Liverpool : The Rollercoaster

Liverpool ended 2015 with two 1-0 wins against Leicester, on Boxing Day, and Sunderland, on December 30th. However, the tables turned after the new year began. Liverpool lost 2-0 toWest Ham, with one of the goals coming from former Liverpool player, Andy Carroll. It’s 2016. The momentum is different. The skill needed has changed. Happy New Year!

Despite a 0-1 victory against Stoke at the start of January, Liverpool went on to draw two consecutive games: one against Exeter in the third round of the FA Cup, and the other against Arsenal in the Premier League. They cannot be totally scrutinised for this -and their later loss against Man United- as Klopp’s team have been hugely bombarded by injury. In their match against Exeter, almost half the starting line up were making their first ever appearance, with only Benteke who had appeared on more than four occasions!

Despite their misfortune, Liverpool were put into an advantageous position. Liverpool won against League Two Exeter in their midweek brawl, claiming a spot in the fourth round of the FA Cup. They also won 4-5 against Norwich, with two goals after the 90th minute, in what was a dynamic and exhilarating  game! The celebration among the Liverpool players and manager meant that Klopp even broke his glasses! But who cares? They won!

After a successful penalty shootout, Liverpool have made it to the Capital One Cup Final! Although this called for celebration, their most recent matches have, indeed, rained on their parade. Liverpool ended January with a goalless draw against West Ham. They then lost 2-0 to Leicester by conceding two goals to Vardy. If that was not enough to send them crawling under a rock then their 2-2 draw against Sunderland definitely did. The worst part about it was that they were actually leading by two goals in the 70th minute and Klopp didn’t see any of it as he was in hospital with appendicitis! Get well soon…all of you.

Little improvement seems to have been made. Liverpool lost to West Ham in the FA Cup (2-1), won astonishingly to Aston Villa (scoring six goals and conceding none!), and then drew 0-0 with FC Augsburg in the Europa League. Although, they did manage to win 1-0 in the return leg. They’ve experience it all. 

Just when will they find some stability? Probably not any time soon as, this weekend, they lost the Capital One Cup to Manchester City after failing to score three of their penalties! They are now only in the running for one trophy. Their woes are not over. 

 This season is an intensely competitive one, and there is only more upset and uproar to come!