Is All Hope Lost?

From the beginning of the season, Arsenal has showed us who they really are. A fiery, fast-paced team that has all the potencial necessary to lift a cup like that of the Premier League trophy. However, will it be yet another year that they must watch others rejoice?

The Gunners put on quite the performance against Watford, winning 4-0. The fist goal came from Sanchez in the 4th minute; the last was from Walcott in the 90th. They clearly played their best football from the very start to the very end of the game!

However, after this impressive victory, they drew again West Ham. It was a rigorous draw, with three goals being scored by either side, but it is points that Arsenal needs. This result didn’t help them get much closer to Tottenham, not to talk about overtaking Leicester.

The Gunners have performed well. But how well enough? They are 13 points below first place Leicester and about to finish the season below their greatest rival, Tottenham. Do they have any last-minute tricks up their sleeve, or is it time to call it quits?


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