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Devastation and Delight

The Premier League giants played their fourth game of the season this Saturday, with Manchester City and Liverpool actually having to face off against each other. The results of these matches could not have all been forseen.

Liverpool, who had just signed Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, were battered by Manchester City 5-0. They had conceded two goals in the first half and by the second, when the ex-Arsenal player was put on the pitch, they conceded another three! What a horrendous debut!

Arsenal and Chelsea both won their matches against Bournemouth and Leicester City respectively. After having lost their previous cious match 4-0 to Liverpool, the Gunners begun to repair their reputation with a 3-0 victory. The blue London giants only had to enhance their image with a 2-1 win, with the only goal they conceded being a penalty.

Although London was joyous, the same can not be said for Manchester. City had obtained an amazing win, however, Man United only managed a mere 2-2 draw with Stoke City. Although the team is still in the top two with Manchester City, it won’t be long before other teams put pressure on them. In fact, the Blues, who are now in third place, have already begun to do so.


Bouncing Blues

Last season was a disaster for Chelsea, but they’ve bounced back better than ever. They hit top of the table the week before last and they are still there now. Here’s why…

Thanks to Diego Costa, Chelsea defeated Middlesbrough 1-0 to achieve their sixth straight win in a row without conceding. This took them to first position on the Premier League table, 9 spots higher than where they finished last year. 

They then maintained this lead after defeating Tottenham 2-1 at a Derby game at Stamford Bridge. Although they broke their streak of not conceding, they managed to win three points. That’s the important thing.

Good fortune has befallen the Blues since they’ve been under the management of Conte. The sorrowful fate they suffered under Mourinho is perhaps now being endured by his new team, Manchester United.

Manchester United defeated Feyenoord 4-0 to keep their Europa League hopes alive. However. They couldn’t produce the same result in their weekend Premier League match.

West Ham took the lead against United in the second minute, and the Reds only managed to net one goal to gain a single point from the game. Mourinho got so frustrated that he had to be sent to the stands in the second half of the match! Who knew things were so bad!

Mourinho is doing no better at United than at Chelsea. The Reds are currently sixth position on the Premier League table, 11 points behind the the leaders and eight points away from top four. The Premier League is definitely not theirs this season.

Fortunately, Manchester United was able to get their revenge on West Ham United by defeating them 3-1 in the EFL quarter- final. This is much more than what Arsenal were able to do, as The Gunners lost 0-2 against Southampton.

 But, to be fair, Arsenal were not playing their top 11, unlike United. Clearly they have their eyes firmly focused on the Premier League, the league which Manchester United can’t keep up with.

Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool all won their Premier League matches and are chasing down Chelsea’s top spot. Liverpool also defeated Leeds 2-0 in the English Football League!

It’s dog eat dog. All is still to play for and the race for the PL Cup, or any cup for that matter, is no where near over!

Down With The Blues

Chelsea were in a somber mood after losing to Liverpool on Friday. It was their first loss of the season. If there is anything that can get the Blues down, it’s this.

Lovren gave Liverpool the lead when he netted a goal in the 17th minute. If that was thought to be too hard to digest, what must have been even harder for the Blues was Henderson’s goal in the 36th. How can one return from such early setbacks?


Well, that’s the question Chelsea are still asking now! Diego Costa managed to score a consolation goal in the 61st minute, but, this wasn’t enough to steal even a single point away from their red opponents. Their shirts were blue, the stadium was blue and the players were blue too.


David Luiz, Chelsea’s ex-player who just recently returned to the club, played for the first time since his return. However, not even he could save his team from downfall. Well, he is still re-adjusting.

Chelsea remain with 10 points and Liverpool are now tailing behind them with 10 points also. More clubs will play this weekend, and then we can see the true cost of this defeat.

Who’s got the Blues?

Chelsea faced Everton in a brutal blue beat down! The scoreline was 3-1,however, which blue team claimed today’s victory and cheer?

The first goal came from Naismith in the 17th minute! Three more goals came after this, one of which only took five more minutes to arrive. Naismith doubled the lead for the home team in the 22nd!

Many thought there was still hope for the Blues when Matic scored a goal in the 36th minute. However, this was destroyed when Naismith decided to net a hat trick in the second half! The Blues weren’t wearing blue today, but they definitely held it in their hearts as they walked away.

Courtois is out with injury and the cracks in Chelsea’s defense are showing. Another bad game to continue a bad season start. How long will tears continue to rain upon Mourinho?

Blue Blow

Chelsea had another disastrous defeat as they faced-off against Manchester City. Those wearing the brighter blue had the brightest day today.

The first goal of the match came from Aguero in the 31st minute. This had set Chelsea back during the first half, but, by the half time break, there was one player in particular that felt the pain the most…

Terry was substituded, by Jose Mourinho, for the first time in 177 games. Considering the hype surrounding the match, Terry was intensely Fustrated!


