Manchester City: The Competitors

Manchester City have been following a similar pattern as Arsenal in the Premier League- win, draw, win, draw- with last weekend being an exception. However, they are the only English team still in the Champions League. Woop!

On April 16th, Man City thrashed Chelsea 3-0! Rivals? I think not. At least not on that day. The best part was, all three goals were scored by Aguero, in the 33rd, 54th and 80th minute! To be slightly fair on the Blues, the last goal was a penalty which was converted after Courtois, the Chelsea goalkeeper, was sent off.

The following week, however, City only managed a draw against Newcastle. It could have even been a loss. Both teams scored one goal, however, Aguero’s goal was largely controversial. City must surely have more to show than this.

And they do. On the 23rd, they battered Stoke 4-0! Fernando scored, Aguero scored and Iheanacho scored twice! This was the day that City passed Arsenal on the PL table, and they deserved to!

What is perhaps more impressive is that City have been fighting more than one battle. Manchester City are up against Real Madrid for the Champions League semi-final. They had a goalless draw against them in the first leg and will be playing the second leg later this week. This was perhaps why they sacrificed their game against Southampton last weekend, losing 4-2, for they were looking at the bigger picture. We understand.

Manchester City might not be fighting for the Premier League, but the Champions League is still a reality for them. They’ve gone far already. But they can go even further.