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Home Run

Manchester City are completely and utterly running away with the title. In fact, they have been performing well in all competitions. At this stage, it would not be surprising if they end up winning more than one trophy at the end of the season.

Man City are sitting at the top of the table with an extremely comfortable 12-point lead. They entered the new year unbeaten in the Premier League and that continued up until their most recent game.

Liverpool was the team to finally break down the leaders, defeating them 4-3 last weekend. Although this result was helpful in raising Liverpool to third place on the Premier table, City’s position was hardly impacted due to the excessive lead they had alreadly accumulated.

This weekend, despite the resilience Newcastle, showed, Manchester City was able to defeat them 3-1 with a hat trick from Agüero. After all, it is hard to keep a compelling team down!

Manchester City are well on there way to being Premier League champions. For now, it does not seem like anyone will be able to truly slow them down.


It’s Unpredictable 

At the start of every season, there are always a few unexpected, shocking or worrying results. Whilst some teams triumpthed in their first match, it was shocking to see that the current Premier League Champions suffered the worst fate of all.

Chelsea’s first match of the season was against Burnley and, devastatingly, they were down by 3-0 at half time after Cahill was sent off in the 14th minute. This was not what anyone expected to see from the Premier League giants.

Luckily, Morata- the new Chelsea signing- netted a goal for the Blues in the second half, inspiring hope in the team. However, Fàbregas, another Chelsea player, was sent off in the 81st minute. The Champions were down to nine men!

Despite this, David Luiz scored another goal for the Blues but a loss was still scribbled into their fate. Although Conte’s team suffered failure, their ability to score goals when at a disadvantage should open fans up to the great prospects of this season!

It was also a dismal start for Liverpool who drew 3-3 with Watford. At least they managed to secure one point from the game, which is more than can be said for others.

The strongest results actually came from the two Manchester clubs, with Manchester City defeating the newly promoted Brighton 2-0 and Manchester United crushing West Ham 4-0. Whether this is reflective of what’s to come, no one can yet tell.

An unpredictable start to the season can only suggest an unpredictable season with, perhaps, an unpredictable champion. We will all be watching and enjoying the ride!

Arsenal are FA Cup Champions

Many expected the Premier League Champions, Chelsea, to defeat their London rivals, Arsenal, in the FA Cup Final. However, things did not quite turn out that way.

In fact, all chances of Chelsea’s success were blown away very quickly. Sánchez gave Arsenal the lead in the 4th minute of the match. It was a shocking goal and the Gunners defended it well.

In the second half, Moses received his second yellow card of the match, due to his dive in the penalty box. Chelsea were down to ten men, and all the attempts they had made to keep their trophy hopes alive seemed to be in vain.

Nevertheless, the Blues ended up equalising, with a goal from Diego Costa in the 76th minute. However, before the Chelsea fans could even celebrate, Ramsey responded with the winning goal for Arsenal!

Arsenal have now won 13 FA Cups, 7 of which were won under the leadership of Arsene Wenger. They are definitely a team that are always breaking records!

Now, the only question left unanswered is whether Wenger will sign a new contract, and stay with the club for another season. After today’s performance, it’s hard to see why he wouldn’t.

Chelsea are Champions

Chelsea received their Premier League trophy today! They have a lot to celebrate this season and they deserve all the glory they get!

Chelsea won their last game of the season against Sunderland, allowing them to break the Premier Legaue record of most games won in a season. They scored five goals and only conceded one to fully claim their 30th victory of the season.

After the match the trophy was raised in the midst of bubbly fans, blue banners and delighted faces all around. 

Terry played for just over twenty minutes in what was his last game with the club. It has been a good run for him and now it’s time to say goodbye, and what an amazing goodbye it is.

He has served the club for his entire professional football career and he has done it well. We wish him all the best for the future!

Next weekend, Chelsea will be fighting against Arsenal for the FA Cup. The celebration of the Blues might not be over yet!

The FA Cup is Coming to London 

The top teams battled against each other for a spot in the FA Cup Final. Chelsea faced Tottenham and Arsenal faced Manchester City and this is what came of it…

Chelsea, the Premier League leaders tore their competitor to shreds with a 4-2 victory. The Blues were quick to put to bed any false hopes Tottenham were harbouring of winning the FA Cup. This game also proved to be a big indicator of who would be the most victorious in the Premier League.

It was then a matter of who was going to face Chelsea in the final. The match between Arsenal and Manchester City was the decider.

Both teams scored a goal by the end of the 90 minutes, forcing them to play another 30 minutes of added time in order for one team to find a winning goal. Luckily, one did- and it was Arsenal!

Sánchez’s goal in the 102nd minute confirmed Arsenal’s place in the FA Cup final. Arsenal have won the cup twice in the last three years, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if they won it again this year.

The FA Cup Final will be played on May 27th. It’s going to be a big match between two great London rivals. Chelsea have already won the Premier League. Will they win another?

Castigated Champions

Liverpool and Leicester City didn’t see eye to eye in today’s Premier League battle. Leicester, the Champions, soon evolved into fallen heroes as the Reds mercilessly unleashed their wrath!

Firmino gave Liverpool their desired lead in the 13th minute of the match. This was doubled my Mané in the 31st. They weren’t wasting any time!

