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A Return to Routine

Watford won their first four Premier League games this season. However, their triumphant run came to an end this Saturday, after they played against Manchester United. In fact, the majority of the big teams won their match.

Watford Lost 1-2 to Manchester United. Lukaku gave United the lead in the 35th minute and Smalling doubled the lead three minutes later. Gray did manage to score a goal for Watford in the second half but, despite all their efforts, they could not equalise.

The Watford who came from behind to beat Tottenham had failed to do the same against United. To be fair, Tottenham’s results have been rather underwhelming. Spurs lost to Liverpool 1-2, making it their second League loss in a row.

As well as Manchester United and Liverpool, Arsenal also won their match 2-1. Xhaka and Özil scored for the Gunners, who only conceded a goal in extra time. They currently sit in 7th place, one above United on the table.

Manchester City unsurprisingly defeated Fulham 3-0, with goals from Sané, Silva and Sterling. However, they have not managed to catch up to Chelsea, who defeated Cardiff 4-1 with a hat trick from Hazard!

Chelsea currently sit at the top of the PL table with 15 points, but are only on top of Liverpool by goal difference. Watford have finally lost a match and, if they end up spiralling down, this could mean that the giants; Liverpool, Chelsea and even Manchester City break away in the race for the title.


Reds in Uproar

The big red teams all suffered great woes last weekend in their Premier League matches. The only red giant that managed to win their game was Liverpool, a team who many believe can win the title this year.

Chelsea kept Peter Cech in check by defeating Arsenal 3-2. Pedro and Morata scored the first goals for the Blues in the first 20 minutes of the match. The Gunners then replied with two goals from Mkhitaryan and Iwobi before the end of the first half.

The match had been intense. However, Chelsea finally claimed their victory in the second half with a goal from Alonso. This made it Chelsea’s second win this season and Arsenal’s second loss under Emery!

Manchester United then followed suit, losing 3-2 to Brighton! In fact, the Reds only got their second goal in injury time when Pogba converted a penalty into a goal.

On the other side of things, Manchester City annihilated Huddersfield 6-1, showing everyone just how much of a champion they really are.

Liverpool defeated Crystal Palace 0-2 away from home. Once again showing the strength of their team, even without Salah scoring.

At this early stage in the season, it is already clear that every team is susceptible to the wrath of another. There are big teams, but there are definitely no small ones.

Devastation and Delight

The Premier League giants played their fourth game of the season this Saturday, with Manchester City and Liverpool actually having to face off against each other. The results of these matches could not have all been forseen.

Liverpool, who had just signed Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, were battered by Manchester City 5-0. They had conceded two goals in the first half and by the second, when the ex-Arsenal player was put on the pitch, they conceded another three! What a horrendous debut!

Arsenal and Chelsea both won their matches against Bournemouth and Leicester City respectively. After having lost their previous cious match 4-0 to Liverpool, the Gunners begun to repair their reputation with a 3-0 victory. The blue London giants only had to enhance their image with a 2-1 win, with the only goal they conceded being a penalty.

Although London was joyous, the same can not be said for Manchester. City had obtained an amazing win, however, Man United only managed a mere 2-2 draw with Stoke City. Although the team is still in the top two with Manchester City, it won’t be long before other teams put pressure on them. In fact, the Blues, who are now in third place, have already begun to do so.

It’s Unpredictable 

At the start of every season, there are always a few unexpected, shocking or worrying results. Whilst some teams triumpthed in their first match, it was shocking to see that the current Premier League Champions suffered the worst fate of all.

Chelsea’s first match of the season was against Burnley and, devastatingly, they were down by 3-0 at half time after Cahill was sent off in the 14th minute. This was not what anyone expected to see from the Premier League giants.

Luckily, Morata- the new Chelsea signing- netted a goal for the Blues in the second half, inspiring hope in the team. However, Fàbregas, another Chelsea player, was sent off in the 81st minute. The Champions were down to nine men!

Despite this, David Luiz scored another goal for the Blues but a loss was still scribbled into their fate. Although Conte’s team suffered failure, their ability to score goals when at a disadvantage should open fans up to the great prospects of this season!

