From City to Continent

Last weekend Manchester City won their opening Premier League game and this week they’ve decided to do the same in Europe. They won the first leg of their Champions League qualifying play-off against Steaua Bucharest to push themselves that much closer to Champions League success.

Man City didn’t just decide to win; they decided to win big! The winning team scored a total of five goals and even had opportunities to score more. Aguero somehow managed to miss two penalties, however, he made up for it with a hat-trick! He was quickly forgiven.

Aguero wasn’t the only player to put himself in the spotlight. Silva and Nolito both netted a goal in the 13th and 49th minute respectively. Aguero might have talent, but Manchester City is definitely not a one-man team.

Manchester City will play the second leg at home on August 24th. After tonight’s result, it’s clear that they don’t have much to worry about. If they can succeed in Europe, they can excel at the Etihad.