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Manchester United are Europa League Champions

Manchester United’s experienced team defeated Ajax’s juniors to win the Europa League and, ultimately, qualify for the Champions League next season.

The Reds defeated their opposition 2-0, the goal scorers being Pogba (18′) and Mkhitaryan (48′). Although Mourinho was too skeptical to celebrate the first goal, he definitely raised his hopes of lifting the cup by the time the second goal was netted.

Manchester United might have finished 6th on the Premier League table, but all that is now irrelevant. They will be joining the top four Premier League finishers in the Champions League next season, and that is what they’ll truly be celebrating.

Arsenal now remains the only top English Club to not be participating in the Champions League next season. How times have changed! Nevertheless, we wish all the English clubs the best next year.

Who knows, just like United, the Gunners could gain success outside of the Premier League. The FA Cup Final will be played this weekend, and the only thing we know for sure is that one London club will be walking away with a trophy!

All in all, congratulations Manchester United!



Manchester United have really built themselves up since last year, and are beginning to show that they can still be a too club without Alex Ferguson.

They put on very strong and promising performance in January. Not only were they largely winning their Premier League matches, but they also succeeded through the third and fourth round of the FA Cup.

The same fate followed them throughout February, in which they reached the Europa League last 16 and won the Football League Cup by defeating Southampton 3-2! Impressive! 

It’s sad to note that they were knocked out of the FA Cup in March after being defeated by Chelsea 1-0. Manchester United are good, but perhaps not as good as the Premier League leaders.

Although, that was indeed challenged this April. Manchester United defeated Chelsea 2-0 last weekend, just a few days after drawing against RSC Anderlecht 1-1 in the first leg of the Europa League quarter final! They won’t give up!

Manchester United is currently 5th position on the Premier League table, but they have the mentality of a team in top four. Let’s hope that this can-do attitude helps them in the second leg of their Europa League match tomorrow!

Red Rage

Arsenal had a shocking blow in the Champions League match this week, similarly to Manchester United in their Europa League game. The only different between the two teams was that Arsenal managed to recover. It’s sad that the same can’t be said about Mourinho’s team.

Paris St Germain wasted only but a few seconds before taking the lead against Arsenal. Cavani gave PSG an extremely early lead when he netted a goal just after 42 seconds! Well, there’s no time like the present!

The Gunners did eventually manage to equalise in the 77th minute (thanks to Sanchez), however, this wasn’t even the most exciting part of the game. 

In extra time, when the result had pretty much been confirmed, both Verratti (from PSG) and Giroud were sent off the pitch. All they had to do was hang in there a little longer. Pity.

Nevertheless, the great news is that all the teams in Arsenal’s group drew and, so, every team in group A has one point. Therefore, the Gunners still have a clean slate and an equal chance of progressing to the next stage!

Tottenham, sadly, were the only England team to lose as they conceded two goals to Monaco which they failed to cancel out.

But honestly, Spurs weren’t the only English club in dismay. In Europa League, the great Manchester United fell under the petite power of Feyenoord. It only took one goal, from Vilhena in the 79th minute, to punish Mourinho’s team. The Reds are going to have to work a lot harder if they want to succeed in Europe.

Arsenal still have a stable chance of being successful in the Champions League; however, Europa League might just prove too difficult for Mourinho’s United. Manchester United just haven’t been the same since Ferguson left. Maybe it is wise to keep the same manager for a lengthy period of time… 

Red with Victory

Both Manchester United and Liverpool won their Premier League matches this weekend, and without conceding either. The only difference between them was that Liverpool scored one more goal in their match, which was against Watford.

On Saturday, Manchester United didn’t turn up with the aim of producing dazzling football with a grand result against Nowrich. All they did was what they needed to do to get three points. They scored a goal. Mata, in the 72nd minute, bagged a late win for United, sustaining the hope that they still might be able to make it into top four.

Liverpool produced slightly higher results in their game, but still gained the same three points. The Reds secured a win after goals were netted by Allen in the 35th minute and Firmino in the 76th. It’s a shame that, even after this, they won’t be able to qualify for a Champions League position… Although they could win Europa League and get in that way.

In fact, earlier this week, Liverpool defeated Villarreal 3-0 to make it to the Europa League final! Jurgen Klopp might just be winning a cup in this first year of managing the club! Now that is victory.

Manchester United are fighting for a Champions League position in the Premier League, however, the Reds are also doing the same in Europa. Although they are both good football teams, and both deserving of a place, one team will have to pave way for the other one way or another.

One Way or Another

Liverpool have won games in the Premier League, but they are not as high as they were last season. However, if a Champions League spot is out of reach, then they have other ways of getting their eyes on the prize.

Liverpool were hugely successful in their game against a ten-man Everton on April 20th, defeating them 4-0. However, the following weekend, they drew 2-2 against Newcastle. The same number of goals scored, but a different result entirely.

On the 28th, Liverpool lost the first leg of their match against Villarreal 1-0. in the . This means they have to work even harder in the second leg of the Europa League semi-final if playing in the Champions League next season is to become a reality.

The Premier League is also still proving hard to manage. The Reds have begun the month of May with a 3-1 loss against Swansea, which included the sending off of Smith. However, we must sympathise with the team and the fans, for this was the time in which they were reflecting on the 96 that died during the Hillsborough incident.

Liverpool aren’t fighting for much in the Premier League, but they certainly are in Europa. If they can find a way to win it, then they will discover that this season is, in actual fact, one worth celebrating.



