Mourinho Off; Chelsea On

Mourinho has left and Stamford Bridge is blue once again. Chelsea defeated Sunderland 3-1, returning to the Champions that they are!

Mourinho was sacked earlier on this week, after Christmas lunch. Although many fans loved the manager for what he’d done for the club over the years, Mourinho was mutually agreed that he could no longer work with the players.

By the 5th minute the Blues had taken the lead! Ivanovic netted the first goal for the club, which was followed by a goal from Pedro less than 10 minutes later. They wasted no time in making a change!

There was great gameplay in the first half and a little less in the second. However, Chelsea still continued to make progress. Oscar converted a penalty in the 50th minute to add yet another goal to the scoreline!

There was a portion of hope for Sunderland but, clearly, not enough. Borini netted a goal just three minutes after the penalty had been scored. But this was only one goal. A Chelsea under Mourinho might have conceded more and scored less; they are no longer that club.

The blue players are now cooperating. It’s evident on the pitch. They are ready to move up the League table and redeem the fans who worshipped Moutinho! The manager is a legend, one that Chelsea can never forget; hut sometimes change can be for the better.