Hello Again!

The Premier League is back, with all its goals, grumbles and glories! Last season saw Leicester City climb to status and claim the trophy; however, it looks as if this season will see a whole new Champion entirely!

Leicester lost the opening game of the season against Hull City, one of the league’s newbies this season. Goals from Diomande and Snodgrass destroyed any power that the singular goal from Leicester’s Mahrez had.


Leicester has become the first ever Premier League champion to lose the first game of the season following that of their trophy lift! It is clear that they are not the same team that they were last season, and neither are the others. The departure of Kante to Chelsea could have played a part in this.

It is fair to say that so early on it’s hard to say who will shine or rust. However, despite the lack of fitness, there are still PL giants who find points falling at their feet, or shall I say into their goalpost. It looked as if Manchester City was going to suffer a 1-1 draw against Sunderland in their first Premier League match under Pep Guardiola. However, their fate changed just as it was being fulfilled.

An own goal from McNair in the 87th minute gave Manchester City and the club’s new manager something to rejoice over. We can only hope that Moyes,the new Sunderland manager,did not return to the Premier League in vain. These first three points have marked the beginning of this seasons Premier League title race!

After a long break it’s hard to tell what’s to come of this season. Will Leicester remain the giant that they posed as last season? Will Manchester City thrive under their new leadership? Will Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United pose great threats? Only one thing is certain: time will tell all.