One Way or Another

Liverpool have won games in the Premier League, but they are not as high as they were last season. However, if a Champions League spot is out of reach, then they have other ways of getting their eyes on the prize.

Liverpool were hugely successful in their game against a ten-man Everton on April 20th, defeating them 4-0. However, the following weekend, they drew 2-2 against Newcastle. The same number of goals scored, but a different result entirely.

On the 28th, Liverpool lost the first leg of their match against Villarreal 1-0. in the . This means they have to work even harder in the second leg of the Europa League semi-final if playing in the Champions League next season is to become a reality.

The Premier League is also still proving hard to manage. The Reds have begun the month of May with a 3-1 loss against Swansea, which included the sending off of Smith. However, we must sympathise with the team and the fans, for this was the time in which they were reflecting on the 96 that died during the Hillsborough incident.

Liverpool aren’t fighting for much in the Premier League, but they certainly are in Europa. If they can find a way to win it, then they will discover that this season is, in actual fact, one worth celebrating.