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Arsenal are FA Cup Champions

Many expected the Premier League Champions, Chelsea, to defeat their London rivals, Arsenal, in the FA Cup Final. However, things did not quite turn out that way.

In fact, all chances of Chelsea’s success were blown away very quickly. Sánchez gave Arsenal the lead in the 4th minute of the match. It was a shocking goal and the Gunners defended it well.

In the second half, Moses received his second yellow card of the match, due to his dive in the penalty box. Chelsea were down to ten men, and all the attempts they had made to keep their trophy hopes alive seemed to be in vain.

Nevertheless, the Blues ended up equalising, with a goal from Diego Costa in the 76th minute. However, before the Chelsea fans could even celebrate, Ramsey responded with the winning goal for Arsenal!

Arsenal have now won 13 FA Cups, 7 of which were won under the leadership of Arsene Wenger. They are definitely a team that are always breaking records!

Now, the only question left unanswered is whether Wenger will sign a new contract, and stay with the club for another season. After today’s performance, it’s hard to see why he wouldn’t.


The FA Cup is Coming to London 

The top teams battled against each other for a spot in the FA Cup Final. Chelsea faced Tottenham and Arsenal faced Manchester City and this is what came of it…

Chelsea, the Premier League leaders tore their competitor to shreds with a 4-2 victory. The Blues were quick to put to bed any false hopes Tottenham were harbouring of winning the FA Cup. This game also proved to be a big indicator of who would be the most victorious in the Premier League.

It was then a matter of who was going to face Chelsea in the final. The match between Arsenal and Manchester City was the decider.

Both teams scored a goal by the end of the 90 minutes, forcing them to play another 30 minutes of added time in order for one team to find a winning goal. Luckily, one did- and it was Arsenal!

Sánchez’s goal in the 102nd minute confirmed Arsenal’s place in the FA Cup final. Arsenal have won the cup twice in the last three years, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if they won it again this year.

The FA Cup Final will be played on May 27th. It’s going to be a big match between two great London rivals. Chelsea have already won the Premier League. Will they win another?


Manchester United have really built themselves up since last year, and are beginning to show that they can still be a too club without Alex Ferguson.

They put on very strong and promising performance in January. Not only were they largely winning their Premier League matches, but they also succeeded through the third and fourth round of the FA Cup.

The same fate followed them throughout February, in which they reached the Europa League last 16 and won the Football League Cup by defeating Southampton 3-2! Impressive! 

It’s sad to note that they were knocked out of the FA Cup in March after being defeated by Chelsea 1-0. Manchester United are good, but perhaps not as good as the Premier League leaders.

Although, that was indeed challenged this April. Manchester United defeated Chelsea 2-0 last weekend, just a few days after drawing against RSC Anderlecht 1-1 in the first leg of the Europa League quarter final! They won’t give up!

Manchester United is currently 5th position on the Premier League table, but they have the mentality of a team in top four. Let’s hope that this can-do attitude helps them in the second leg of their Europa League match tomorrow!


The title is very much still Chelsea’s for the taking. Tottenham is crawling up behind them, however, considering the great football the Blues have been able to deliver this season, the trophy is likely to end up in their hands.

It is true that Chelsea finished 10th place on the Premier League table last season. However, that doesn’t seem to have affected the team’s mentality. They have renewed their image by winning matches over and over again. 

They won all their Premier League matches in January, except for their 1-1 draw against Liverpool. They also won all their February games, including their 2-0 win against Wolverhampton for the FA Cup quarter finals, except for their 1-1 draw against Burnley. At this point they were still undefeated.

The Blues soured through March without any mishaps, and it was safe to say that they were on a high! However, April wasn’t so soft-hearted.

Both Crystal Palace and Manchester United defeated Chelsea this month, causing the gap between the leaders and second place Totenham to reduce to only four points. With only six more game to play, the pressure is definitely on!

Chelsea are set to face Tottenham for the FA Cup Semi final this weekend and, considering the tension between the two clubs in the Premier League, it might just be the most intense game to be played this year!

It has been a good month.

The month of April was a good month for Manchester United, with hardly any mishaps to rain on their parade. A spot in the top four might not be theirs this season, however, no matter where they end up, they are determined to go out with a bang.

On April 16th, thanks to Rashford, the Reds won against Aston Villa. The following week, United won 2-0 against Crystal Palace and 2-1 against Everton. Their win against the Toffees secured their place in the FA Cup final- their 19th for that matter!

They began the month of May with a 1-1 draw against Leicester. After continuous wins, we can only hope that this does not signal an end to their fortune.

Manchester United had an overly successful month in April. Let’s hope they can remain with the same attitude and determination. After all, hey still do have the FA Cup to fight for. Mybe, just maybe, they could still finish in top four.


