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The Champions Deliver

Chelsea faced Tottenham away from home at the Webley stadium for their second Premier League match of the season! After losing their first match, there were concerns about the Chelsea squad.

However, those worries were all put to bed by Chelsea’s victory over Spurs! Alonso gave the Blues the lead in the 24th minute of the match. Despite all efforts from the opposition, they held onto this lead until the second half.

Sadly, Chelsea broke down their own advantage when Batshuayi headed in an own goal to equalise for Spurs. At this point, it looked as if both teams would be walking away from the game with one point.

Although, that was quick to change. Alonso worked his magic once again by scoring the winning goal in the 88th minute of the game! Not only did he secure the first three points for the Blues this season, but he also made up for his teammate’s ugly mistake!

Chelsea now seem to be fully growing into this season. With how well they defended against Tottenham and their ability to return from setbacks, we can suspect alot more great things to come this season!


A Twist Or Two

Manchester City faced Bayern Munich in what could have been the end of their Champions League journey. Luckily enough, they were able to save themselves in the end.

As Bayern Munich were taken down to 10 men, Agüero converted a penalty to give Man City the advantage. Their rein, however, failed to last long as Alonso scored the equaliser in the 40th minute. Five minutes later, Lewandowski gave Bayern the lead! 10 men and ahead! What is happening to Manchester City?

City are just lucky to have someone called Aguero on their team. Aguero scored in the 85th minute to keep their spirits alive. A few minutes later, he was rewarded with a hat trick as he netted his teams’ last minute victory!

What would they do without him? I’m sure they wouldn’t dare risk finding out the answer. Manchester City are on 5 points, along with two other teams in their group! The final game will determine who wins and who fails!