The Burners and The Burnt

The second day of the new Premier League season saw the red teams face off against their opponents. Manchester United faced Bournemouth and Arsneal went head-to-head against Liverpool. One red team was victorious; the other…not so much.

Manchester United thrashed Bournemouth in their opening game of the season. Mata (40′), Rooney (59′) and Ibrahimovic (64′)- on his debut day- all scored goals against the opposing side. Bournemouth only walked away with pride of one goal, which was netted by Smith in the 69th minute.

Not only was it the opening game for the Reds, but it was also their first Premier League match under Jose Mourinho. He delivered during the  Premier League break, when Man United defeated Leicester for the Community Sheild, and now he’s done it again. He’s off to a great start; that definitely cannot be denied.

It’s a shame that the same joy cannot be expressed by the Arsenal team or fans. After Walcott gave the Gunners the lead in the 31st minute of the game, the team was in good spirits. However, Coutinho removed this advantage by scoring a goal for Liverpool just before the half time whistle was blown.

In the second half, Coutinho netted another goal and two more goals followed from Lallana and Mané (the man of the match and debut player). Oxlade-Chamberlain and Chambers managed to net two more goals for the Gunners but it wasn’t enough to bring Arsenal level with their rival. They conceded too much. They lost.

Wenger’s team are unfamiliar with winning in the opening match of the league, so fans should not get too worried. Arsenal tend to pick up steam as time goes on and games go by. Let’s just hope they won’t leave us waiting for too long; the line between late and never can prove to be very thin!

Manchester United are under the management of Chelsea’s old manager and they are doing very will with him. Arsenal are under the same man they’ve had for years and they’ve begun the new season in the exact same way. As the season progresses we’ll begin to learn whether it’s best to stick with what you’ve always known or whether fresh and new thinking is better than tradition.