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The Race Has Begun

Both Liverpool and Chelsea are on 12 points after playing four Premier League matches. The race for the title is well and truly under way.

Liverpool defeated Leicester City 1-2 away from home to claim top spot on the Premier League table. Leicester had more possession and more shots at goal. However, it was the Reds that claimed all three points at the end of the match. How brutal!

The Blues also won their match, defeating Bournemouth 2-0 at Stamford Bridge. The Chelsea fans were overjoyed, having been forced to wait until late in the second half for Pedro and Hazard to net in goals for the team.

The only thing that separates Liverpool and Chelsea is their goal difference; Liverpool have a goal difference of 8, while Chelsea have a goal difference of 7! It is very tight at the top of the table. The competition is heating up!


Hanging By a Thread

There’s no denying the fact that Mourinho is in a shaky position after his continuous defeats in the Premier League. His Chelsea squad have now gone on to be shamed in the League Cup, by Stoke. Plus, it can’t be great knowing that their next game will be without Diego Costa, who is now out with injury.

In the 52nd minute, Walters gave Stoke the lead! The Blues had begun to gulp at the feeling of more misfortune until Remy changed it all. Remy equalised for his team in the 90th minute, taking the match through added time and into penalties!

 The penalty shootout was very intense as every ball was finding itself at the back of the net. That was until it came up to the fifth Chelsea kick. Hazard, who had previously fallen out with Mourinho, delivered quite a soft penalty that was caught by the Stoke goalkeeper! Chelsea were out! Misery was upon them once more.

No one knows when Chelsea’s woes will come to an end. Perhaps, if they lose to Liverpool on the weekend and Mourinho gets the sack, things will change. But have the Chelsea players stopped playing for their manager? Mourinho’s job could be in the hands of his players.

Title Thrills

Chelsea have been top of the table for as long as anyone can remember. But the Premier League trophy was never officially theirs. Their game against Crystal Palace changed that.

Chelsea have many brilliant players on their squad. A powerful team it is indeed. However, one man has stood out the most and he made his name known once again.


The goal that won the match and the goal that won the title came from no other than Eden Hazard! He has taken many chances this season and in this match he took the golden opportunity to please all of Stamford Bridge!

The season is not over yet, but the result for one special club is already known. Mourinho has led Chelsea to Premier League victory with three games left to spare!

Blue wonders

Chelsea have beaten team after team to get closer to the Premier League cup. They have now done it against Manchester United and their confidence has rocketed as high as their chances!

 There was only one crucial goal in the game. Hazard was the one to score it in the 38th minute.


Chelsea have finally played their game in hand and they’ve taken all they can from it! They’re 10 points clear at the top of the table and it’so very hard to see a team catching up to them.

 Manchester United, however, remain in third position. They might not win the title this year, but they have definately made a substantial improvement from last season.

There are only six games left for the team’s this season. Who succeeds and who fails…we are yet to know.

Up, Up and Away

Chelsea have been topping the Premier League and they’ve now extended the lead. Their game against Stoke proved to be a successful one.

Hazard gave the Blues their first goal after converting a penalty in the 39th minute. They had started well, however, the first half ended in a draw as Adam equalised for stoke in the 44th minute.


In the second half Chelsea made a turn around and this time they stuck to it! Remy scored the winning goal in the 62nd minute.

Every game is vital at this stage of the season so every win proves significant. As the Blues have now moved seven points clear at the top of the table, could they perhaps be destinined for the title this season?

Danger Danger

All teams need to take a cautious approach when they come to face Chelsea.  West Ham played the Blues that had a certain player whose warning is even written in his name.

Hazard. Sound familiar? It’s the name given to a potential risk. It’s the name given to something you’re better off avoiding. It’s the name given to a man that can cause serious damage to an opposing team!


Eden Hazard only needed to score one goal for his team, in the 22nd minute, to give them the three points they were looking for. The Blues have now scored in 14 straight games and it doesn’t look like the tally is ready to end!

Chelsea are leading the way at the top of the PL table with 63 points. They are five points ahead of Manchester City and they still have a game in hand! Can this title be already claimed as their own?

Striving and Surviving

Chelsea played away against Aston Villa, however, they didn’t fail to deliver the result we were all hoping for. Their win today has enabled them to begin running away with the Premier League title.

Hazard netted a goal in the 8th minute to give Chelsea an early lead. The Blues maintained their advantage throughout the first half.


The second half didn’t begin well for Mourinho’s side as Okore equalised for Villa in the 48th minute. However, this act was soon put to shame as Ivanovic gave the Blues the lead again in the 66th! Take that as a warning: Chelsea are not to be messed with.

Chelsea have moved seven points clear at the top of the table so Mourinho can now wipe away the sweat collecting on his forehead. The pressure has been reduced, but can Chelsea continue to widen the gap between them and their opponents?

Missing Persons

Chelsea played against Liverpool for the first leg of the semi-final of the Capital One Cup. The Blues that turned up tonight weren’t the usual outgoing and thriving Blues. For some reason, they just weren’t present today.

Hazard converted a penalty in the 18th minute to give Chelsea the lead! That was a great start for Mourinho’s team, however it didn’t last for long.

In the second half, Sterling equalised for a strong Liverpool team! Their equaliser was well deserved as they went above the standard that Chelsea was showing. Liverpool dominated with 62% possession. They also had 19 shots at goal compared to Chelsea’s two! They outplayed them!


Chelsea  lost just one of their last eight meetings with the Reds and all the thanks to Courtois, the Blues’ goalkeeper, for keeping the team and the record alive. If he did not save the attempts of the Liverpool strikers, it would have been a very different story. The Chelsea we know doesn’t need saving. By the next match, let’s hope the team we know has crawled out from the bushes they’ve been hiding under and dusted themselves off.

On the other hand, Liverpool seem to be showing a different side of them in the FA Cup than what they’ve shown us in the Premier League. Have they said “farwell” to their title hopes and “hello” to the open opportunity of lifting the FA Cup this year?

Chelsea Chomped

Chelsea played against Tottenham in what was thought to be a winnable match. However, the events proved otherwise.

Diego netted the first goal to give Chelsea the lead in the 18th minute. This lead was soon diminished by Kane’s goal in the 30th. The teams were level but of course they didn’t rest.

Rose gave Tottenham the lead in the 44th minute. You wouldn’t think a goal could come any closer to the half time whistle, yet somehow it did! Townsend converted a penalty in the 45th minute to make it three.


In the second half the action continued. Hazard was able to get a goal back for the Blues in the 61st minute. However, attention was soon drawn away from this as Chadli extended Spurs’ lead!

Terry later scored a vital goal for Chelsea as the game was coming to a close. This goal gave Chelsea the same goal difference as Manchester City and so they were able to stay at the top of the table due to alphabetical order. Wow, what a way to use your ABC’s to your advantage!

Mourinho’s team conceding five goals! Is he losing his magic touch?

The Blues left the match with a blue feeling inside. After a 5-3 defeat we can only hope that they find the motivation to fight for top spot.


Chelsea are topping the table, but how long for? Today they played Southampton, and the results were not convincing.

The Blues received a scare when Mané gave Southampton the lead in the 17th minute. This lead shook their confidence and dominance a little.

Things, however, turned around. Just as the first half was coming to a close, Hazard scored his 10th goal of the season to put Chelsea level!

No goals came in the second half, despite Chelsea’s continuous attempts.

Chelsea are topping the table, but another draw could cause them trouble. At the top they have all the pressure to win and win and win.