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The Premier League is Back With a Bang

Arsenal faced Leicester City in the opening match of the new Premier League season. Both teams were bouncing with energy, bringing action to the game right from the start.

Arsenal’s new signing, Lacazette, opened up the match by netting a goal in the 2nd minute! It was a shocking start to the match, but there were more surprises to come…

By the 5th minute, Leicester had equalised and Vardy soon netted the second goal for his club in the 29th. The Gunners had been quickly pushed onto the back foot; what a change!

Luckily for them, Welbeck managed to score an equaliser just before the half time whistle was blown.

However, in the second half, Vardy scored again, bringing more woes upon the Gunners. It seemed as if that was to be the final result until Wenger- the Arsenal manager- made an extremely wise decision.

Ramsey and Giroud were brought onto the pitch as substitutes and they both scored goals for Arsenal during the last ten minutes of the match! 4-3 was the scoreline! What an extraordinary turnaround!

It must be hard to be an Arsenal fan, with all the twists, turns and triumphs. What a way to welcome us all back to the Premier League!


One After Another

Chelsea appear to have taken the same route as Arsenal in their previous matches. They’re out of the FA Cup and they’re out of Champions League also. There is only a Premier League position left to fight for.

Chelsea trodded out of the Champions League after losing their second leg against PSG. They conceded two goals, although Costa did manage to score one, and so the final result was 4-2 on aggreate. Europe was just not written into their destiny this year.

In fact, what was? Chelsea have also exited the FA Cup, after losing 2-0 to Everton in a game of extremely high tensions. Lukaku, the former Chelsea player, was the one who scored the two late goals, putting the Blues into a pit of misery.

However, it was actually after the goals were scored that the real action began. Barry and Diego Costa were both sent off the pitch after an altercation between them, which nearly almost involved biting! The beast in Diego has still not been tamed!

Chelsea are yet to lose a Premier League match under their new manager, but they also haven’t endulged in many wins. They had to recover from the point of defeat twice against West Ham to secure a mere point to add to their tally. They aren’t moving very far.

Chelsea have not had the best season; they will not be raising a single trophy this year. All they can try to do now is win more Premier League matches in order to finish as high as they possibly can on the PL table. Is that too much to ask for?

One Last Chance

Arsenal have fallen out of all major competitions, except of course the Premier League. If they can’t win that one, or at the very least finish above Tottenham, then this season will have been a very fruitless one.

The Gunners performed superbly in their FA Cup replay: two goals were scored by Giroud and two goals were scored by Walcott, three of which came after the 70th minute! This put them through to the sixth round, where the crashed and burned!

The Reds somehow lost their drive by the weekend, for they succumbed to the miniature might of Watford. Arsenal conceded two goals to their opposition before a goal, by Welbeck, was netted in the 88th minute. This was not good enough to see the FA Cup holders- for two years running- through to the semi-finals.


Despite this, it appeared the worst was yet to come. Although Arsenal managed to grasp one goal in their second meeting with Barcelona, they still suffered defeat once again. They conceded three goals, to Neymar, Suarez and Messi, to see themselves out of the Champions League with a 5-1 result on aggregate. Well, it was Barcelona!

The Gunners have one cup left to focus on, and it looks like they’ve already begun to make an effort. They defeated Everton 2-0, with goals from Welbeck and Iwobi, to move three points closer to Tottenham and Leicester.

There are still eight more Premier League games to be played, which means that Arsenal still have 24 points to play for in order to see if this year will be their year. It has been a long time since they’ve won the Premier League. They can’t let it go again.




The Masked Malefactor


Champions to Chumps

Chelsea had notable success in the previous football season. Year after year they’ve been gaining one trophy after another. However, it might be different this time around.

The Blues surprisingly  had no difficulty in securing their place in the knockout stage of the Champions League. They defeated FC Porto 2-0, with one of the goals being an own goal from Marcano Sierra. The other one was from Willian. 

