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Chasing Hope

Another game in the Premier League, but perhaps a new start for the Blues. Chelsea have finally taken off their blanket and leaped out of bed ready to face the challenges of the League!

Aston Villa got no goals past Mourinho’s team…well, not for themselves anyway. Instead, Chelsea put a goal past them before Villa took the shovel and dug the hole themselves.

Diego Costa scored the first goal of the match in the 34th minute, marking his return to the squad! This was then followed by an own goal from Hutton in the 54th. Sorry mate.

Chelsea are back on wheels and their bus is full of fuel. With any hope, this sort of outcome won’t be classed as “rare”.


Job done

Liverpool managed to hold on to their win against Aston Villa. Villa did try their best, but it wasn’t good enough for Rodgers’ side.

The match started at a very fast pace. Milner gave Liverpool the lead in the second minute. The next goal came much later in the match when Sturridge scored a goal in the 59th.  

In the 66th minute, Gestede netted a cancellation goal for Villa. However, Sturridge scored another goal just a moment later. Gestede did mange to score another goal, but it wasn’t enough to gain them a single point.

Liverpool are 7th position on the PL table, but they’re not yet in the top six. Can they continue their winning ways to rise into a place of prestige?

The Man In Man United

Manchester United played away against Aston Villa. They won their first match and now they’ve won their second!

One goal was produced througout the whole 90 minutes. Surprisingly, it didn’t come from one of United’s star players- Rooney’s performance was pitiful. It came from someone else entirely.


Januzaj netted the winning goal in the 29th minute of the match. A 1-0 result, again. Manchester United are definately passing through a common case of deja vu!

Van Gaal is finally looking down on everybody else as his team get a taste of top of the table. I wouldn’t get too comfortable though, they may not be left there for too long…

Less Is More

Liverpool were successful in their battle against Blackburn. They managed to successfully reach the next stage of the FA Cup.

Liverpool were unable to defeat Blackburn in their previous encounter. They needed a second attempt in order to get the ball rolling.


Coutinho scored the winning goal in the 70th minute! It took some time and it may have been only one goal but it was enough. They did it!

Liverpool are set to meet Aston Villa for the semi-finals of the FA Cup. A single goal can make a difference. Can they repeat today’s occurrances at Wembley?

Striving and Surviving

Chelsea played away against Aston Villa, however, they didn’t fail to deliver the result we were all hoping for. Their win today has enabled them to begin running away with the Premier League title.

Hazard netted a goal in the 8th minute to give Chelsea an early lead. The Blues maintained their advantage throughout the first half.


The second half didn’t begin well for Mourinho’s side as Okore equalised for Villa in the 48th minute. However, this act was soon put to shame as Ivanovic gave the Blues the lead again in the 66th! Take that as a warning: Chelsea are not to be messed with.

Chelsea have moved seven points clear at the top of the table so Mourinho can now wipe away the sweat collecting on his forehead. The pressure has been reduced, but can Chelsea continue to widen the gap between them and their opponents?

High Five

Arsenal had a victory worth celebrating after they defeated Aston Villa by 5-0. It’s a new high for Arsenal this season and it looks as if they’ll only get bigger and better!

Giroud gave the Gunners an early lead as he scored a goal in the 8th minute! This was the only goal in the first half, Aston Villa had no idea of what was about to hit them.

Ozil doubled the lead in the 56th minute. Walcott then made it three in the 63rd. Goals were flying in left, right and centre and that wasn’t even the end of it!


Cazorla converted a penalty in the 75th minute to add to Arsenal’s scoreline. Bellerin then scored his first goal in professional football to make it 5-0 as the game came to a close!

As the season goes by, teams get more fatigued. However, Arsenal defies this convention as they appear to only get stronger! Today Arsene Wenger can go home with his head held high, looking up into a brighter future!

The only thing keeping Arsenal out of top four is their goal difference. A few more goals and a few more points here and there and they’ll be singing all the way into the Champions League next season!

Climbing Up

To the mountain high is where Liverpool seem to be aiming at. They’ve shown a new side of them recently and have continued it throughout today’s match against Aston Villa. They’ve been a side with passion. A side with determination. A side that comes to matches and wins.

Borini scored the first goal for Liverpool in the 24th minute. This gave them the lead in the first half, which was later enhanced in the second.


Lambert scored the second goal in the 79th minute to seal the win for Liverpool! Oh happy days!

There is only one point separating Liverpool and Arsenal, although Arsenal has a game in hand. They’re no more playing catch up…they’ve entered the competition.

Not Serious

With the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City battling for top spot, it isn’t exactly the best time to be dropping points. Manchester United, however, have done just that by drawing against Aston Villa.

Manchester United were off to a bad start as Benteke scored for Aston Villa in the 18th minute! Great. Now Man United need to aim for an equaliser before even thinking about a win.


Luckily enough, Falcao headed in the cancellation goal in the 53rd minute. They were level! This however wasn’t extended to a win as United failed to take advantage of a 10 man Villa in the second half.


Manchester United may have won a few games recently but they still haven’t showed their ability to reach top spot. Perhaps it’s just a Champions League position that they are really after this season.

Merry Machester


Manchester City managed to beat a persistent Aston Villa in the late minutes of the game. This season if full of surprises!

With Manchester City only winning one game out of their previous four, it looked as if they were going to drop a few points today. However, Yaya Toure made sure that it never materialised as he put in a goal in the 82nd minute of the game! Agüero then secured the win in the 88th minute.

Manchester City have raised themselves to 2nd in the table. Can they continue their winning streak and stay at the top with the Blues?

Just About Did It


West Brom faced a timid Liverpool in the Premier League. A win was just about recovered as it was hanging down by a thread.

Liverpool have moved to sixth position in the table after a win at Anfield. Lallana put in his first season goal in the 45th minute. Berthing then converted a penalty in the 56th minute to put West Brom level. Luckily enough Henderson managed to win Liverpool the game in the 61st minute!

Liverpool reach 10 points after ending West Brom’s three-match winning run. Can they sustain their winning boots?