Red with Victory

Both Manchester United and Liverpool won their Premier League matches this weekend, and without conceding either. The only difference between them was that Liverpool scored one more goal in their match, which was against Watford.

On Saturday, Manchester United didn’t turn up with the aim of producing dazzling football with a grand result against Nowrich. All they did was what they needed to do to get three points. They scored a goal. Mata, in the 72nd minute, bagged a late win for United, sustaining the hope that they still might be able to make it into top four.

Liverpool produced slightly higher results in their game, but still gained the same three points. The Reds secured a win after goals were netted by Allen in the 35th minute and Firmino in the 76th. It’s a shame that, even after this, they won’t be able to qualify for a Champions League position… Although they could win Europa League and get in that way.

In fact, earlier this week, Liverpool defeated Villarreal 3-0 to make it to the Europa League final! Jurgen Klopp might just be winning a cup in this first year of managing the club! Now that is victory.

Manchester United are fighting for a Champions League position in the Premier League, however, the Reds are also doing the same in Europa. Although they are both good football teams, and both deserving of a place, one team will have to pave way for the other one way or another.