One Last Chance

Arsenal have fallen out of all major competitions, except of course the Premier League. If they can’t win that one, or at the very least finish above Tottenham, then this season will have been a very fruitless one.

The Gunners performed superbly in their FA Cup replay: two goals were scored by Giroud and two goals were scored by Walcott, three of which came after the 70th minute! This put them through to the sixth round, where the crashed and burned!

The Reds somehow lost their drive by the weekend, for they succumbed to the miniature might of Watford. Arsenal conceded two goals to their opposition before a goal, by Welbeck, was netted in the 88th minute. This was not good enough to see the FA Cup holders- for two years running- through to the semi-finals.


Despite this, it appeared the worst was yet to come. Although Arsenal managed to grasp one goal in their second meeting with Barcelona, they still suffered defeat once again. They conceded three goals, to Neymar, Suarez and Messi, to see themselves out of the Champions League with a 5-1 result on aggregate. Well, it was Barcelona!

The Gunners have one cup left to focus on, and it looks like they’ve already begun to make an effort. They defeated Everton 2-0, with goals from Welbeck and Iwobi, to move three points closer to Tottenham and Leicester.

There are still eight more Premier League games to be played, which means that Arsenal still have 24 points to play for in order to see if this year will be their year. It has been a long time since they’ve won the Premier League. They can’t let it go again.