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Laborious Liverpool Lavish Lifeline


It was a duel to the death as Liverpool took on a a persistent Middlesbrough! A top Premier League club could surely beat an infantile Championship team with ease. Right?

In the 10th minute, Rossiter put in a goal to give Liverpool the lead. This was then responded to by Reach in the 62nd. The balance in goals meant the game went into added time. In the 109th minute, Fernández Saez made a break through that should have put the Reds through to the next stage. To their disappointment, Kolo Toure made it even more challenging as he conceded a penalty for the club in the last minute of extra time!

If that was a lot to take in, then get this. The longest penalty shoot out in Capital One history unravelled itself in full glory in front of a roaring crowd! The reds had to fire 14 winning goals at the net before achieving acceptance into the next round! An outrageous 30 penalties we’re taken before Albert Adomah missed for Middlesbrough, 3 of which were missed. What a rush! Unbelievable!

That game created history. They both deserved to go through. However, that’s what football is all about; the thrill, the fire, the fight!