We Have Chosen A Champion

Chelsea have had little to play for this season- almost nothing at all. They are not fighting for any trophies or any particular position in the Premier League table. However, they begun the month of May by ending the title race!

After losing to Manchester City 0-3, Chelsea bounced back. On April 23, they defeated Bournemouth 4-1, . This might not have meant much, but at least they moved up one place on the PL table.

After ending April on a high note, they carried their positive attitude into May. Tottenham needed to win against Chelsea to continue the race for the title. However, the Blues were not willing to let that happen.

After conceding two goals to Tottenham, it was thought that the game was over. But actually, Chelsea had other plans. The match might not have had the best start, but it didn’t mean that the Blues were about to give up their 26 year run of not losing to Spurs at home.

Chelsea-v-Tottenham (1)

A goal from Cahill and a goal from Hazard destroyed all hope Tottenham had of winning the title this season. The emotion and devastation they felt was so high that Tottenham players constantly battled with  Chelsea players. Stamford bridge was literally a battlefield!

Usually, it is easy to blame Diego Costa for any violent outbursts on the pitch. However, instead, he was the one whose eyes were being dug into by the fingers of a Spurs player! The referee did not send off a single Tottenham player throughout the entirety of the match. Perhaps he felt that they had suffered enough heatache for one day.

Chelsea has had the biggest impact this week than at any other point this season. They did win the Premier League last year, so perhaps they thought it was only right that they chose who the title should go to next. Their choice: Leicester City!