It was also a dismal start for Liverpool who drew 3-3 with Watford. At least they managed to secure one point from the game, which is more than can be said for others.

The strongest results actually came from the two Manchester clubs, with Manchester City defeating the newly promoted Brighton 2-0 and Manchester United crushing West Ham 4-0. Whether this is reflective of what’s to come, no one can yet tell.

An unpredictable start to the season can only suggest an unpredictable season with, perhaps, an unpredictable champion. We will all be watching and enjoying the ride!

Bouncing Blues

Last season was a disaster for Chelsea, but they’ve bounced back better than ever. They hit top of the table the week before last and they are still there now. Here’s why…

Thanks to Diego Costa, Chelsea defeated Middlesbrough 1-0 to achieve their sixth straight win in a row without conceding. This took them to first position on the Premier League table, 9 spots higher than where they finished last year. 

They then maintained this lead after defeating Tottenham 2-1 at a Derby game at Stamford Bridge. Although they broke their streak of not conceding, they managed to win three points. That’s the important thing.

Good fortune has befallen the Blues since they’ve been under the management of Conte. The sorrowful fate they suffered under Mourinho is perhaps now being endured by his new team, Manchester United.

Manchester United defeated Feyenoord 4-0 to keep their Europa League hopes alive. However. They couldn’t produce the same result in their weekend Premier League match.

West Ham took the lead against United in the second minute, and the Reds only managed to net one goal to gain a single point from the game. Mourinho got so frustrated that he had to be sent to the stands in the second half of the match! Who knew things were so bad!

Mourinho is doing no better at United than at Chelsea. The Reds are currently sixth position on the Premier League table, 11 points behind the the leaders and eight points away from top four. The Premier League is definitely not theirs this season.

Fortunately, Manchester United was able to get their revenge on West Ham United by defeating them 3-1 in the EFL quarter- final. This is much more than what Arsenal were able to do, as The Gunners lost 0-2 against Southampton.

 But, to be fair, Arsenal were not playing their top 11, unlike United. Clearly they have their eyes firmly focused on the Premier League, the league which Manchester United can’t keep up with.

Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool all won their Premier League matches and are chasing down Chelsea’s top spot. Liverpool also defeated Leeds 2-0 in the English Football League!

It’s dog eat dog. All is still to play for and the race for the PL Cup, or any cup for that matter, is no where near over!


Manchester City began the week on a high after defeating Barcelona 3-1! However, by this weekend they had been brought down a notch. Luckily, the opposite was true for Manchester United.

Messi gave Barcelona the lead against Manchester City in the 21st minute. However, three goals from Gundogan (39′, 74′) and De Bruyne (51) silenced the team known as the best in the world!

Perhaps it was the energy needed to secure this win that caused City to underperform in their match against Middlesbrough. Although Aguero managed to net a goal for his team in the 43rd minute, de Roon scored the equaliser for the opposition in extra time. By this point, it was too late to make amends.

Manchester United did the reverse of what Manchester City did. The Reds lost their Europa League match against Fenerbahce 2-1. They began losing from the second minute of the match, and Rooney’s late goal in the 89th minute couldn’t save them from defeat.


Fortunately, United had a better fate this weekend. They defeated Swansea City by only conceding one goal and by netting three. That’s more like it!

Manchester City are one win away from securing their entry into the next round of the Champions League. However, they are down to third place on the Premier League table.

Manchester United still have a chance to reach the next stage of the Europa League, however, they are going to have to perform a lot better in order to do so. Despite this, they seem to be on the up as they are now sixth place on the Premier League table.

Nothing is ever clear cut in football. As more games are played, the clearer things will become. Soon it will be evident which teams are strong and which ones are not.




Not So Mighty Manchester

Manchester City, the team that is currently leading the title race, surprisingly couldn’t display their strength to Everton. They were shamefully held to a 1-1 draw.

No goals were scored during the first half of the match. Manchester City was awarded a penalty, however, it was saved by the Everton goalkeeper.

