Win Win Win and then some

Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City all won their weekend matches. The only major club that was out of this loop was Liverpool as they ended their match with a draw.

Despite United’s 62% possession, they struggled to defeat Hull City. The disobedient club wouldn’t surrender to the red giants. However, they were eventually forced to when Rashford netted a goal for United in extra time! There was no turning back after that.

For Arsenal, success came at a much quicker rate. The first goal was netted by Cazorla when he converted a penalty in the 9th minute to give the Gunners the lead against Watford. The second goal was scored by Sánchez in the 40th and the third by Özil just before half time. Watford responded with a goal in the second half but the Reds were too far gone to be brought back from their victory!

Three goals were similarly scored by Chelsea in their match against Burnley, however, they did not make the mistake of conceding any. Like in Arsenal’s game, the first goal was netted in the 9th minute (by Hazard). The second was scored by Willian in the 41st and the last by Moses just before full time. The Blues dominated at all points times.

The third team to score three goals was Manchester City, and their match result mirrored that of Arsenal. Sterling scored two of the goals, at the start and end of the match, and Fernandinho netted one. Antonio did rebel against City, scoring a goal for West Ham in the 58th minute, but sadly it wasn’t enough to gain the opposition any points.

Liverpool was the only major club to not win their PL match, but they did manage to at least walk away with one point in hand. They were faced off against Tottenham so, to be fair, it wasn’t an easy match to secure points from. Each team scored one goal and each team got a little something for it.

At the moment, Chelsea sits in second place sandwiched between the Manchester teams (for they have all won their three PL matches) and Arsenal is slowly climbing up the Premier League table. It will be interesting to see what happens next weekend when United and City go head-to-head and when Liverpool faces a new challenge- Leicester City- who also won this weekend.