Manchester City extended their winless streak with a draw against Southampton. They could not fully recover from the error they made at an early point in the game.

Poor gameplay meant that Redmond gave Southamton the lead against City in the 27th minute. They managed to hold this lead for the entire first half.

It was only in the 55th minute that Iheanacho managed to score an equaliser. Despite how hard they pressed in the last 10 minutes of the match, City only took one point away from the game.


Sometimes it is simply not enough to put in all the effort when the game is already coming to a close.

Luckily enough, due to Arsenal’s draw yesterday, City are top of the PL table. However, this is only on goal difference.

There are three teams with 20 points and two with 19. Manchester City are going to need to work a lot harder if they want to separate themselves from all the other title contenders.



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