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All or Nothing

Both Arsenal and Manchester City played Champions League matches which had bulging scorelines. However, only one of them was able to claim victory; whilst the other suffered a merciless defeat.

The best team is worth mentioning first. Arsenal were tremendously successful in their match against Ludogorets Razgrad. A total of six goals were scored by the Gunners (six!), and they could have even scored twice that amount as they had 12 shots on target! Yes, 12!

The first goals came from Sanchez (12′) and Walcott (42′) in the first half; followed by a goal from Oxlade-Chamberlain (46′) and a hat-trick from Ozil (56′, 83′, 87′) in the second half. Every kick of the ball was a step closer to triumph!



It’s a shame that Manchester City were not subject to the same gleeful fate as the Gunners. City was embarrassingly thrashed 4-0 by Barcelona, with Messi scoring a hat-trick and Neymar netting a late goal.




It could be said that City was put at a disadvantage, as Bravo was sent off in the 53rd minute. However, this drawback was not held for too long, for Barcelona were also reduced to ten men when Mathieu was shown a red card 20 minutes later.

Aguero was left on the bench for most of the game, and was only sent onto the field in the 79th minute. Bad move. By then, it was all too late for him to rescue his team. Pity.

Arsenal are now topping group A with 7 points (the same as Paris St Germain) and, luckily, Manchester City is second in their group despite them having 5 less points than Barcelona. Well, they did only lose to the best.

For now, it looks as if all the English teams will progress to the next stage of the Champions League. Even Leicester has been thriving, as they are topping group G with 9 points, and Tottenham is second in group E. Perhaps the time has come for an English team to dominate Europe!





Blues Belittle Leicester

The Premier League champions, Leicester City, proved no match for the blue giants. Chelsea stood so tall that their opposition feared to retaliate.

Diego Costa was quick on his feet. He gave Chelsea the lead by converting a corner kick in the 7th minute of the game. Chelsea can always rely on Costa to give them the boost they need! He is not the ‘monster’ he was labelled as last season.

In fact, every Chelsea player turned up today. Two more goals came from Hazard and Moses in the 33rd and 80th minute respectively. Plus, the strong performance of David Luiz made up for the absence of Courtious. Leicester were simply no match for the Blues!

Chelsea are up at 5th place on the PL table; whilst Leicester are down at 13th. They’ve swapped places! The Blues are on the up! Leicester is falling…

The Great Gunners

Arsenal, even in the most testing of times, find a way to procure success. They score goals, they concede goals, and in the end they win.

Walcott gave Arsenal the lead by scoring two goals in the 26th and 33rd minute! It was too bad that they let Swansea back in the game as Sigurdsson netted a goal before half time.



The second half gave birth to even greater shocks and horrors! Ozil thankfully netted the third goal for the Gunner in the 57th minute. However, within the next 15 minutes, Swansea City scored another goal and Xhaka was shown a red card!

It was a good thing that the Gunners were able to show resilience in the face of this and hang on to their lead until the final whistle was blown! Nothing ever comes easy for Wenger!

Arsenal are now level with Manchester City on the PL table as both teams have 19 points. The title race has only just begun, but the competition is already hightening!

Two In One Out

Both Manchester City and Manchester United won their Football League matches to continue their chase for a trophy. However, despite these successes, only one club will be able to continue to excel.

Manchester City defeated their opponent, Swansea, 2-1. Clichy netted the first goal for City in the 49th minute and Garcia Serrano scored the second. The only moment in which Swansea earned recognition was in extra time when Sigurdsson netted a consolation goal.

It didn’t take much for City to grab the win they needed. Sometimes, there is just no competition!


Manchester United had a greater win, with a scoreline of 3-1, however, they did appear to struggle a little more. Carrick netted the first goal against Northampton Town in the 17th minute. Sadly, a penalty awarded to the opposition a few minutes before half time meant that the game was level at the start of the second half.

Luckily enough, United were able to gather the strength to score two more winning goals! One was scored by Herrera (68′) and the other by Rashford (75′). If United are able to take the lead twice in one game, then who knows what else they could do…

The good news is that both Manchester Teams will feature in the fourth round of the League Cup. Hooray! However, the bad news is that in this round the two teams will be facing one another! Oh no! Now only one of them will be able to make it to the quarter finals.

There is only one question that remains: will it be City or United that proves to be the better, bolder and most brutal Manchester club of all?


Double Whammy

Both Arsenal and Manchester City dished out their best performances in order to thrash their opponents. They didn’t simply play to win; they played with the idea of being remembered and never forgotten.

Sanchez was quick to give Arsenal the lead against Hull when he netted a goal in the 17th minute. The Gunners were then given an extra advantage, when Livermore was sent off in the 40th minute, and they took full advantage of it! Walcott netted Arsenal’s second goal in the 55th minute.


Hull City were later repaid for their misfortune when they earned a penalty and converted it into a goal in the 79th minute. However, from then on, Arsenal refused to hand out any more favours. Instead, they dug Hull a deeper hole.

Sanchez netted the third goal for the Gunners in the 83rd minute and in extra time another goal followed from Xhaka (a new signing). If four goals isn’t something to scream about, what is?

Well… maybe scoring four goals and conceding none calls for an even geater celebration! De Bruyne netted the first goal for Man City in the 15th minute and Bournemouth was soon down by two goals when Iheanacho netted the second in the 25th. Nothing could stop, or even merely slow down, Manchester City!


