Again, It Is Not Our Year

Arsenal had hoped, earlier in the season, that the trophy could finally be theirs to lift. However, that wasn’t the way things turned out.

On April 17th, Arsenal drew against Crystal Palace. This was a game they dominated and in which Sanchez scored. However, it was late in the game when they conceded a goal and conceded their hopes of winning the title.

Now Arsenal are looking to finish in the top three, and they are doing it quite well. On the 21st, Sanchez scored two goals against West Brom, to win three points for Arsenal. The Gunners actually received more than just the glory of points as this was the 500th match they’ve one. Talk about milestones!

Arsenal, however, suffered a goalless draw against Sunderland, pushing them below Manchester City on the Premier League table. It is too risky to finish 4th place this season. If Liverpool wins Europa, 4th place will not be a Champions League spot. So, the higher they finish, the better.

Nevertheless, the Gunners did make up for the disappointing gameplay this weekend. They won against Norwich, thanks to a goal from Welbeck in the 59th minute, leaping back to third place. That’s more like it!

It is a shame that the Reds coudln’t win the title race, some fans are in no doubt disappointed. However, they still possess the same ability to finish in a Champions League spot year after year after year. Now which manager can do that except Arsene Wenger? That’s right. He is the one and only!