The Gunners: The Good and The Grim

Arsenal entered 2016 on a high note after defeating Southampton 4-0 and Bournemouth 2-0 at the end of 2015. This kept them securely above Manchester City and within breathing space of  Leicester City.

January was quite a successful month for the Reds. They began by defeating Newcastle 1-0 and knocking Sunderland out of the FA Cup with a 3-1 victory. They drew consecutive matches against Liverpool (3-3) and then Stoke (0-0). This was before losing to Chelsea 0-1. However, despite their woes over their London rivalry, they ended the month by winning against Burnley 2-1 to qualify for the fifth round of the FA Cup. If there is one cup the Gunners can gain (again), it’s that one.

Arsenal are clearly also competing hugely for the Premier League as they’ve also had a good run this February. After a goalless draw again Southampton, they defeated Bournemouth 0-2 and then Leicester 2-1. However, aside from their Premier League victories, trophy hopes have been looking pretty bleak in other competitions. They drew a goalless match against Hull in the fifth round of FA Cup, and will have to replay their match. This was before conceding two goals to Barcelona in the Champions League. Messi couldn’t stop being a star just this once…just this once.

Previous titles hopes have, however, also become questionable. The Gunners suffered a 3-2 defeat against Manchester United this weekend, keeping them five points away from Leicester City. Every game is important now, so they can can’t let anymore points bypass them.

Arsenal still remain in the running for three major titles, although, to be frank, their chances of winning the Champions League are next to none. Can Arsenal muster the strength that has carried them throughout the season to conquer their last few hurdles?