Liverpool at Large

Liverpool, despite dismal Premier League results, have been victorious in their Europa League adventure. If they are not showing signs of greatness in UK competitions, they are definitely doing so on an international stage.

On March 10th, Liverpool defeated Manchester united 2-0 in the Europa League first leg. Sturridge converted a penalty in the 20th minute and Firmino netted the second goal in the 73rd. Liverpool were well on their way to the next round.

Their entrance into the Last 8 was confirmed a week later in the second leg. Although Martial netted a penalty for United in the 32nd minute; Coutinho levelled the scoreline in the 45th. This made the final result 3-1 on aggregate, with a tremendous triumph for Liverpool, especially considering that they had to face their rival twice!

Although they handled themselves well before Europe, their fans at home had little to rejoice about. The Reds managed to put two goals passed Southampton, however, this was topped by three goals from the opposing team. Despite their effort, Liverpool could take no goals home to add to their Premier League points total.

This April, Liverpool has, however, stepped up their game! Not only did they draw 1-1 with Tottenham and defeat Stoke 4-1 in the Premier League; they also took larger leaps in the Europa League. After drawing with Borrusia Dortmund 1-1 for the first leg, they went on to defeat them 4-3 in the second (and this was with the first two goals from the opposition going before 10 minutes of the game had even been played). Bravo!

Liverpool have a chance to raise the Europa League trophy, and we wish them all the best in doing so. However, they’re sitting at 8th place on the PL table, with only a few points seperating them from a much improved Chelsea. Liverpool can only guarantee themselves a Europa League spot next season by actually winning the Cup itself. It must be done.


Melancholic Manchester

The month of March was of minimal triumph for both Manchester teams. There has been defeats, multiple draws, but also a win from one Manchester side over the other!

On March 10th, Liverpool knocked Manchester United out of the Europa League with a 2-0 defeat. It was only the notable work of David de Gea that prevented United from facing further humiliation.

The weekend of that week, both Manchester teams drew. City had a goalless Premier League draw against Nowrich; whereas, United ventured a little further with a 1-1 draw agaist West Ham, earning themselves an FA Cup replay. One can only hope that they produce a valuable result next time around.

Manchester City walked through another goalless draw on March 15th, however this one was in fact worth every goal (zero in total). Due to their previous 3-1 defeat over Dynamo Kiev in the first leg of the Champions League, a draw in the second leg meant that the final result was 3-1 on aggregate. This secured a place for City in the Champions League quater finals! Small kicks from the players; big leaps for the team!

Two days later, Manchester United gained another 1-1 result, but against their rival, Liverpool. The Manchester teams have been, undeniably, following their own and each other’s footsteps! This meant that the result on aggregate for the Europa League was 3-1. The only difference was that United were on the losing side of this scoreline, unlike Manchester City, which, therefore, ended their run in Europe. Well, there’s always next year.

The only thing that helped to console United, was their triumph over their greatest rival, Manchester City! The weekend derby saw only one goal, which came from United’s Rashford in the 16th minute! A single goal was all that was needed to silence a Manchester City that was suffering from a case of Goal Drought. We hope for a recover soon.

And they have. Manchester City have won all their four games so far this April. They’ve won 4-0 against Bournemouth and 2-1 against West Brom to keep them glued to 4th place on the Premier League table, with Manchester United sitting below them with four points less. City have also been the only English team to make it to the semi-finals of the Champions League after drawing 2-2 against Paris St Germain and then defeating them 1-0 in the second leg at home. Impressive!

However, the same cannot be said for United. I must admit they have managed to win two games so far this month: 1-0 against Everton and 2-1 against West Ham. Nevertheless, they can’t maintain a streak of wins. Between these two matches, United lost 3-0 to Tottenham! I’m sure they could have done much better than that.

Manchester City won’t be winning the Premier League trophy this year, however, they’ve gone the furthest they have ever gone in the Champions League. This could be their year! United, on the other hand, only seem to be settling for a Europe League position. Maybe next year they’ll show us signs of their former selves again.






Red Fate

Liverpool have added another game to their tally of draws. They mustered a 1-1 result against Rubin Kazan.

Most of the Premier League clubs began their Champions League games with drawbacks. The same is present in the Europa League. Liverpool fell behind when Devic scored a goal in the 15th minute!

Destiny began to alter when Kuzmin was shown a Red card in the 36th minute. The Reds immediately took advantage of this as Can scored the equaliser just a moment later! Liverpool, however, weren’t successful in claiming bonus points.

The Reds are second place in Group B and have not lost a game under their new manager, yet. Nethertheless, they have drawn 7 out of their last 8 games in all competitions. Are they missing something?

Stuck In The Middle

Liverpool are still crawling their way through the Europa League. Their game against FC Sion produced a mere draw. Another draw.

The Reds looked destined to win after a shockingly early goal. Lallana netted a goal for Liverpool in the 4th minute of the match!

The problem was that nothing much came after this. By the 17th minute, Assifuah had scored the equaliser. The game could have stopped there.

Liverpool have played two matches and have found themselves in second place, in Group B, with two points. If they really want the anttention they deserve, they should start winning games.


With the Champions League played earlier on in the week, it was now time for Europa. Liverpool played a limp game against Bordeaux.

All the goals came late in the game. Each side scored one goal and Liverpool decided that they’d take their turn first. Lallana netter a goal 65th minute of the match!

A victory for Liverpool soon became obsolete when the home team fought back for a draw. Ferreira Vieira scored the equaliser with only around ten minutes of the game left to go. Great timing!

Liverpool have gained an away goal, however, the match didn’t work to their favour. They didn’t win and if they wish to do so, they have to act more!