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It is Not Easy

In the Premier League, there are no easy games. This is what Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United had to come to terms with this Sunday.

Arsenal’s lead against Cardiff was cancelled twice before Lacazette scored the winning goal in the 81st minute. The Gunners won the match 3-2, and many fans were happy to finally see Lacazette starting with Aubameyang.

Tottenham disappointingly failed to overcome their setbacks. Both Spurs and Wolves had won all three of their Premier League matches before their game against each other. That soon changed.

After an own goal gave Tottenham the lead in the second half, two goals from Deeney and Cathcart gave Wolves the win. Wolves are now sitting with Liverpool and Chelsea at the top of the table with 12 points.

Manchester United, however, broke their run of losses after defeating Burnley 2-0. Lukaku scored both goals in the first half of the match. It was a game completely dominated by Mourinho’s team.

Despite this, there were a few hiccups. Rashford was sent off in the 71st minute and Pogba failed to convert a penalty. At the end of the day, United can only be pleased to have finally gained another 3 points.

Big teams who have started the season poorly are starting to rack up points; while those who started well are starting to feel the sting of defeat. Nothing is straightforward when it comes to football.


Home Run

Manchester City are completely and utterly running away with the title. In fact, they have been performing well in all competitions. At this stage, it would not be surprising if they end up winning more than one trophy at the end of the season.

Man City are sitting at the top of the table with an extremely comfortable 12-point lead. They entered the new year unbeaten in the Premier League and that continued up until their most recent game.

Liverpool was the team to finally break down the leaders, defeating them 4-3 last weekend. Although this result was helpful in raising Liverpool to third place on the Premier table, City’s position was hardly impacted due to the excessive lead they had alreadly accumulated.

This weekend, despite the resilience Newcastle, showed, Manchester City was able to defeat them 3-1 with a hat trick from Agüero. After all, it is hard to keep a compelling team down!

Manchester City are well on there way to being Premier League champions. For now, it does not seem like anyone will be able to truly slow them down.

It’s Unpredictable 

At the start of every season, there are always a few unexpected, shocking or worrying results. Whilst some teams triumpthed in their first match, it was shocking to see that the current Premier League Champions suffered the worst fate of all.

Chelsea’s first match of the season was against Burnley and, devastatingly, they were down by 3-0 at half time after Cahill was sent off in the 14th minute. This was not what anyone expected to see from the Premier League giants.

Luckily, Morata- the new Chelsea signing- netted a goal for the Blues in the second half, inspiring hope in the team. However, Fàbregas, another Chelsea player, was sent off in the 81st minute. The Champions were down to nine men!

Despite this, David Luiz scored another goal for the Blues but a loss was still scribbled into their fate. Although Conte’s team suffered failure, their ability to score goals when at a disadvantage should open fans up to the great prospects of this season!

It was also a dismal start for Liverpool who drew 3-3 with Watford. At least they managed to secure one point from the game, which is more than can be said for others.

The strongest results actually came from the two Manchester clubs, with Manchester City defeating the newly promoted Brighton 2-0 and Manchester United crushing West Ham 4-0. Whether this is reflective of what’s to come, no one can yet tell.

An unpredictable start to the season can only suggest an unpredictable season with, perhaps, an unpredictable champion. We will all be watching and enjoying the ride!

Blues Belittle Leicester

The Premier League champions, Leicester City, proved no match for the blue giants. Chelsea stood so tall that their opposition feared to retaliate.

Diego Costa was quick on his feet. He gave Chelsea the lead by converting a corner kick in the 7th minute of the game. Chelsea can always rely on Costa to give them the boost they need! He is not the ‘monster’ he was labelled as last season.

In fact, every Chelsea player turned up today. Two more goals came from Hazard and Moses in the 33rd and 80th minute respectively. Plus, the strong performance of David Luiz made up for the absence of Courtious. Leicester were simply no match for the Blues!

Chelsea are up at 5th place on the PL table; whilst Leicester are down at 13th. They’ve swapped places! The Blues are on the up! Leicester is falling…

Not So Mighty Manchester

Manchester City, the team that is currently leading the title race, surprisingly couldn’t display their strength to Everton. They were shamefully held to a 1-1 draw.

No goals were scored during the first half of the match. Manchester City was awarded a penalty, however, it was saved by the Everton goalkeeper.

In the second half, the Toffees used this added confidence to take the lead in the 64th minute. However, it didn’t last long as City equalised in the 72nd.

City could have won the match, for they were given another penalty in the second half. But, yet again, it was saved by Maarten Stekelenburg! What a goalkeeper! Magnificent!

The Toffees clearly got a bit too sticky for Manchester City, who just couldn’t get a win from them. This has meant that City have allowed Arsenal to catch up to them on the PL table. Now, there’s work to be done.

Joy All Around

Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool all won their Capital One Cup matches with quite hefty scorelines. Chelsea did admittedly have the biggest challenge of them all, however, they still produced a favourable outcome like the rest.

