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The FA Cup is Coming to London 

The top teams battled against each other for a spot in the FA Cup Final. Chelsea faced Tottenham and Arsenal faced Manchester City and this is what came of it…

Chelsea, the Premier League leaders tore their competitor to shreds with a 4-2 victory. The Blues were quick to put to bed any false hopes Tottenham were harbouring of winning the FA Cup. This game also proved to be a big indicator of who would be the most victorious in the Premier League.

It was then a matter of who was going to face Chelsea in the final. The match between Arsenal and Manchester City was the decider.

Both teams scored a goal by the end of the 90 minutes, forcing them to play another 30 minutes of added time in order for one team to find a winning goal. Luckily, one did- and it was Arsenal!

Sánchez’s goal in the 102nd minute confirmed Arsenal’s place in the FA Cup final. Arsenal have won the cup twice in the last three years, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if they won it again this year.

The FA Cup Final will be played on May 27th. It’s going to be a big match between two great London rivals. Chelsea have already won the Premier League. Will they win another?


The title is very much still Chelsea’s for the taking. Tottenham is crawling up behind them, however, considering the great football the Blues have been able to deliver this season, the trophy is likely to end up in their hands.

It is true that Chelsea finished 10th place on the Premier League table last season. However, that doesn’t seem to have affected the team’s mentality. They have renewed their image by winning matches over and over again. 

They won all their Premier League matches in January, except for their 1-1 draw against Liverpool. They also won all their February games, including their 2-0 win against Wolverhampton for the FA Cup quarter finals, except for their 1-1 draw against Burnley. At this point they were still undefeated.

The Blues soured through March without any mishaps, and it was safe to say that they were on a high! However, April wasn’t so soft-hearted.

Both Crystal Palace and Manchester United defeated Chelsea this month, causing the gap between the leaders and second place Totenham to reduce to only four points. With only six more game to play, the pressure is definitely on!

Chelsea are set to face Tottenham for the FA Cup Semi final this weekend and, considering the tension between the two clubs in the Premier League, it might just be the most intense game to be played this year!

Clear Divisions

It appears as if distinctions are being made between the top teams that have the potential to go on to win the Premier League title and the top teams that will just finish somewhere near the top of the table. Here’s why…

After Chelsea’s brilliant 3-1 victory against Manchester City, they continued their winning streak. Diego Costa netted the winning goal for Chelsea in their game against West Brom to secure their ninth successive league win. Chelsea are 3 points ahead of second-place Arsenal, and it seems like no team can stop them (especially with Diego Costa running around)!

After defeating West Ham 5-1, Arsenal went on to destabilise FC Basel in the Champions League. They defeated the opposition 4-1, with a rewarding hat-trick from Pérez! Arsenal continued their celebrations into the weekend, as they defeated Stoke 3-1. This secured their second place position on the Premier League table, keeping them in touching distance of the leaders, Chelsea.

After losing to Bournemouth 4-3 and then drawing 2-2 with West Ham, Liverpool have fallen to third place, six points behind the leaders Chelsea. With the way the Blues are playing, it might prove too difficult to close the gap again.

Manchester City have also had their fair share of disappointments. During their match against Chelsea, the Man City players lashed out at the blue players out of frustration, causing Aguero and Fernandinho to be suspended for a few matches. 

This perhaps gives reason as to why City drew 1-1 with Celtic in the Champions League, and lost 4-2 against Leicester City. They are currently sitting fourth on the Premier League table, but with the same 30 points as Liverpool. Their title hopes aren’t over yet, but only if they find a way to recover from their distress.

Now, moving down to sixth place, we find Manchester United. It’s been a tough season for them so far, but they seem to be trying to turn things around. After drawing 1-1 with Everton, they defeated  Zorya Luhansk in the Europa league and Tottenham 1-0 in the Premier League. That’s more like it.

However, we must still be aware of the fact that they’ve still got a lot to make up for. United are six points away from top four and a whopping 13 points behind Chelsea. The Premier League is a long road, and they must continue to prove themselves constantly.

The Premier League top teams are breaking up point by point. They all seem to have progressed in Europe, despite a few recent poor results. However, the Premier League is proving to be a whole different ball game!


Chelsea beat Southampton 2-0 last weekend, making it their 4th Premier League match in a row without conceding. This weekend, they extended it to 5 matches by scoring 5 magnificent goals against Everton!

