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The Battle for Top Four

It is the last day of the Premier League and a huge battle for top four will take place in a few hours. Chelsea and Tottenham have both secured 1st and 2nd position respectively, so it’s left to either Manchester City, Liverpool or Arsenal to make up the numbers.

Manchester City are the most likely club to finish in a Champions League position. They defeated Crystal Palace, Leicester and West Brom this month, moving them up to 3rd place on the table.  They are two points above Liverpool and three points above Arsenal. So, the only possible way that they could fall out of top four is if they lose their final match, against Watford, and Arsenal score 5 goals. This is rather unlikely.

Liverpool also have the fate of top four in their hands. They are currently fourth place on the Premier League table, having won two of their last three matches and drawn the other. To secure their fate, they simply need to win their last game at home against Middlesbrough, a team already relegated. That shouldn’t be too hard.

Arsenal won all four of their Premier League matches this month. However, since they haven’t been consistent throughout the season, they are currently in fifth place and their hopes of top four are sitting in the hands of those above them. Not only do they need to win a tough match against Everton, they also need those above them drop enough points and concede enough goals in order to overtake them.  

Arsenal have finished in top four for 20 years in a row! However, this run could come to an end very shortly.

The Premier League is coming to a close and all the action will be happening all at once. Whilst we try to predict what is to come, we must brace ourselves for the unexpected!


The FA Cup is Coming to London 

The top teams battled against each other for a spot in the FA Cup Final. Chelsea faced Tottenham and Arsenal faced Manchester City and this is what came of it…

Chelsea, the Premier League leaders tore their competitor to shreds with a 4-2 victory. The Blues were quick to put to bed any false hopes Tottenham were harbouring of winning the FA Cup. This game also proved to be a big indicator of who would be the most victorious in the Premier League.

It was then a matter of who was going to face Chelsea in the final. The match between Arsenal and Manchester City was the decider.

Both teams scored a goal by the end of the 90 minutes, forcing them to play another 30 minutes of added time in order for one team to find a winning goal. Luckily, one did- and it was Arsenal!

Sánchez’s goal in the 102nd minute confirmed Arsenal’s place in the FA Cup final. Arsenal have won the cup twice in the last three years, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if they won it again this year.

The FA Cup Final will be played on May 27th. It’s going to be a big match between two great London rivals. Chelsea have already won the Premier League. Will they win another?

Them again

Arsenal were just able to reach the finals of the FA Cup. Reading did not let the holders off easy as they battled through the semi-finals.

Sanchez opened up the game with a goal in the 39th minute. The Gunners were leading and they wanted it to remain that way.

In the second half, disappointment struck Wembley! McCleary equalised for Reading in the 54th minute! This was definately not on Wenger’s agenda.


The tie took the match to added time. This additional time enabled Sanchez to, once again, tug his team forward. He scored the winning goal in the 106th minute!

The Gunners are through to the FA Cup final with the hope of defending their cup. Can the Holders lift the trophy once more?

Open Doors

Arsenal showed their admirable skills in their game against Middlesbrough. They defeated their opposition 2-0 to reach the quater-finals of the FA Cup!

Two goal were scored. Both goals came from one outstanding player! Both goals came in the space of three spectacular minutes! Both a win and a loss was confirmed within one thrilling half of the match!


Giroud scored the first goal for the Gunners in the 27th minute. He then extended the lead in the 29th to put the icing on the cake! Arsenal is not a one-man team, however, today you could beg to differ.

Arsenal have the opportunity to go on and defend their cup. If they continue to push ahead and make it to the final, who knows what could happen?

City Are Champions

20140511-060652 pm.jpg

Nasri and Kompany scored the goals that declared Manchester City Premier League Champions! Pellegrini has made a massive and memorable mark on his first season with Manchester City. The trophy lights the stadium as the fans arise. They celebrate, they rejoice and they roar as they claim the trophy that they truly deserve.

Liverpool seem to have accepted their fate and are looking towards next season. They managed to come from behind to win Newcastle 2-1. 84 points is what they’ve gained throughout the season to finish in 2nd place. It wasn’t enough to hit the top but at least they’ll be recognised for their brilliant play and amazing achievements!

Next season will be a new season for tumbles and triumphs. Who wins; we’re yet to know…