Arsenal had an astounding 4-0 win against Nottingham Forest. The first of their goals was netted by Xhaka in the 23rd minute and this remained the only goal of the first half. Arsenal’s new signing has once again proved useful to the team.

In the second half, three more goals followed and they were all scored by the Gunners! Two were by Pérez Martínez and the last one was netted in extra time by Oxlade-Chambelain. There wasn’t a single incorrect step taken by Wenger’s side.

The Gunners weren’t the only red team firing cannons at their opponents. Liverpool demolished Derby County in a similar fashion. Klavan gave the Reds the lead with his goal in the 24th minute and two goals followed this in the second half. The Premier League teams almost seem to be finding the League Cup -dare I say- easy!

Well, that is when they are not up against one another. Chelsea unfortunately had to face-off against Leicester City, the Premier League Champions! Leicester netted two goals within the first 34 minutes! The Blues could have easily accepted defeat at this point. However, instead, they did something else…

They made a comeback! Cahill netted an optimistic goal in extra time of the first half. Then, within the first five minutes of the second half, Azpilicueta scored the equaliser. Any advantage had been cancelled out and all was still to play for!

Antonio Conte had tried to rest his key players for their weekend match against their London rival,Arsenal, however, he eventually decided to call on Diego Costa and Hazard to help the Blues secure a win. The win was achieved.

In extra time Leicester had a player sent off and  so they were forced to play in added time with only ten men. With such rough behaviour, it was a long time coming. Within the first five minutes of added time Fàbregas netted two glorious goals to earn a golden victory for the Blues! Sometimes, the future just can’t be so easily predicted.

So, it has been settled. Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea have all progressed to the next stage of the English League. They demolished their opponents with great vigour; who knows how far they could go?

Off Like a Shot

Liverpool had a giant blow at the start of their match against Watford. It was all downhill from there. They tumbled…and tumbled…and tumbled.

Aké netted the first goal for Watford in the second minute. The Liverpool goalkeeper couldn’t keep the ball in his grip. The whistle had only just gone! Liverpool had lost all sense of where they were before the match could truly begin!

Ighalo doubled Watford’s lead in the 15th minute and later came to scored again with a header in the 85th. Watford had shown Klopp that he wasn’t going to remain as the new and accomplished manager for much longer!

Liverpool’s title race might just have ended. They are sitting ninth place in the PL table and it doesn’t look as if the other teams are quite willing to pave a path for them. Sorry.

The Heat Is On

Manchester United had another 2-1 defeat. They lost to Bournemouth last week and now they’ve lost to Norwich. Small teams are clearly not afraid of so-called Premier League Giants.

Last Saturday, Manchester United took a stab to the back. Their woes began when Stanislas gave Bournemouth the lead in the second minute. Although Fellaini equalised for United in the 24th, their former player, King, made sure that Bournemouth had the last word! 

History repeated itself this weekend. The first two goals came from Jerome and Tettey in the 38th and 54th minute. Martial only managed to grasp a goal for United in the 66th, but it wasn’t enough to recover the goals they conceded. It was another gnarly match. There were boos all around.

Manchester United are sharing the same points as Tottenham and Crystal Palace, and are currently sitting outside of the top four. The pressure on Van Gaal’s position is sky high, especially with the release of Jose Mourinho.

Crystal Clear

Crystal Palace made their presence known at Anfield by stealing three points from Liverpool. Liverpool may have put on a great display, but all that will remain in the mind of the fans, as time passes, is the result.

The first goal of the match was claimed by Bolasie. He have Palace the lead in the 21st minute. Although this was startling, Liverpool did come back from this. Coutinho netted the equaliser in the 42nd minute! They couldn’t let down their ex-captain Gerrard, who was watching from the stands.


The second half began on a level playing field. However, the scoreline soon favoured one side. In the 82nd minute, Dann reclaimed the lead for Crystal Palace!  By this time, it was obvious who would be taking all the points home.

Klopp has lost his first match as Liverpool manager. It was destined to come at some point; he did manage to hold out for quite a long time. Hopefully this defeat does not deflate the hope and spirit at Anfield!

Surrender to Sanchez

Arsenal faced Leicester in a game of endless goal-scoring.  Seven goals were scored and five of them came from one tremendous team!

Vardy scored the opening goal in the 13th minute to give Leicester the lead. This would have been hugely recognised if it wasn’t for Walcott’s equaliser in the 18th.

The next goal of the match was scored in the 33rd minute: Sanchez wasted very little time before giving the Gunners the lead. Three goals in one half of the match and four more to come.

Sanchez continued to score in the second half: he netted a goal in both the 57th and 81st minute. He had ended Leicester’s winning chance with a heavenly hat trick!

Vardy did manage to score another goal for Leicester in the 89th minute. However, this was once again undermined by a goal from Giroud a minute later.

Less than a game separates Arsenal and Manchester City and the Gunners are only three points off the top of the table. This year’s champions have not yet been decided and Arsenal is very much in the running!