Hazard scored the first goal in the 19th minute, and Alonso netted the second just a minute later. The shock was too sticky for the Toffees to handle and Diego Costa added another goal to the score line just before half time.


In the second half, more misery befell Everton. Hazard netted another goal in the 56th minute and Pedro followed his lead in the 65th. The worst part about it was that Everton only managed a single shot at goal throughout the entire match- and it wasn’t even on target! Ouch.

The Blues are top of the table! Last season they didn’t make it even close to top six and, now, they are topping their rivals. It is a new season and a new destiny!



Red Red Red

All the red teams seem to have been successful in their English Football League matches. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the Blues.

2 goals from Sturridge meant that Liverpool beat Tottenham, who only claimed one goal, to go through to the next stage of the EFL. 

This was the same for Arsenal who defeated Reading 2-0 thanks to Oxlade-Chambelain. Even though the Gunners weren’t playing their best 11, they were still expected to win the match .

Liverpool, on the other hand, seemed to make a game which should have been arguable difficult appear easy. The team seems to be getting bigger and better as the year goes by.

The Manchester teams are perhaps the only teams that aren’t improving. Mourinho had to use United’s best 11, largely the same players that played in the match against Chelsea, to defeat a reserved Man City 1-0.

Pep Guardiola’s team hasn’t won their last six matches in all competitions. This is not something Guardiola is used too. Perhaps English football is a lot more testing than that of other parts of Europe!
Chelsea is proof of this. Although the Blues gained huge confidence from their win over United, the simple return of John Terry meant that they ended their three-match streak of not conceding. 

Chelsea let in two goals from West Ham which meant that they couldn’t progress to the quarter finals of the EFL. Hazard and Costa weren’t on the pitch for this match, so it could be possible that Conte simply values the Premier League more and wanted to rest his top players for their weekend match. Fair enough.

Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United have all made it to the quarter finals of the EFL! Although the trophy might not be as valued as that of the Premier League and the Champions League, it’s still an object that can be admired when filling up space in a trophy cabinet!

Mourinho Dethroned

Mourinho returned to Stamford Bridge to face off against his old team, Chelsea. Although at the start of the match he received a warm welcome from his old fans, Mourinho was too humiliated by the final match result to be comfortable.

Within 30 seconds of gameplay, Pedro gave Chelsea the lead! This early blow tore Man United’s match tactics to shreds. Where were they to go next?

Apparently, not very far. Cahill doubled Chelsea’s lead with a goal in the 21st minute! The Blues were proving to be the better team in every way possible.


In the second half, Manchester United began to press Chelsea. They wanted to equalise. However, for one reason or another, they weren’t successful.

Hazard netted the third goal for the Blues in the 62nd minute and, in the 70th, Kante netted the fourth. The Blues showed Mourinho that they were a better, stronger and bolder team without him!

The Special One has now become The Broken One. Mourinho’s United has proved to be weaker than Conte’s Chelsea, who denied United a single goal.

Chelsea are 4th on the PL table, only one point away from top spot. Whereas, Manchester United are 7th. There is a growing concern that United might not be among the top four this season.


Blues Belittle Leicester

The Premier League champions, Leicester City, proved no match for the blue giants. Chelsea stood so tall that their opposition feared to retaliate.

Diego Costa was quick on his feet. He gave Chelsea the lead by converting a corner kick in the 7th minute of the game. Chelsea can always rely on Costa to give them the boost they need! He is not the ‘monster’ he was labelled as last season.

In fact, every Chelsea player turned up today. Two more goals came from Hazard and Moses in the 33rd and 80th minute respectively. Plus, the strong performance of David Luiz made up for the absence of Courtious. Leicester were simply no match for the Blues!

Chelsea are up at 5th place on the PL table; whilst Leicester are down at 13th. They’ve swapped places! The Blues are on the up! Leicester is falling…

All But One

It would be incorrect to say that every top team won this Saturday, even though most did. The single Premier League giant that suffered was Chelsea, and at the hands of their London rival, Arsenal! Although some teams possess similar skills and qualities, it is important to still remember that there can only be one top dog!

Arsenal treated Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium in the way they would treat empty sweet packets: they tossed them aside. Sánchez scored the first goal for the Gunners in the 11th minute, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the second goal was netted just three minutes later by Walcott. Chelsea were playing away from home and it was showing very clearly.