Chelsea might be charging ahead in Europe, but it appears that they’ve left the housework to pile up. Mourinho is in “need” of “pride” after his team hit a new low. Leicester defeated Chelsea 2-1 with goals from Vardy, Mahrez and Remy much later on in the game. Their situation is almost impossible to scrabble up from.

The Blues, believe it or not, are only one point away from the relegation zone. They won the Premier League last season. They dominated English football. The football world knew their name. What has changed?


Manchester United was given the chance to win and progress to the next stage in the Champions League. However, this was viciously snatched as the wolves of VfL Wolfsburg tore into them.

Although a goal from Martial meant that Manchester United were the first to take the lead, Aparecido Rodrigues equalised for Wolfsburg just three minutes later. Vieirinha then went on to give the wolves an advantage in the 29th.

Perhaps it was in the name of equality and fairness that Guilavogui decided to net an own goal in the 82nd minute to make the teams level again. However, once again in a short period of time, Aparecido Rodrigues ruled out this act of charity to claim the victory for Wolfsburg!

Manchester United are out of the Champions League cup. There is no going back now. Hopefully this will encourage them to pour more energy into winning their Premier League games!


Before now, Manchester City had broken their winning streak and appeared to be stumbling down Hill. However, in their match against Southampton, they appeared to have reverted back to their good habits.

Last Saturday, in Manchester City’s previous Premier League match they faced a horrid 1-4 defeat against Liverpool. Mangala scored an own goal in the 7th minute, which must have dented the spirit of City and got Liverpool racing until they had bagged a golden victory!

Then, on Wednesday, Juventus continued where Liverpool left off.  Mandzukic netted the winning goal against Manchester City. Luckily, this has not hindered the City’s chances in getting to the next stage in the Champions League.

Despite these upsets, there is no need to worry. Manchester City deafeated Southampton 3-1, returning to their winning ways. De Bruyne scored the first goal in the 9th minute, which was soon followed by a goal from Delph. In the second half, Long netted a goal for the visitors. However, this was later undermined by a goal from Kolarov!

In eight days, Man City have gone to hell and back. Well, with every mistake made, they have learned. This is what makes them a strong team.




A simple match with a simple end. Manchester United drew against Hull, ending their season in quite a dull fashion.

There were no goals scored in the match. Not one goal entered the net. The fans expected to see action on the last day of the Premier League season, but it just wasn’t given to them.


The only thing that Manchester United did claim in the game was a red card. Fellaini was sent off in the 77th minute – not longer after he came on!

Manchester United ended their season in fourth place, however the consequences of the match were much more severe for Hull. An inability to win meant that Hull have been relegated back down to the championship. Aww.

They Actually Did It

Manchester City’s chances of qualifying for the knock out stages were pretty slim after they had only gained two points after four matches. Miraculously, they made it. Somehow they have beaten Roma to make it through.

The first goal of the game came from Nasri in the 60th minute. I guess you could say it took them a while before they were able to make a breakthrough.


Zabaleta then doubled the lead in the 86th minute to secure Man City’s first win at Italy! Well what can I say.

The effort City have put in is admirable. Their happiness and pride was displayed for all to see. Now we want to see results that will bring the Champions League alive!

Just Not Enough

Liverpool are being downgraded to Europa League whilst FC Basel are advancing to the next stage of the Champions League. Perhaps it wasn’t the best game for Liverpool. Then again…which games are?

Frei gave Basel the lead in the 25th minute. Liverpool had never beaten Basel in a European competition and it was beginning to appear evident.

By the second half, Liverpool pursued a more aggressive approach to the match. From feet kicking legs instead of the ball and a red card Markovic!What else could go wrong for them?

A new sense of hope arrived as Gerrard scored the equaliser in the 81st minute! However, the 10-men couldn’t find another goal to see them through. How pitiful.

Out of six games in group B, Liverpool only managed to win one! Perhaps they just weren’t ready for the grand Champions League. Maybe now they can focus more on achieving wins in the Premier League. Right now, they need all the time and help they can get!