Manchester City: The Good and The Ugly

Manchester City celebrated Christmas in third position on the Premier League table after Arsenal defeated them 2-1. Although City went on to defeat Sunderland 4-1 on Boxing Day, a goalless draw against Leicester before the new year meant that they remained third as they entered into 2016. 

For the best part of January, Manchester City failed to maintain a winning streak. After they defeated Watford 2-1, they lost to Everton 1-2. After they beat Norwich 0-3 in the third round of the FA Cup, they suffered a goalless draw against Everton in the Premier League. City then crushed Crystal Palace 4-0, with goals from Delph, Aguero (2) and Silva. However, they then drew 2-2 against West Ham! What a vicious cycle it was.

However, they did eventually break it! After defeating Everton 3-1 in the second leg of the League Cup Semi-Final, Man City went on to demolish Aston Villa in the FA Cup – with a hat trick from Iheanacho and a goal from Sterling! They then even secured a Premier League win against Sunderland, at the start of February.

Despite such success, it appeared that the woes weren’t far behind. Leicester silenced Manchester City with a 1-3 defeat! Leicester began their victory from as early as the third minute with a goal from Huth, who later added to the scoreline in the 60th. Mahrez made his own addition to the result in the 48th minute and Aguero only managed to grab a slice of pride for City when the game was in its dying moments. How embarrassing!

From there they began a chain of loses. Tottenham had a complete hold over them as they defeated City 2-1. Man City fell to fourth on the PL table and let Tottenham rise to second. They then allowed Chelsea to progress in the FA Cup after conceding five goals to them. However, to be fair, City did play five teenage debutants.

It was a good thing that Manchester City played a team of experts in their Champions League match, for they won 1-3 against Dynamo Kiev. The three goals were netted by Aguero (15′), Silva (40′) and Toure (90′). It was an even better thing to see Willy Caballero, City’s goalkeeper in this weekend’s Capital One Cup final, save three penalty attempts from the Liverpool side (that of Lucas, Coutinho and Lallana)! It’s not always the most talked about players that can do the most miraculous things!

Manchester City claimed the Capital One Cup with great astonishment, and they will be playing Liverpool again in the coming week for the Premier League. They are still in the running for the Premier League title. Although, the title is not quite theirs to lose as of now. Do they have the hope of raising another cup this year?