After the third goal was scored by Özil, the Reds were sticking out like a sore thumb as they drowned the Blues in their victory and celebration. There is no Mr Nice Guy when it comes to rivalry and this match was proof of that. Bear in mind that this all happened before half time and nothing else came of the game!

Manchester United was another team that gained a glorious win. They defeated Leicester City 4-1, with the first goal being scored by Smalling in the 22nd minute. Then, from the 37th, the next three came from Mata, Rashford and Pogba all in the space of five minutes! They weren’t waiting around for things to change, they simply created the rise they desired!

Gray did manage to score a consolation goal for Leicester in the 59th minute, but it was not quite enough to help Leicester recover from their devastating loss. 

Well, all is well that ends well, especially in Manchester City’s game against Swansea. City’s first goal was netted by Agüero in the 9th minute, however, this was soon cancelled out by Llorente four minutes later. Luckily, Aguero was able to net another goal, by converting a penalty, in the second half, which was soon followed by a goal from Sterling. Clearly, suffering a setback doesn’t always mean losing.

Although, it does in Hull’s case. Liverpool beat them 5-1, a startling victory in the eyes of many! The first goal was netted by Lallana in the 17th minute, and the sending off of a Hull player meant that Liverpool later scored four goals, and merely conceded one.

Chelsea have been shoved down to eigth place on the PL table whilst Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool revel in top four. Manchester United is sandwiched in the middle at sixth. Although one could say that for Chelsea to drop points against a big team it’s not too bad, however, they still need to make up for what they’ve lost.

Joy All Around

Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool all won their Capital One Cup matches with quite hefty scorelines. Chelsea did admittedly have the biggest challenge of them all, however, they still produced a favourable outcome like the rest.

Arsenal had an astounding 4-0 win against Nottingham Forest. The first of their goals was netted by Xhaka in the 23rd minute and this remained the only goal of the first half. Arsenal’s new signing has once again proved useful to the team.

In the second half, three more goals followed and they were all scored by the Gunners! Two were by Pérez Martínez and the last one was netted in extra time by Oxlade-Chambelain. There wasn’t a single incorrect step taken by Wenger’s side.

The Gunners weren’t the only red team firing cannons at their opponents. Liverpool demolished Derby County in a similar fashion. Klavan gave the Reds the lead with his goal in the 24th minute and two goals followed this in the second half. The Premier League teams almost seem to be finding the League Cup -dare I say- easy!

Well, that is when they are not up against one another. Chelsea unfortunately had to face-off against Leicester City, the Premier League Champions! Leicester netted two goals within the first 34 minutes! The Blues could have easily accepted defeat at this point. However, instead, they did something else…

They made a comeback! Cahill netted an optimistic goal in extra time of the first half. Then, within the first five minutes of the second half, Azpilicueta scored the equaliser. Any advantage had been cancelled out and all was still to play for!

Antonio Conte had tried to rest his key players for their weekend match against their London rival,Arsenal, however, he eventually decided to call on Diego Costa and Hazard to help the Blues secure a win. The win was achieved.

In extra time Leicester had a player sent off and  so they were forced to play in added time with only ten men. With such rough behaviour, it was a long time coming. Within the first five minutes of added time Fàbregas netted two glorious goals to earn a golden victory for the Blues! Sometimes, the future just can’t be so easily predicted.

So, it has been settled. Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea have all progressed to the next stage of the English League. They demolished their opponents with great vigour; who knows how far they could go?

Down With The Blues

Chelsea were in a somber mood after losing to Liverpool on Friday. It was their first loss of the season. If there is anything that can get the Blues down, it’s this.

Lovren gave Liverpool the lead when he netted a goal in the 17th minute. If that was thought to be too hard to digest, what must have been even harder for the Blues was Henderson’s goal in the 36th. How can one return from such early setbacks?


Well, that’s the question Chelsea are still asking now! Diego Costa managed to score a consolation goal in the 61st minute, but, this wasn’t enough to steal even a single point away from their red opponents. Their shirts were blue, the stadium was blue and the players were blue too.


David Luiz, Chelsea’s ex-player who just recently returned to the club, played for the first time since his return. However, not even he could save his team from downfall. Well, he is still re-adjusting.

Chelsea remain with 10 points and Liverpool are now tailing behind them with 10 points also. More clubs will play this weekend, and then we can see the true cost of this defeat.