This act took many people’s mind away from what happened during the second half. Kompany doubled City’s lead in the 79th minute!

The game was sealed just minutes later. Fernandinho made the scoreline hit three in the 85th. Manchester City tried to use every minute to their advantage. They were successful.

The Blues have dropped out of of harmony and into 16th place on the Premier League table. This was after losing five points out of a possible six. Manchester City share no such upset with the Champions as they are sitting with pride at the top of the table.

Chelsea Are Champions!

The Capital One Cup has been lifted and the Blues have been the ones to raise it! They defeated Tottenham to win the final and claim what was rightfully theirs!

The win was first introduced by none other than John Terry! He scored the first goal of the match in the 45th minute. What a way to close the first half of the game! From there a cup lift was destined!


In the second half, it all deteriorated for Spurs. An own goal from Walker extended the lead for the Blues and secured their victory! Chelsea were Champions and there was no going back!

Mourinho has at last led his blue team to a trophy, and boy has it been a exciting, emotional and uplifting day for him! What more could he ask for?


Well, the Capital One Cup is not the only trophy the Blues can raise this season. The Premier League is looking more and more likely to be theirs soon. Can they make it happen?

To read about Chelsea’s Premier League achievement press here.

Disclosed Destiny

Tottenham played against Sheffield United to decide who would play Chelsea in the Capital One finale. A win for Tottenham means that rivalry will be brewing pretty soon across the Wembley Stadium.

Eriksen scored the first goal of the match in the 28th minute to give Spurs the lead. They held his lead throughout the first half and into the second, however trouble came knocking near the end.


Adams equalised for Sheffield in the 77th minute.This was his first professional goal! He then quickly doubled this just two minutes later! Someone so young and vulnerable to the skills of others posed a major threat to Tottenham and their chances of getting through.

Spurs were lucky enough to have Eriksen come to the rescue once again. He scored the equaliser in the 88th minute, which gave Tottenham a 3-2 win on aggregate!

Chelsea are set to meet Tottenham at Wembley. Will the Blues be able to revenge their humiliating loss to Spurs in the Premier League or will it be another traumatizing event that will scar them forever? The match takes place on the 1st of March. Be ready!

It’s Raining Goals!

Hallelujah! Chelsea smothered Swansea in a hefty 5-0 bonanza! Blue rain drops crashed down in overwhelming anticipation!

Swansea never got a chance to be in the game as Oscar scored the first goal in the 1st minute of the match! He did not waste a single moment.

Diego Costa followed his lead as he doubled the scoreline in the 20th minute. It was then in the 34th that he made it three!


Two minutes later Oscar scored again. Perhaps he should be given an oscar award for his undying contributuion. Schurrle then refused to go unnoticed as he tied the knot by scoring the final goal in the 79th minute!

Chelsea yet again provided entertainment that eyes just couldn’t turn away from. They’re reigning down on all the other clubs in the Premier League and they’re not making any room for guests.

Chelsea Chomped

Chelsea played against Tottenham in what was thought to be a winnable match. However, the events proved otherwise.

Diego netted the first goal to give Chelsea the lead in the 18th minute. This lead was soon diminished by Kane’s goal in the 30th. The teams were level but of course they didn’t rest.

Rose gave Tottenham the lead in the 44th minute. You wouldn’t think a goal could come any closer to the half time whistle, yet somehow it did! Townsend converted a penalty in the 45th minute to make it three.


In the second half the action continued. Hazard was able to get a goal back for the Blues in the 61st minute. However, attention was soon drawn away from this as Chadli extended Spurs’ lead!

Terry later scored a vital goal for Chelsea as the game was coming to a close. This goal gave Chelsea the same goal difference as Manchester City and so they were able to stay at the top of the table due to alphabetical order. Wow, what a way to use your ABC’s to your advantage!

Mourinho’s team conceding five goals! Is he losing his magic touch?

The Blues left the match with a blue feeling inside. After a 5-3 defeat we can only hope that they find the motivation to fight for top spot.

Blue Bellows

“Semi-final here we come”! Those are the words that Chelsea should be screaming after their beautiful peformance against Derby. Mourinho may not have won a trophy for Chelsea last year, but it looks as if he’s ready to restore blue to the sky by claiming the Capital One Cup!

Hazard opened up the scoreline in the 23rd minute! Perhaps he should start wearing flashing lights on his shirt just so that people know the danger that he brings! Filipe Luis then doubled the Blues’ lead in the 56th. In the eyes of many, the game had been won from this point.


Derby regained a bit of pride and passion as Bryson scored a goal in the 71st minute. However, this was short-lived. Their hopes were quickly booted as Buxton soon recieved a red card and Derby were down to ten men. Oopsy daisy.

This may have saddened Derby, however it boosted the Blues! Schurrle went on to score the final goal of the match in the 82nd minute!


Mourinho’s men are marching into the next stage. Bring it on! They’re ready for it!