Melancholic Manchester

The month of March was of minimal triumph for both Manchester teams. There has been defeats, multiple draws, but also a win from one Manchester side over the other!

On March 10th, Liverpool knocked Manchester United out of the Europa League with a 2-0 defeat. It was only the notable work of David de Gea that prevented United from facing further humiliation.

The weekend of that week, both Manchester teams drew. City had a goalless Premier League draw against Nowrich; whereas, United ventured a little further with a 1-1 draw agaist West Ham, earning themselves an FA Cup replay. One can only hope that they produce a valuable result next time around.

Manchester City walked through another goalless draw on March 15th, however this one was in fact worth every goal (zero in total). Due to their previous 3-1 defeat over Dynamo Kiev in the first leg of the Champions League, a draw in the second leg meant that the final result was 3-1 on aggregate. This secured a place for City in the Champions League quater finals! Small kicks from the players; big leaps for the team!

Two days later, Manchester United gained another 1-1 result, but against their rival, Liverpool. The Manchester teams have been, undeniably, following their own and each other’s footsteps! This meant that the result on aggregate for the Europa League was 3-1. The only difference was that United were on the losing side of this scoreline, unlike Manchester City, which, therefore, ended their run in Europe. Well, there’s always next year.

The only thing that helped to console United, was their triumph over their greatest rival, Manchester City! The weekend derby saw only one goal, which came from United’s Rashford in the 16th minute! A single goal was all that was needed to silence a Manchester City that was suffering from a case of Goal Drought. We hope for a recover soon.

And they have. Manchester City have won all their four games so far this April. They’ve won 4-0 against Bournemouth and 2-1 against West Brom to keep them glued to 4th place on the Premier League table, with Manchester United sitting below them with four points less. City have also been the only English team to make it to the semi-finals of the Champions League after drawing 2-2 against Paris St Germain and then defeating them 1-0 in the second leg at home. Impressive!

However, the same cannot be said for United. I must admit they have managed to win two games so far this month: 1-0 against Everton and 2-1 against West Ham. Nevertheless, they can’t maintain a streak of wins. Between these two matches, United lost 3-0 to Tottenham! I’m sure they could have done much better than that.

Manchester City won’t be winning the Premier League trophy this year, however, they’ve gone the furthest they have ever gone in the Champions League. This could be their year! United, on the other hand, only seem to be settling for a Europe League position. Maybe next year they’ll show us signs of their former selves again.






One After Another

Chelsea appear to have taken the same route as Arsenal in their previous matches. They’re out of the FA Cup and they’re out of Champions League also. There is only a Premier League position left to fight for.

Chelsea trodded out of the Champions League after losing their second leg against PSG. They conceded two goals, although Costa did manage to score one, and so the final result was 4-2 on aggreate. Europe was just not written into their destiny this year.

In fact, what was? Chelsea have also exited the FA Cup, after losing 2-0 to Everton in a game of extremely high tensions. Lukaku, the former Chelsea player, was the one who scored the two late goals, putting the Blues into a pit of misery.

However, it was actually after the goals were scored that the real action began. Barry and Diego Costa were both sent off the pitch after an altercation between them, which nearly almost involved biting! The beast in Diego has still not been tamed!

Chelsea are yet to lose a Premier League match under their new manager, but they also haven’t endulged in many wins. They had to recover from the point of defeat twice against West Ham to secure a mere point to add to their tally. They aren’t moving very far.

Chelsea have not had the best season; they will not be raising a single trophy this year. All they can try to do now is win more Premier League matches in order to finish as high as they possibly can on the PL table. Is that too much to ask for?

One Last Chance

Arsenal have fallen out of all major competitions, except of course the Premier League. If they can’t win that one, or at the very least finish above Tottenham, then this season will have been a very fruitless one.

The Gunners performed superbly in their FA Cup replay: two goals were scored by Giroud and two goals were scored by Walcott, three of which came after the 70th minute! This put them through to the sixth round, where the crashed and burned!

The Reds somehow lost their drive by the weekend, for they succumbed to the miniature might of Watford. Arsenal conceded two goals to their opposition before a goal, by Welbeck, was netted in the 88th minute. This was not good enough to see the FA Cup holders- for two years running- through to the semi-finals.


Despite this, it appeared the worst was yet to come. Although Arsenal managed to grasp one goal in their second meeting with Barcelona, they still suffered defeat once again. They conceded three goals, to Neymar, Suarez and Messi, to see themselves out of the Champions League with a 5-1 result on aggregate. Well, it was Barcelona!

The Gunners have one cup left to focus on, and it looks like they’ve already begun to make an effort. They defeated Everton 2-0, with goals from Welbeck and Iwobi, to move three points closer to Tottenham and Leicester.

