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The Blues face the Best

Chelsea faced off against the world-renowned Barcelona for the first leg of the Champions League last 16. They were the underdogs in this match, and they delivered!

The performance of the Blues, quite frankly, put Barcelona to shame. The Blues had the only shot on target in the first half, despite the likes of Messi and Suarez being on the pitch. The only thing Barcelona actually did dominate in was possession, and that does not mean much without a goal.

Willian gave Chelsea their well-deserved lead in the 62nd minute of the match. The joy was immense! However, one slight hiccup in the Chelsea defense enabled Messi to later equalise for the visitors. It was a great shame considering how tight Chelsea’s defense had been throughout the game. It was Chelsea that gave a goal away.

The attitude, spirit and momentum of Conte’s Chelsea gives many fans great hope that they might just be able to overcome the greatest football team and go on to thoroughly pursue the Champions League trophy!



Manchester City began the week on a high after defeating Barcelona 3-1! However, by this weekend they had been brought down a notch. Luckily, the opposite was true for Manchester United.

Messi gave Barcelona the lead against Manchester City in the 21st minute. However, three goals from Gundogan (39′, 74′) and De Bruyne (51) silenced the team known as the best in the world!

Perhaps it was the energy needed to secure this win that caused City to underperform in their match against Middlesbrough. Although Aguero managed to net a goal for his team in the 43rd minute, de Roon scored the equaliser for the opposition in extra time. By this point, it was too late to make amends.

Manchester United did the reverse of what Manchester City did. The Reds lost their Europa League match against Fenerbahce 2-1. They began losing from the second minute of the match, and Rooney’s late goal in the 89th minute couldn’t save them from defeat.


Fortunately, United had a better fate this weekend. They defeated Swansea City by only conceding one goal and by netting three. That’s more like it!

Manchester City are one win away from securing their entry into the next round of the Champions League. However, they are down to third place on the Premier League table.

Manchester United still have a chance to reach the next stage of the Europa League, however, they are going to have to perform a lot better in order to do so. Despite this, they seem to be on the up as they are now sixth place on the Premier League table.

Nothing is ever clear cut in football. As more games are played, the clearer things will become. Soon it will be evident which teams are strong and which ones are not.




All or Nothing

Both Arsenal and Manchester City played Champions League matches which had bulging scorelines. However, only one of them was able to claim victory; whilst the other suffered a merciless defeat.

The best team is worth mentioning first. Arsenal were tremendously successful in their match against Ludogorets Razgrad. A total of six goals were scored by the Gunners (six!), and they could have even scored twice that amount as they had 12 shots on target! Yes, 12!

The first goals came from Sanchez (12′) and Walcott (42′) in the first half; followed by a goal from Oxlade-Chamberlain (46′) and a hat-trick from Ozil (56′, 83′, 87′) in the second half. Every kick of the ball was a step closer to triumph!



It’s a shame that Manchester City were not subject to the same gleeful fate as the Gunners. City was embarrassingly thrashed 4-0 by Barcelona, with Messi scoring a hat-trick and Neymar netting a late goal.




It could be said that City was put at a disadvantage, as Bravo was sent off in the 53rd minute. However, this drawback was not held for too long, for Barcelona were also reduced to ten men when Mathieu was shown a red card 20 minutes later.

Aguero was left on the bench for most of the game, and was only sent onto the field in the 79th minute. Bad move. By then, it was all too late for him to rescue his team. Pity.

Arsenal are now topping group A with 7 points (the same as Paris St Germain) and, luckily, Manchester City is second in their group despite them having 5 less points than Barcelona. Well, they did only lose to the best.

For now, it looks as if all the English teams will progress to the next stage of the Champions League. Even Leicester has been thriving, as they are topping group G with 9 points, and Tottenham is second in group E. Perhaps the time has come for an English team to dominate Europe!




The Champions League Draw

The Champions League groups have been drawn! Even though there is no Premier League club having to face Barcelona or Real Madrid quite yet, some of them are still playing against pretty strong contenders.

Manchester United haven’t been given the biggest scare. They were placed in group B along with PSV Eindhoven, CSKA Moscow and Wolfsburg. The likelihood is that they will survive this stage.


Chelsea were also not given too much to worry about. They were placed in group G along with Porto, Dynamo Kyiv and Maccabi Tel Aviv. Porto may be the only threat posed to the Blues and so they are likely to go through with them to the next round. Mourinho is a happy man!

Manchester City have been granted with smaller luck. However, they still have a stern chance of succeeding this round. They have been placed in group D along with Juventus, Sevilla and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Juventus are a powerhouse and hopefullly the only team to rumble the City!


