester United are 7th. There is a growing concern that United might not be among the top four this season.


Mortified Mourinho

Manchester United had a fatal blow this weekend as they were defeated by Watford 3-1. This isn’t United’s first defeat and it doesn’t seem as if it will be there last.

Capoue gave Watford the lead with his goal in the 34th minute and they managed to hold this lead over United for the entire first half!  It was only later counteracted by Rashford’s equaliser in the 62nd. However, it wasn’t long before Watford began chowing down on United’s hopes once again.

In the 83rd minute Zuñiga netted the second goal for Watford, giving them the lead once again. Then, all of United’s optimism was truly demolished when Watford were awarded a penalty in extra time, which was converted successfully into a goal by Deeney! Even in the last moments, Watford never stopped looking for ways to dismantle the Reds!

Manchester United lost their Europa League match during the week and now they have lost their Premier League weekend match. Mourinho needs to find a way to inspire a winning spirit in his new team or else they will succumb to the same fate that Chelsea did last season.

The Delighted and The Devestated

A Manchester derby can never end quietly. Two teams with new managers made a racket out of their weekend match and one club came out the loudest.

Manchester City took an early lead against United when De Bruyne netted a goal in the 15th minute. Then, just over 15 minutes later, Iheanacho doubled the scoreline! The absence of Aguero clearly failed to hinder City’s outstanding performance!

Although City were quick to make a name for themselves at Old Trafford, the Reds did not go unannounced. Ibrahimovic netted a goal for United in the 42nd minute. Sadly, no other goals followed.

So, in order to make some more noise, Mourinho lambasted his players after the match and condemned the referee for not sending off the City goalkeeper and awarding his team the penalty he thought they deserved. We can’t always get what we want in life. This applies to football too, Mourinho.

The Derby ended with the Blues beaming and the Reds rusting. Manchester City may have been speechless over their rewarding victor; however, Manchester United have been silenced.

Mourinho Off; Chelsea On

Mourinho has left and Stamford Bridge is blue once again. Chelsea defeated Sunderland 3-1, returning to the Champions that they are!

Mourinho was sacked earlier on this week, after Christmas lunch. Although many fans loved the manager for what he’d done for the club over the years, Mourinho was mutually agreed that he could no longer work with the players.

By the 5th minute the Blues had taken the lead! Ivanovic netted the first goal for the club, which was followed by a goal from Pedro less than 10 minutes later. They wasted no time in making a change!

There was great gameplay in the first half and a little less in the second. However, Chelsea still continued to make progress. Oscar converted a penalty in the 50th minute to add yet another goal to the scoreline!

There was a portion of hope for Sunderland but, clearly, not enough. Borini netted a goal just three minutes after the penalty had been scored. But this was only one goal. A Chelsea under Mourinho might have conceded more and scored less; they are no longer that club.

The blue players are now cooperating. It’s evident on the pitch. They are ready to move up the League table and redeem the fans who worshipped Moutinho! The manager is a legend, one that Chelsea can never forget; hut sometimes change can be for the better.