There are still eight more Premier League games to be played, which means that Arsenal still have 24 points to play for in order to see if this year will be their year. It has been a long time since they’ve won the Premier League. They can’t let it go again.




Liverpool : The Rollercoaster

Liverpool ended 2015 with two 1-0 wins against Leicester, on Boxing Day, and Sunderland, on December 30th. However, the tables turned after the new year began. Liverpool lost 2-0 toWest Ham, with one of the goals coming from former Liverpool player, Andy Carroll. It’s 2016. The momentum is different. The skill needed has changed. Happy New Year!

Despite a 0-1 victory against Stoke at the start of January, Liverpool went on to draw two consecutive games: one against Exeter in the third round of the FA Cup, and the other against Arsenal in the Premier League. They cannot be totally scrutinised for this -and their later loss against Man United- as Klopp’s team have been hugely bombarded by injury. In their match against Exeter, almost half the starting line up were making their first ever appearance, with only Benteke who had appeared on more than four occasions!

Despite their misfortune, Liverpool were put into an advantageous position. Liverpool won against League Two Exeter in their midweek brawl, claiming a spot in the fourth round of the FA Cup. They also won 4-5 against Norwich, with two goals after the 90th minute, in what was a dynamic and exhilarating  game! The celebration among the Liverpool players and manager meant that Klopp even broke his glasses! But who cares? They won!

After a successful penalty shootout, Liverpool have made it to the Capital One Cup Final! Although this called for celebration, their most recent matches have, indeed, rained on their parade. Liverpool ended January with a goalless draw against West Ham. They then lost 2-0 to Leicester by conceding two goals to Vardy. If that was not enough to send them crawling under a rock then their 2-2 draw against Sunderland definitely did. The worst part about it was that they were actually leading by two goals in the 70th minute and Klopp didn’t see any of it as he was in hospital with appendicitis! Get well soon…all of you.

Little improvement seems to have been made. Liverpool lost to West Ham in the FA Cup (2-1), won astonishingly to Aston Villa (scoring six goals and conceding none!), and then drew 0-0 with FC Augsburg in the Europa League. Although, they did manage to win 1-0 in the return leg. They’ve experience it all. 

Just when will they find some stability? Probably not any time soon as, this weekend, they lost the Capital One Cup to Manchester City after failing to score three of their penalties! They are now only in the running for one trophy. Their woes are not over. 

 This season is an intensely competitive one, and there is only more upset and uproar to come!

Manchester City: The Good and The Ugly

Manchester City celebrated Christmas in third position on the Premier League table after Arsenal defeated them 2-1. Although City went on to defeat Sunderland 4-1 on Boxing Day, a goalless draw against Leicester before the new year meant that they remained third as they entered into 2016. 

For the best part of January, Manchester City failed to maintain a winning streak. After they defeated Watford 2-1, they lost to Everton 1-2. After they beat Norwich 0-3 in the third round of the FA Cup, they suffered a goalless draw against Everton in the Premier League. City then crushed Crystal Palace 4-0, with goals from Delph, Aguero (2) and Silva. However, they then drew 2-2 against West Ham! What a vicious cycle it was.

However, they did eventually break it! After defeating Everton 3-1 in the second leg of the League Cup Semi-Final, Man City went on to demolish Aston Villa in the FA Cup – with a hat trick from Iheanacho and a goal from Sterling! They then even secured a Premier League win against Sunderland, at the start of February.

Despite such success, it appeared that the woes weren’t far behind. Leicester silenced Manchester City with a 1-3 defeat! Leicester began their victory from as early as the third minute with a goal from Huth, who later added to the scoreline in the 60th. Mahrez made his own addition to the result in the 48th minute and Aguero only managed to grab a slice of pride for City when the game was in its dying moments. How embarrassing!

From there they began a chain of loses. Tottenham had a complete hold over them as they defeated City 2-1. Man City fell to fourth on the PL table and let Tottenham rise to second. They then allowed Chelsea to progress in the FA Cup after conceding five goals to them. However, to be fair, City did play five teenage debutants.

It was a good thing that Manchester City played a team of experts in their Champions League match, for they won 1-3 against Dynamo Kiev. The three goals were netted by Aguero (15′), Silva (40′) and Toure (90′). It was an even better thing to see Willy Caballero, City’s goalkeeper in this weekend’s Capital One Cup final, save three penalty attempts from the Liverpool side (that of Lucas, Coutinho and Lallana)! It’s not always the most talked about players that can do the most miraculous things!

Manchester City claimed the Capital One Cup with great astonishment, and they will be playing Liverpool again in the coming week for the Premier League. They are still in the running for the Premier League title. Although, the title is not quite theirs to lose as of now. Do they have the hope of raising another cup this year?