Arsenal, as usual, will be going head to head with the biggest challenge of all. They have been placed in group F along with Bayern Munich, Olympiakos and Dinamo Zagreb. Bayern Munich knocked the Gunners out in the last-16 stage in 2014, however, it would be a shame if it was Olympiakos that would overtake Arsenal this season.

The Champions League matches will start on Tuesday the 15th of September and we wish all the clubs the best of luck!


Manchester City faced their toughest match yet as they went head-to-head against Barcelona! City played at home, but  it seemed no place was secure enough or sweet enough to protect them from this brutal battle!

Suarez made his first return to England, since he moved to Barcelona in the summer, and he sure did leave his mark. He scored the first goal for the away team in the 16th minute. It wasn’t long before the second goal came as Suarez netted another goal, in the 30th minute, to double the lead for Barcelona! They knocked on the door for victory and it opened!


In the second half, Manchester City attempted to recover and retaliate. In the 69th minute, Aguero scored a goal for City to keep their hopes alive. After all, it’s not over until it’s over! However, this sense of confidence was short-lived as Clichy soon recieved a red card to reduce City to ten. What did they have left? Well, they can be proud of one thing. Hart, the skilled City goalkeeper, saved a late penalty taken by one of the greatest football players, Messi! Now that is something to be proud of!

So City walked away from the match in gloom and with the chance to reflect. They still have the second leg to play at Barcelona. It may be difficult, but nothing is impossible.

Beyond Expectation

Arsenal faced Galatasaray in a game that should have been daunting and dreary for them. Surprise, surprise! They exceeded expectations.

The battering of Galatasaray began when Podolski gave Arsenal the lead in the 3rd minute of the match! This early lead was then doubled in the 11th minute by Ramsey.

Arsenal were looking for six goals and that’s where they were heading. Ramsey made it three goals to nil in the 29th moment! Half time came to a close with a confident Gunner side.


In the second half, Sneijder managed to score a goal to gain some pride when there was two minutes of full time left to play. To our amazement, Podolski managed to top up Arsenal’s goal count in the 90th.

4-1 is not bad. Not bad at all. They sure must have learnt from their match against Stoke. The only disappointment was that they were unable to top their group. Well, they shouldn’t worry to much because it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll face a team like Barcelona…Right?

Morose Man City

All the odds were against Manchester City, and the odds won their bet! Man City were already down by a 2-0 deficit from their previous match against Barcelona. Then today they faced a 2-1 loss and a sending off of one of their players. Like Arsenal’s match, yesterday, all the goals and action came in the second half. Although, the results for Man City weren’t quite as acceptable. Pellegrini had the idea that Man City would win 4 trophies this year. Mournfully, that dream has been slashed in half all a bit too quickly for him to make sense of it
Will the results of tonight cause Man City to worry about getting their hands on the Premier League trophy?

Expected Scores; unexpected gameplay

20140220-114533 pm.jpg

A day before the match between Man City and Barcelona, Pellegrini announced that “If we only consider this season, there is just one club in Manchester and it is ours,”. He appeared to have great pride and confidence, sorrowfully, this time round, Man City were unable to grow “by winning” and lessened their chances of being rewarded an international trophy. Barcelona defeated Man City 2-0 but the game began very sluggishly as both teams were just trying to defend their own corner rather than going forward. A red card,for Demichelsis, and a penalty, Barcelona knocked off the shell which the two teams had been hiding under. The deal was then sealed by a late goal from Alves.

The next day Arsenal, too, faced the same daunting fate.

20140221-120242 am.jpg Arsenal gained a penalty in the first half which Ozil (carelessly) let into the hands of the keeper. Although, Bayern kindly returned the favour by missing their own penalty after the sending off of the Arsenal goal keeper. Although Bayern Munich did go on to win the game 2-0.
The English clubs seem to have a mirror line between them because both teams seemed to face similar outcomes in their matches.
Is Arsenal destined to replicate the devil’s own luck of last year, or will they find the light of the dark tunnel they’re in?
Can Man City possibly become the third English Club to ever beat Barcelona?

Man City v Barcelona: the two big hitters to play each other tonight.

Later on today we’ll see how Yaya Toure’s talent can match up against Messi! Barcelona will be coming to the Etihad and therefore Man City should be able to know their way around the pitch. Some, like Jose Mourinho, feel that Man City are to face “the worst Barcelona of many, many years”. This can only be judged or decided upon when the game has been played. Man City are contenders for the Premier League title, will Messi allow the same for the Champions League?