Reach For The Stars

Arsenal are climbing every mountain high. They are winning in the Champions League. They are winning in the Premier League. What more can a person ask for?

The bar was set high when the Gunners went to face Olympiakos in their deciding game. This, however, was not too much to handle. Giroud scored a stunning hat-trick to send his team soaring into the Champions League knock out stages! The only problem now is…they will be going up against Barcelona! Ho Ho Ho!

Despite the impending doom, Arsenal are still looking pretty good. They won their Premier League match against Aston Villa: Giroud converted a penalty in the 8th minute and Ramsey doubled the lead 30 minutes later. It’s definitely a jolly good time for the Gunners!

Arsenal aren’t stopping. They won’t let a single major trophy out of their reach. With great challenges in the near future, the only hope for them is that they continue to deliver their best performance.