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The title is very much still Chelsea’s for the taking. Tottenham is crawling up behind them, however, considering the great football the Blues have been able to deliver this season, the trophy is likely to end up in their hands.

It is true that Chelsea finished 10th place on the Premier League table last season. However, that doesn’t seem to have affected the team’s mentality. They have renewed their image by winning matches over and over again. 

They won all their Premier League matches in January, except for their 1-1 draw against Liverpool. They also won all their February games, including their 2-0 win against Wolverhampton for the FA Cup quarter finals, except for their 1-1 draw against Burnley. At this point they were still undefeated.

The Blues soured through March without any mishaps, and it was safe to say that they were on a high! However, April wasn’t so soft-hearted.

Both Crystal Palace and Manchester United defeated Chelsea this month, causing the gap between the leaders and second place Totenham to reduce to only four points. With only six more game to play, the pressure is definitely on!

Chelsea are set to face Tottenham for the FA Cup Semi final this weekend and, considering the tension between the two clubs in the Premier League, it might just be the most intense game to be played this year!



Manchester City began the week on a high after defeating Barcelona 3-1! However, by this weekend they had been brought down a notch. Luckily, the opposite was true for Manchester United.

Messi gave Barcelona the lead against Manchester City in the 21st minute. However, three goals from Gundogan (39′, 74′) and De Bruyne (51) silenced the team known as the best in the world!

Perhaps it was the energy needed to secure this win that caused City to underperform in their match against Middlesbrough. Although Aguero managed to net a goal for his team in the 43rd minute, de Roon scored the equaliser for the opposition in extra time. By this point, it was too late to make amends.

Manchester United did the reverse of what Manchester City did. The Reds lost their Europa League match against Fenerbahce 2-1. They began losing from the second minute of the match, and Rooney’s late goal in the 89th minute couldn’t save them from defeat.


Fortunately, United had a better fate this weekend. They defeated Swansea City by only conceding one goal and by netting three. That’s more like it!

Manchester City are one win away from securing their entry into the next round of the Champions League. However, they are down to third place on the Premier League table.

Manchester United still have a chance to reach the next stage of the Europa League, however, they are going to have to perform a lot better in order to do so. Despite this, they seem to be on the up as they are now sixth place on the Premier League table.

Nothing is ever clear cut in football. As more games are played, the clearer things will become. Soon it will be evident which teams are strong and which ones are not.





Chelsea beat Southampton 2-0 last weekend, making it their 4th Premier League match in a row without conceding. This weekend, they extended it to 5 matches by scoring 5 magnificent goals against Everton!

Hazard scored the first goal in the 19th minute, and Alonso netted the second just a minute later. The shock was too sticky for the Toffees to handle and Diego Costa added another goal to the score line just before half time.


In the second half, more misery befell Everton. Hazard netted another goal in the 56th minute and Pedro followed his lead in the 65th. The worst part about it was that Everton only managed a single shot at goal throughout the entire match- and it wasn’t even on target! Ouch.

The Blues are top of the table! Last season they didn’t make it even close to top six and, now, they are topping their rivals. It is a new season and a new destiny!




Give me liberty or give me death. At the Liberty stadium it appeared that Arsenal chose the deadly option against Sunderland.

It took almost the whole of the first half before Arsenal managed to get a shot on target. It was a very rocky start for the Gunners, however Sánchez managed to bank them a goal in the 63rd minute! His sixth goal in the last four matches. From bad start to good finish…what a success story! Well…it could have been…

Sigurdsson equalised for Swansea in the 75th minute. He has been involved in nine goals this term. It then only took three minutes for Gomis to give them the lead! Well there’s a sight for sore eyes!


For the Gunners to see and feel Glory again they need to up their game.
Not that anyone’s worried or anything…
Not that their title chances are looking a bit skinny at the moment…

Merry Machester


Manchester City managed to beat a persistent Aston Villa in the late minutes of the game. This season if full of surprises!

With Manchester City only winning one game out of their previous four, it looked as if they were going to drop a few points today. However, Yaya Toure made sure that it never materialised as he put in a goal in the 82nd minute of the game! Agüero then secured the win in the 88th minute.

Manchester City have raised themselves to 2nd in the table. Can they continue their winning streak and stay at the top with the Blues?

Just About Did It


West Brom faced a timid Liverpool in the Premier League. A win was just about recovered as it was hanging down by a thread.

Liverpool have moved to sixth position in the table after a win at Anfield. Lallana put in his first season goal in the 45th minute. Berthing then converted a penalty in the 56th minute to put West Brom level. Luckily enough Henderson managed to win Liverpool the game in the 61st minute!

Liverpool reach 10 points after ending West Brom’s three-match winning run. Can they sustain their winning boots?

Long-Faced Liverpool


Liverpool faced FC Basel for the Champions League group stages. It’s a shame what happened to them… A real shame.

Liverpool are set to play Real Madrid at home and away next and they have nothing to show that they should be feared! The only goal of the game was put in by Streller in the 52nd minute of the match. This won the game for Basel and turned Liverpool’s night into a nightmare they couldn’t wake up from. What a pity.

The Reds have won only four of their nine matches this season. How long can it take them to recover from the fatal loss of Suarez?

Happy Anniversary


Arsenal faced Galatasaray in their second match of the Champions League group stages. The stadium was full of wonderful wonders as Welbeck celebrated Wenger!

Arsenal scored their first goal as Welbeck gave them the lead. He then decided he wanted to claim another goal just eight minutes later. Of course for a team red with passion, two goals weren’t enough! Sánchez put in the third for the Gunners in the 41st minute. Can someone honk a horn and shout “hat trick hurrah!” as Welbeck clutches his third delight in the 52nd moment! Four goals. Fabulous. A good game, however it ended with the sending off of the Arsenal goal keeper and a penalty scored by Galatasaray. Oh…what does that matter when they’ve bagged three thunderous points?

What a splendid gift to give to Arsene Wenger for his 18th year with the Gunners. They should celebrate this in every match…doing things the Welbeck way!

Better Luck Next Time


Manchester City have picked up their first point in the group stages after playing against Roma. But sometimes, one is just not enough.

Aguero scored a penalty in the early minutes of the game. He has now scored six goals in his last six home Champions League matches! Boy oh boy does he have skill. Too bad all this euphoria didn’t last long. Totti equalised for Roma in the 23rd minute, making him the oldest European club football scorer! What a day for breaking records. Speaking of which, I never expected a day to come when we’d see Lampard playing against Cole, his former team mate. Perhaps they didn’t want to torture each other with a win. How sweet.

Manchester City have picked up one point from a possible six. They are five points below Bayern Munich who is topping Group E at the moment. What is it that’s not allowing them to to receive the points they need? Will it be only up from here, or is there still a further downfall to come?


Chelsea faced Sporting Lisbon for their second game of Champions League group stages. Both teams were in it to win it, except only one was able to take that crucial extra step…

The Blues claimed 15 shots at goal; Sporting did the same. However, there is a difference between the two, for Chelsea manged to scramble their way to the top of the table. It only took one simplistic goal from Matic in the 34th minute to claim the desirable points! Frankly, the game could have gone either way. It was the game changer.

Mourinho’s men have topped Group G with four points. Can they grill the boots of their opponents and grab the trophy that they once lifted?