In the second half, the Toffees used this added confidence to take the lead in the 64th minute. However, it didn’t last long as City equalised in the 72nd.

City could have won the match, for they were given another penalty in the second half. But, yet again, it was saved by Maarten Stekelenburg! What a goalkeeper! Magnificent!

The Toffees clearly got a bit too sticky for Manchester City, who just couldn’t get a win from them. This has meant that City have allowed Arsenal to catch up to them on the PL table. Now, there’s work to be done.

Two In One Out

Both Manchester City and Manchester United won their Football League matches to continue their chase for a trophy. However, despite these successes, only one club will be able to continue to excel.

Manchester City defeated their opponent, Swansea, 2-1. Clichy netted the first goal for City in the 49th minute and Garcia Serrano scored the second. The only moment in which Swansea earned recognition was in extra time when Sigurdsson netted a consolation goal.

It didn’t take much for City to grab the win they needed. Sometimes, there is just no competition!


Manchester United had a greater win, with a scoreline of 3-1, however, they did appear to struggle a little more. Carrick netted the first goal against Northampton Town in the 17th minute. Sadly, a penalty awarded to the opposition a few minutes before half time meant that the game was level at the start of the second half.

Luckily enough, United were able to gather the strength to score two more winning goals! One was scored by Herrera (68′) and the other by Rashford (75′). If United are able to take the lead twice in one game, then who knows what else they could do…

The good news is that both Manchester Teams will feature in the fourth round of the League Cup. Hooray! However, the bad news is that in this round the two teams will be facing one another! Oh no! Now only one of them will be able to make it to the quarter finals.

There is only one question that remains: will it be City or United that proves to be the better, bolder and most brutal Manchester club of all?


Manchester Marvel

Both Manchester clubs have been victorious in their Premier League games this week. On Friday Manchester United defeated Southampton 2-0 and today Stoke was defeated by Manchester City 1-4.

Both of United’s goals were scored by Ibrahimovic. The first came in the 36th minute. The second came from a penalty in the 52nd. It was Ibrahimovic’s home debut and he took no time to make Old Trafford his own.

Penalties and double scoring were also featured in Manchester City’s game. Aguero converted a penalty in the 27th minute to give City the lead and he secured this with a goal in the 36th.

Although Stoke City did gain a penalty, which was converted into a goal by Krkic in the 49th minute, two goals from Nolito in the last few minutes of the game secured an amazing victory for Man City!

Both Manchester teams have played two games, have won both games and have a goal difference of (+)4. Maybe having new managers has given them a fresh perspective!

We Have Chosen A Champion

Chelsea have had little to play for this season- almost nothing at all. They are not fighting for any trophies or any particular position in the Premier League table. However, they begun the month of May by ending the title race!

After losing to Manchester City 0-3, Chelsea bounced back. On April 23, they defeated Bournemouth 4-1, . This might not have meant much, but at least they moved up one place on the PL table.

After ending April on a high note, they carried their positive attitude into May. Tottenham needed to win against Chelsea to continue the race for the title. However, the Blues were not willing to let that happen.

After conceding two goals to Tottenham, it was thought that the game was over. But actually, Chelsea had other plans. The match might not have had the best start, but it didn’t mean that the Blues were about to give up their 26 year run of not losing to Spurs at home.

Chelsea-v-Tottenham (1)

A goal from Cahill and a goal from Hazard destroyed all hope Tottenham had of winning the title this season. The emotion and devastation they felt was so high that Tottenham players constantly battled with  Chelsea players. Stamford bridge was literally a battlefield!

Usually, it is easy to blame Diego Costa for any violent outbursts on the pitch. However, instead, he was the one whose eyes were being dug into by the fingers of a Spurs player! The referee did not send off a single Tottenham player throughout the entirety of the match. Perhaps he felt that they had suffered enough heatache for one day.

Chelsea has had the biggest impact this week than at any other point this season. They did win the Premier League last year, so perhaps they thought it was only right that they chose who the title should go to next. Their choice: Leicester City!