Two more goals frollowed from Sterling and Gundogan in the 48th and 66th minutes respectively. Nolito was shown a red card in the 86th minute, however, it came too late in the game for it to cause any damage to the winning side. Yet again, City could not be tamed!

Arsenal have surpassed Chelsea this weekend and replaced them at third place on the PL table, whilst Manchester City remains holding top spot. The top teams might have had a few setbacks last season, but, don’t be fooled! They are all proving to be bigger and better versions of themselves this time around!




Down With The Blues

Chelsea were in a somber mood after losing to Liverpool on Friday. It was their first loss of the season. If there is anything that can get the Blues down, it’s this.

Lovren gave Liverpool the lead when he netted a goal in the 17th minute. If that was thought to be too hard to digest, what must have been even harder for the Blues was Henderson’s goal in the 36th. How can one return from such early setbacks?


Well, that’s the question Chelsea are still asking now! Diego Costa managed to score a consolation goal in the 61st minute, but, this wasn’t enough to steal even a single point away from their red opponents. Their shirts were blue, the stadium was blue and the players were blue too.


David Luiz, Chelsea’s ex-player who just recently returned to the club, played for the first time since his return. However, not even he could save his team from downfall. Well, he is still re-adjusting.

Chelsea remain with 10 points and Liverpool are now tailing behind them with 10 points also. More clubs will play this weekend, and then we can see the true cost of this defeat.

Castigated Champions

Liverpool and Leicester City didn’t see eye to eye in today’s Premier League battle. Leicester, the Champions, soon evolved into fallen heroes as the Reds mercilessly unleashed their wrath!

Firmino gave Liverpool their desired lead in the 13th minute of the match. This was doubled my Mané in the 31st. They weren’t wasting any time!

However, neither were Leicester. Just a few minutes after Liverpool’s second goal Vardy netted a consolation goal for his team. This did not level the playing field but it at least gave the opposition some hope. Every little helps.

Nevertheless, the Leicester players made no further contribution to the scoreline. Instead, Lallana netted a goal for the Reds in the 56th minute and Firmino scored once again to give Liverpool a goal count of four!

Leicester seemed to have lost the magic quality they possessed last season. Lightning never strikes in the same place twice. Leicester’s performance is proof of that.

Hello Again!

The Premier League is back, with all its goals, grumbles and glories! Last season saw Leicester City climb to status and claim the trophy; however, it looks as if this season will see a whole new Champion entirely!

Leicester lost the opening game of the season against Hull City, one of the league’s newbies this season. Goals from Diomande and Snodgrass destroyed any power that the singular goal from Leicester’s Mahrez had.


Leicester has become the first ever Premier League champion to lose the first game of the season following that of their trophy lift! It is clear that they are not the same team that they were last season, and neither are the others. The departure of Kante to Chelsea could have played a part in this.

It is fair to say that so early on it’s hard to say who will shine or rust. However, despite the lack of fitness, there are still PL giants who find points falling at their feet, or shall I say into their goalpost. It looked as if Manchester City was going to suffer a 1-1 draw against Sunderland in their first Premier League match under Pep Guardiola. However, their fate changed just as it was being fulfilled.

An own goal from McNair in the 87th minute gave Manchester City and the club’s new manager something to rejoice over. We can only hope that Moyes,the new Sunderland manager,did not return to the Premier League in vain. These first three points have marked the beginning of this seasons Premier League title race!

After a long break it’s hard to tell what’s to come of this season. Will Leicester remain the giant that they posed as last season? Will Manchester City thrive under their new leadership? Will Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United pose great threats? Only one thing is certain: time will tell all.


Chasing Dreams

Chelsea are on their way up! They may have been sitting just above the relegation zone at one point this season, however, they are far away from that now. They defeated Nowrich 2-1 to boost themselves up to the first half of the Premier League table.

The Blues went ahead from as early as the first minute! Kenedy netted a goal before many of the fans had even settled into their seats! From there it had been written: Chelsea were to win.

Another goal was scored at the end of the first half but, this time, by Costa. Costa has scored quite a few goals for the club, however, many thought that this one wasn’t meant to be one of them, for the goal appeared offside.

In the second half, Norwich did manage to claim back one goal. But despite their efforts, they weren’t able to gain any more. They are now sitting miserably in the relegation zone.

Chelsea, with their three extra points, have moved all the way up to eight position on the PL table. They are now above Liverpool and just five points below Manchester United! Could we perhaps entertain our imagination and say that they have a chance of finishing in the top four or atleast gain an Europa League spot?

Chuffed Chelsea

Chelsea finally got the ball rolling again in their victory against Dynamo Kiev. After several losses this football season, they were able to make minor moves towards recovery in the Champions League. Baby steps, baby steps.

Chelsea claimed the first goal of the match, but it wasn’t their player that scored it. Dragovic netted an own goal in the 34th minute to put the Blues at an advantage. Mourinho may have accepted this with open arms, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that Chelsea rely on the misfortune of others to achieve their own success.


The Blues continued to hold on to their lead until the 77th minute. Dragovic netted the equaliser to repay his team for the mistake he made previously! It seemed that Chelsea would continue to wollow in their all too familiar pool of woes. Luckily, William recovered what Chelsea once had in the 83rd minute. He had done it again!

There is no denying that Chelsea are flying low in the Premier League and that Mourinho’s job could be on the line. However, their fate is in their hands in the Champions League. Will they hold on to it or will they let it fall from their hands?