A Loss, A Draw and A Win

Saturday’s match results held all possible outcomes. Liverpool lost their game against Burnley, Chelsea won their game against Watford and Arsenal was somewhere in the middle with a draw against Leicester.

Burnley used only 20% possession to quiten a team which had previously been successful in defeating Arsenal. An early goal from Vokes in the 2nd minute unsteadied Liverpool and Burnley’s win was soon secured when Gray doubled the scoreline with a goal in the 37th.

Chelsea’s win wasn’t quite as easy as that of Burnley’s. Watford was first to take the lead when Capoue netted a goal in the 55th minute. It was in the last ten minutes of full time, when Watford could almost tast victory, that the Blues struck back!

Batshuayi netted a goal in the 80th minute to put Chelsea level and a win was soon earned when Diego scored the winning goal seven minutes later. A game is never really over until the final whistle is blown.

Nevertheless, at the King Power Stadium, the game could have been concluded when it first began. Arsenal and Leicester had a goalless stalement to both claim their first point of the season. Sometimes not much has to be done to gain a thing or two.

It’s a new season and a range of skills have been displayed. It’s not so clear cut who will succeed and who will fail. All that is known is that whatever the outcome it won’t be without turmoil.