However, neither were Leicester. Just a few minutes after Liverpool’s second goal Vardy netted a consolation goal for his team. This did not level the playing field but it at least gave the opposition some hope. Every little helps.

Nevertheless, the Leicester players made no further contribution to the scoreline. Instead, Lallana netted a goal for the Reds in the 56th minute and Firmino scored once again to give Liverpool a goal count of four!

Leicester seemed to have lost the magic quality they possessed last season. Lightning never strikes in the same place twice. Leicester’s performance is proof of that.

Hello Again!

The Premier League is back, with all its goals, grumbles and glories! Last season saw Leicester City climb to status and claim the trophy; however, it looks as if this season will see a whole new Champion entirely!

Leicester lost the opening game of the season against Hull City, one of the league’s newbies this season. Goals from Diomande and Snodgrass destroyed any power that the singular goal from Leicester’s Mahrez had.


Leicester has become the first ever Premier League champion to lose the first game of the season following that of their trophy lift! It is clear that they are not the same team that they were last season, and neither are the others. The departure of Kante to Chelsea could have played a part in this.

It is fair to say that so early on it’s hard to say who will shine or rust. However, despite the lack of fitness, there are still PL giants who find points falling at their feet, or shall I say into their goalpost. It looked as if Manchester City was going to suffer a 1-1 draw against Sunderland in their first Premier League match under Pep Guardiola. However, their fate changed just as it was being fulfilled.

An own goal from McNair in the 87th minute gave Manchester City and the club’s new manager something to rejoice over. We can only hope that Moyes,the new Sunderland manager,did not return to the Premier League in vain. These first three points have marked the beginning of this seasons Premier League title race!

After a long break it’s hard to tell what’s to come of this season. Will Leicester remain the giant that they posed as last season? Will Manchester City thrive under their new leadership? Will Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United pose great threats? Only one thing is certain: time will tell all.


We Have Chosen A Champion

Chelsea have had little to play for this season- almost nothing at all. They are not fighting for any trophies or any particular position in the Premier League table. However, they begun the month of May by ending the title race!

After losing to Manchester City 0-3, Chelsea bounced back. On April 23, they defeated Bournemouth 4-1, . This might not have meant much, but at least they moved up one place on the PL table.

After ending April on a high note, they carried their positive attitude into May. Tottenham needed to win against Chelsea to continue the race for the title. However, the Blues were not willing to let that happen.

After conceding two goals to Tottenham, it was thought that the game was over. But actually, Chelsea had other plans. The match might not have had the best start, but it didn’t mean that the Blues were about to give up their 26 year run of not losing to Spurs at home.

Chelsea-v-Tottenham (1)

A goal from Cahill and a goal from Hazard destroyed all hope Tottenham had of winning the title this season. The emotion and devastation they felt was so high that Tottenham players constantly battled with  Chelsea players. Stamford bridge was literally a battlefield!

Usually, it is easy to blame Diego Costa for any violent outbursts on the pitch. However, instead, he was the one whose eyes were being dug into by the fingers of a Spurs player! The referee did not send off a single Tottenham player throughout the entirety of the match. Perhaps he felt that they had suffered enough heatache for one day.

Chelsea has had the biggest impact this week than at any other point this season. They did win the Premier League last year, so perhaps they thought it was only right that they chose who the title should go to next. Their choice: Leicester City!




Moping Manchester 

Manchester United and Manchester City both lost 2-1 in their Champions League matches. However, the red team suffered scars which ran much deeper than loss of points.

The United player, Shaw, faced horrific injuries after a bad tackle early in the match against PSV. He had to be taken off on a stretcher, the poor lamb, after a lengthy time of treatment on the pitch. He broke both his tibia and fibula.

Manchester United were first to take the lead when Depay scored a goal in the 41st minute. However this was soon counteracted by the efforts of Moreno in the 45th.

In the second half, the teams were taken off balance. Narsingh netted a goal in the 57th minute to raise PSV in power! No points gained and no pride gained either for United.

Manchester City faced a similar defeat, but perhaps with just less physical injuries to show for it. Juventus fell behind City when Chiellini scored an own goal in the 57th minute. Why Thank you.

The away team soon corrected their mistake with Mandzukic’s goal in the 70th. Before anyone knew it they were back in gear and able to steam ahead with a goal from Morata in the 81st moment! Sorry City.

I guess it’s not all fun and games when the play stops and you haven’t won. Manchester United will recover from the loss of an injured player. However, Manchester City have finally conceded a goal. It may not have been in the Premier League, but they’ve conceded and lost. Have their spirits potentially been dampened?

Blue Blow

Chelsea had another disastrous defeat as they faced-off against Manchester City. Those wearing the brighter blue had the brightest day today.

The first goal of the match came from Aguero in the 31st minute. This had set Chelsea back during the first half, but, by the half time break, there was one player in particular that felt the pain the most…

Terry was substituded, by Jose Mourinho, for the first time in 177 games. Considering the hype surrounding the match, Terry was intensely Fustrated!


This act took many people’s mind away from what happened during the second half. Kompany doubled City’s lead in the 79th minute!

The game was sealed just minutes later. Fernandinho made the scoreline hit three in the 85th. Manchester City tried to use every minute to their advantage. They were successful.

The Blues have dropped out of of harmony and into 16th place on the Premier League table. This was after losing five points out of a possible six. Manchester City share no such upset with the Champions as they are sitting with pride at the top of the table.