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Manchester City began the week on a high after defeating Barcelona 3-1! However, by this weekend they had been brought down a notch. Luckily, the opposite was true for Manchester United.

Messi gave Barcelona the lead against Manchester City in the 21st minute. However, three goals from Gundogan (39′, 74′) and De Bruyne (51) silenced the team known as the best in the world!

Perhaps it was the energy needed to secure this win that caused City to underperform in their match against Middlesbrough. Although Aguero managed to net a goal for his team in the 43rd minute, de Roon scored the equaliser for the opposition in extra time. By this point, it was too late to make amends.

Manchester United did the reverse of what Manchester City did. The Reds lost their Europa League match against Fenerbahce 2-1. They began losing from the second minute of the match, and Rooney’s late goal in the 89th minute couldn’t save them from defeat.


Fortunately, United had a better fate this weekend. They defeated Swansea City by only conceding one goal and by netting three. That’s more like it!

Manchester City are one win away from securing their entry into the next round of the Champions League. However, they are down to third place on the Premier League table.

Manchester United still have a chance to reach the next stage of the Europa League, however, they are going to have to perform a lot better in order to do so. Despite this, they seem to be on the up as they are now sixth place on the Premier League table.

Nothing is ever clear cut in football. As more games are played, the clearer things will become. Soon it will be evident which teams are strong and which ones are not.






The best teams can’t always be the best. Sometimes the smallest teams can hold the biggest teams to ransom.

Arsenal had a goalless draw against Middlesbrough.They failed to use their whopping 75% possession to produce goals and, consequently, gained only one point from the game. The Emirates Stadium was hushed.

The Gunners did have a massive win during the week in the Champions League and, so, as Wenger pointed out in his post- match interview, the team had tired legs and lacked the creativity needed to produce a winning result. Don’t worry, all will be forgiven.

The Gunners are still on top of the PL table with 20 points. However, the gap has been closed between them and their competitors.

Liverpool defeated West Brom 2-1 to rise to second place on the Premier League table. A goal from Mané and a goal from Coutinho meant that the Reds could gain three glorious points that would put them level with Arsenal, with a total of 20 points! The title race is on!

Leicester, the PL champions, managed to defeat Crystal Palace 3-1. However, they’re only at 12th position on the PL table, a big drop from where they were last season.

Times have changed. Teams have changed. This season’s trophy is anyone’s to take!

Another One Bites The Dust

Premier League clubs are suffering at the feet of lower league clubs. Manchester United are out of the Capital One Cup after losing a penalty shootout to Middlesbrough.

The game suffered from lack of goals. The ball never saw the back of the net. Even when the game was extended to 120 minutes, the strikers continued to fail.

Both sides had 6 shots on target, but did nothing with it. The difference between the Premier League club and the Championship was more or less ill-defined.


Arsenal may have ended their journey in the League Cup due to conceding three goals, but Manchester United lost it by conceding three penalties and failing to score three of their own.

Believe it or not, Wayne Rooney, Michael Carrick and Ashley Young all missed their penalties! All three of them. One, two and three! Their fate was crystal clear.

Manchester United are out of the League Cup, that’s for sure. So what else do they have left to fight for? Or, is the real question, who do they have to fight for the team?

But it’s not just them. The Premier League clubs are tumbling and dropping at the sight of minor challenges. Manchester United is definitely no exception.

Open Doors

Arsenal showed their admirable skills in their game against Middlesbrough. They defeated their opposition 2-0 to reach the quater-finals of the FA Cup!

Two goal were scored. Both goals came from one outstanding player! Both goals came in the space of three spectacular minutes! Both a win and a loss was confirmed within one thrilling half of the match!


Giroud scored the first goal for the Gunners in the 27th minute. He then extended the lead in the 29th to put the icing on the cake! Arsenal is not a one-man team, however, today you could beg to differ.

Arsenal have the opportunity to go on and defend their cup. If they continue to push ahead and make it to the final, who knows what could happen?

Laborious Liverpool Lavish Lifeline


It was a duel to the death as Liverpool took on a a persistent Middlesbrough! A top Premier League club could surely beat an infantile Championship team with ease. Right?

In the 10th minute, Rossiter put in a goal to give Liverpool the lead. This was then responded to by Reach in the 62nd. The balance in goals meant the game went into added time. In the 109th minute, Fernández Saez made a break through that should have put the Reds through to the next stage. To their disappointment, Kolo Toure made it even more challenging as he conceded a penalty for the club in the last minute of extra time!

If that was a lot to take in, then get this. The longest penalty shoot out in Capital One history unravelled itself in full glory in front of a roaring crowd! The reds had to fire 14 winning goals at the net before achieving acceptance into the next round! An outrageous 30 penalties we’re taken before Albert Adomah missed for Middlesbrough, 3 of which were missed. What a rush! Unbelievable!

That game created history. They both deserved to go through. However, that’s what football is all about; the thrill, the fire, the fight!