Equal Giants

Manchester City faced off against Arsenal this Sunday in what was a harsh battle for a hugely desired price. They both want a Champions League spot, but they might not both be able to have one.

Aguero have City the lead in the eight minute. However, this early lead was almost immediately wiped away by Giroud’s goal two minutes later. This wasn’t going to be an easy game.

Manchester City did take the lead again in the second half when De Bruyne netted a goal in the 51st minute. But, just like in the first half, Arsenal were not going to settle for a defeat. Sanchez scored a goal in the 68th minute to restore the balance in nature.

With a draw, Manchester City was not able to get any closer to 3rd place on the PL table. Arsenal has secured their place in the Champions League next year, but, for City to do they same, they have to hope that the other side of Manchester, Manchester United, does not want it just as bad.