Before now, Manchester City had broken their winning streak and appeared to be stumbling down Hill. However, in their match against Southampton, they appeared to have reverted back to their good habits.

Last Saturday, in Manchester City’s previous Premier League match they faced a horrid 1-4 defeat against Liverpool. Mangala scored an own goal in the 7th minute, which must have dented the spirit of City and got Liverpool racing until they had bagged a golden victory!

Then, on Wednesday, Juventus continued where Liverpool left off.  Mandzukic netted the winning goal against Manchester City. Luckily, this has not hindered the City’s chances in getting to the next stage in the Champions League.

Despite these upsets, there is no need to worry. Manchester City deafeated Southampton 3-1, returning to their winning ways. De Bruyne scored the first goal in the 9th minute, which was soon followed by a goal from Delph. In the second half, Long netted a goal for the visitors. However, this was later undermined by a goal from Kolarov!

In eight days, Man City have gone to hell and back. Well, with every mistake made, they have learned. This is what makes them a strong team.