It has been a good month.

The month of April was a good month for Manchester United, with hardly any mishaps to rain on their parade. A spot in the top four might not be theirs this season, however, no matter where they end up, they are determined to go out with a bang.

On April 16th, thanks to Rashford, the Reds won against Aston Villa. The following week, United won 2-0 against Crystal Palace and 2-1 against Everton. Their win against the Toffees secured their place in the FA Cup final- their 19th for that matter!

They began the month of May with a 1-1 draw against Leicester. After continuous wins, we can only hope that this does not signal an end to their fortune.

Manchester United had an overly successful month in April. Let’s hope they can remain with the same attitude and determination. After all, hey still do have the FA Cup to fight for. Mybe, just maybe, they could still finish in top four.